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Option 3- Typography Bauhaus movement Typography is to make language visible by using techniques of arranging type with Artistic effect. The new form of typography was formed in 1923, it began in Russia and Holland and Crystalized at Bauhaus. During twentieth century typographical world gained a graphic expression, it enabled the designers to vision and develop functional and expressive visual communication, where as the old typography constrict creativity. During 1900s the traditional...

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Expressive Typography

Expressive Typography : 1.1 What is Expressive Typography: In the 1960s there was a surge of Expressive Typography; in which the type is physically positioned or modified so as to literally illustrate the primary statement. Many designers employed Expressive Typography. Most notable was the work done by Herb Lubalin and Otto Storch in Mc Call’s Magazine. Some letter or a word would be reshaped to become an illustration of its own content. Sometimes an illustration was incorporated into the...

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Comparison of the Different Types of Typography

COMPARISON OF THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF TYPOGRAPHY “When designers think of typography, we invariably consider semiotics which consists of semantics (the relation between signs and the concepts they represent), syntax (the formal relation between signs in a system), and pragmatics (the study of signs in use). Depending upon our concept and our sensibility to typographic form, the type can be our main concern or the invisible carrier of our message. In this sense typography becomes “the raw material that...

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Stanley Morison and Typography

needs of the The Times. Times New Roman, drawn by Victor Lardent and initially released in 1932, is the result. The Linotype version is called Times Roman. Research into legibility and readability led to a design that was unique in newspaper typography; it is based on old style (or Garalde) types, and has greater contrast and is more condensed than previous newspaper types. Times New Roman continues to be very popular, particularly for newspapers, magazines, and corporate communications such as...

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Helvetica: Typography and 20th Century

Name: Shane Crudden 2A Module: Design Theory Title: 20th Century Visual Communication Date of submission: 13/12/10 Word Count: 1939 Typography: Helvetica. “The 20th century was a time of social, cultural and technological revolution and change. Inevitably this had an effect on visual communication of the time.” One of the key factors in typography that I believe to be central to the development and progression of visual communication in the 20th century is the typeface Helvetica. “The Helvetica...

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Typography CGD 218 Visual Literacy in Business Instructor: Erika McCulloch Pamela Smith October 20, 2011 Communication has always played an important role in human culture all over the globe. At the heart of communication is the use of typography. Typography gives people a way to communicate through various forms of type and can connect students, family, friends, businesses and governments all while supporting local and global commerce. Berger(2008) states “typography is a highly skilled...

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Technical: Typography and Section Headings

Template and Instructions for Preparation of a Technical Paper for URP 2 First Name1 and Other Names2 1Affiliation, City, Country, E-mail 2Affiliation, City, Country, E-mail ABSTRACT: This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your full paper for ICCEIB-SOMChE 2011. Author is strongly encouraged to go through these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Use 10 pt Arial fonts and single spacing for the text. The abstract should give a brief account of...

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Typography and Reference List

Manuscript Format Use Times New Roman (or other Sans Serif types) for the text of your essay / manuscript Your title should be centered, in bold and in upper and lower case (midtstilt, fet skrift, stor bokstav ved “viktige” ord) Subheadings are flush left, in bold, and uses upper and lower case (venstrestilt, fet skrift, store bokstaver ved “viktige” ord) – but this is rarely an issue, since you will be writing fairly short texts and won’t be needing subheadings Double-space everything Double-space...

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Typography and Formal Recommendation Report

Course Project: Formal Recommendation Report or Proposal Objectives Given information on a technology or business-related issue presented in a case study, evaluate and integrate outside research to create a well-organized and documented formal analytical report or proposal using at least six sources, including books, articles, interviews with subject matter experts, and websites or databases, and prepare a set of presentation slides to accompany the proposal. ->8- to 10-page Formal Recommendation...

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Typography and Career Exploration Paper

Career Exploration Paper Choose a Career Path Based on Your Personality & Interests Using your DWYA Report, select 3 careers that interest you and that you would like to find out more about. Enter these 3 career choices in discussion post, and tell why you selected them. 1. _Stock broker_______________________________ 2. _Medical Ass___________________________ 3. _My Own Boss______________________________ After reviewing these 3, select one to conduct more research about. (see...

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Typography and Log Report

FACULTY OF ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE AND POLICY STUDIES DIPLOMA IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PAD252 Log Report (Jun - Oct 2011) 10 % OF ON GOING ASSESSMENT MARKS DESCRIPTION Each student is required to write a log report, describing about what he/she has learned from every lecture. This strictly means students cannot miss any lecture. Each student needs to write in 3 parts and submits at 3 different times throughout the semester. Marks for each report are 20. Total marks for the 3 reports are...

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Typography and Professional Nursing

N3645 Transition to Professional Nursing Part A Week 2 Assignment Instructions: Personal Philosophy of Nursing Submit by 0800 Monday of Week 3. NOTE: You will create a new Word document for this Assignment instead of typing directly into this document. Overview: “Personal Philosophy of Nursing” In this week’s Assignment, you will draft a formal paper expressing your personal philosophy of nursing. In this paper, you will provide a framework for your personal practice of nursing and reflect on...

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Chemistry: Typography and Creative Piece

Chemistry Honors Project (180 pts.) Purpose: Your task is to research and become an “expert” on a (school-appropriate) chemistry topic of your choice. You will write a research paper on your topic; present your research to the class; and create a supplemental piece of work that will aid in your presentation. Grading: Your final project is 180 points – roughly three test grades! This project will be counted towards your 3rd quarter grade. Turning in your project: All students will turn...

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Typography and Baby Thesis

Planning the Baby Thesis ​Plan before embarking on your own study. Determine the who, what, why, where, and how of the project. Start with the WHO. Who will implement the project? That who must be YOU and your group mates. Research Project Organize a meeting and identify the basic information about your study. Below is the matrix that will help you list down these bits of information in an organized manner. If the information cannot be identified or obtained immediately, decide on actions...

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Schizophrenia: Typography and Information

PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA Sharon Thiessens Karen Kwan Abnormal Psychology November 6, 2005 schizophrenia Introduction: I. What is Schizophrenia? A. Symptoms of Schizophrenia B. Diagnosing Schizophrenia C. Different Types of Schizophrenia D. Causes of Schizophrenia 1. Detail of the information 2. Detail of the information II. Different views of Schizophrenia A. Biological 1. Detail of the information 2. Detail of the information B. Psychological 1. 2. C. Sociocultural 1...

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Typography and Political Persuasive Essay

Political Persuasive Essay Overview: The political persuasive essay is an opportunity for you to take a stand on a political issue which concerns you. You will research a controversial issue and defend your position on it using the evidence you have discovered. Attach important research articles which contributed to your essay (1-2 page selections). Topic Suggestions: |Abortion | |Pledge of Allegiance ...

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Typography and Out-of-class Essay Choose

EAC 150 Topics for Out-of-Class Essay Choose ONE of the following topics. 1. In both “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find” the day-to-day life of the characters is disrupted by a stranger. Compare and/or contrast the effect of the angel and the Misfit on others. 2. “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “The Garden Party” both feature troubled families. Compare and/or contrast the sources and/or the consequences of the family problems in both stories. • Use...

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David Carson

Relevance of David Carson’s typography work to identity, play, visual language and conceptualism I will be discussing Post-Modernism with the typography works of American graphic designer David Carson. Using examples of his work, this essay will cover visual language, conceptualism and parody and play. Carson is well known for his grunge typography, seen many times in his work for Ray Gun magazine (Carson, n.d.). In relation to Post-Modernism, his body of typography work is what makes him really...

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Visual Communication

past people used a visual communication just in limited way. For instance, they just use a typography as a media to deliver the idea or information likes newspaper, telegram, etc. Nowadays, visual communication has developed into wide variety such as typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, and so on. Actually i'm concerning about graphic design; so in here, I try to explain more detail about typography and graphic design, and combine it to make an implementation into business communication...

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Post Modernist Examples

(Wikipedia). She took typography into 3D. There s typographic spatial information, you can now navigate through text not just go from the beginning to the end. This is all happening thanks to new technology’s algorithms. There can be transparency, depth, different perspectives, planes can intersect, we can zoom. She introduced the difference between reading and browsing Wolfgang Weingart Most famous for his experimental, expressive work that broke the mould of classical Swiss typography, Weingart began...

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History of Typography

his Typography (from the Greek words (typos) = form and (graphe) = writing) is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading (line spacing), adjusting the spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning). Type design is a closely related craft, which some consider distinct and others a part of typography; most typographers...

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Rhetorical Image Analysis Essay

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board released a series of Public Service Announcements and launched a website to educate its target young audience to be careful while drinking. The public service announcements use very specific image and text placement, typography, and color to make their message evident in the still PSAs. In general when a person looks at something they scan left to right, top to bottom, or at least primarily in English speaking areas, as that is how we read. With this being so, the first...

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The Bodoni Typeface

independence to take on additional projects . His work was regal, and sophisticated. The typography that Bodoni was able to produce is regarded, even today, as some of the most structured, and refined printing that has ever been produced. He commonly printed books, pamphlets, and royal announcements known for their beauty, and typographical value. His lifestyle harmonized with his aristocratic typography, and typefaces, later earning him the title “King of typographers, and the typographer of...

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Hermann Zapf, a Typographer

calligraphy and he studied examples of calligraphy in the city library. Pretty soon, his expertise in calligraphy was getting recognized at work, and his retouching shifted to letter retouching. AFter the apprentinceship there, he worked at a company in typography and writing songbooks. Then in 1938, he designed a fraktur type called Gilgengart for them, which was his first printed typeface. During the war, Zapf was too careless and clumsy to fight so he was sent to Jüterbog to train as a cartographer...

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Corporate Identity

design and designers, page 29) Actually Peter Behrens was the first man to invent logos to represent an identity for corporations. In his AEG logos we see a massive change, from the circular motives to a consistent use of geometrical shapes. The typography also had evolved from script to serif. Discussing the visuals Behrens made in the 1907, they had a mixture of art and nouveau technique with geometrical motifs. Paul Rand As described in many different articles, clients and critics, Paul...

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luke lucas

Talk about him and his education, his work, his achievements. Talk about his most famous pieces of work Body The first section to my body of text I will be talking about what it really is luke lucas tries to achieve when creating his typography work. I'm also going to try and explain what it is that drew my attention to his work. For the second part of my body of text i will discuss what my favourite style is that he uses when creating his work, and how he gets to his final piece through...

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Ee Cummings Poetry

parts of words, or punctuation symbols scattered across the page, often making little sense until read aloud—at which point the meaning and emotion become clear. Cummings, who was also a painter, understood the importance of presentation, and used typography to "paint a picture" with some of his poems.[5] The seeds of Cummings' unconventional style appears well established, even in his earliest work. At age six Cummings wrote to his father: FATHER DEAR. BE, YOUR FATHER-GOOD AND GOOD, HE IS GOOD...

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Kreativ Riting

choice shows that PK has given up with the class, and when he mentions the prelims, it is clear he is more focussed on the other class, who are obviously bright, if they are allowed to do prelims. In Joe’s essay that he writes in class, McCabe uses typography and structure to get across Joe’s message. In the paragraph, Joe uses only capital letters, giving the idea that he does not understand how to write sentences, or that he does not want to conform to the basic rules of writing. He is also playing...

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History and Contributions of Eric Gill

Perpetua for Roman inscriptions. The Perpetua typeface was then followed by his infamous typeface Gill Sans in 1927-1930. As if that wouldn’t slow him down, he continued onto his next success, Joanna, that was used to handset his book, An Essay on Typography. During his time of success, he moved to Pigotts where he prepared himself for his printing press and lettering workshop. Not only was calligraphy his passion, but also he loved to sculpt and draw nude images that were beyond eccentric for his family...

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Paul Rand: Father of Modern Graphic Design

attempting to explain their work without any possibility of misrepresentation"(Heller). Thoughts on Design combined Bauhaus analysis, Jungian psychology, and homespun candor. While other influential texts, including Jan Tschichold's The New Typography, W.A. Dwiggins's Layout in Advertising, and various Bauhaus, Futurist, and Constructivist manifestoes, had been written on the practice and role of graphic design, Thoughts on Design was the first to examine the inner workings of American modernism...

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Filipino Essay

letters are made of straight lines. Popular lettering styles or fonts that fall into this category include Courier, Gill Sans and Ariel. These fonts are used for their consistency in spacing, particularly in computer applications. In typography, a sans-serif, sans serif, gothic, san serif or simply sans typeface is one that does not have the small projecting features called "serifs" at the end of strokes. The term comes from the French word sans, meaning "without”. Sans-serif fonts...

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Paula Scher Research Paper

and modern society’s unchecked embrace of ‘rationalism’ and ‘progress’. Dada was anti-aesthetic, anti-rational and anti-idealistic. Fig: 4 shows a poster that was done during the Dada movement, it is a blended combination between a collage and typography, these similar elements are found in the poster designed by Paula Shcer designed for the public theater fig: 5 which also has a very similar feel. This is not the only poster that shows the influence of the Dada movement on Scher’s work, most of...

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Graphic Design

the art and profession of selecting and arranging visual elements—such as typography, images, symbols, and colours—to convey a message to an audience. Sometimes graphic design is called “visual communications,” a term that emphasizes its function of giving form—e.g., the design of a book, advertisement, logo, or Web site—to information. An important part of the designer's task is to combine visual and verbal elements into an ordered and effective whole. Graphic design is therefore a collaborative...

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Visual Communications Techniques

television screens; in our snapshots of children, friends, and relatives; in the paintings on our walls. They both enrich our lives and convey to others something about our aesthetic sensibilities, socioeconomic class, and taste” (Berger, 2008, p. 1). Typography is defined as the art of selecting and arranging type to obtain particular effects (p. 97). Each particular typeface has its own distinctive personality which is the means of managing impressions in the minds of the readers. In the case of promotional...

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Typographer: Carol Twombly

the graphic design program and typography specifically, she decided to switch her focus. Her reason being, "I discovered that the communication of ideas by positioning black shapes on a white page offered a welcome balance between freedom and structure. Graphic design seemed a more practical choice for me (Arteaga, 2003).” During her summer breaks, Twombly worked for the firm of Bigelow & Holmes. Charles Bigelow – noted type historian and designer - was her typography professor at RISD. He asked for...

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Max Miedinger

in urban spaces. This film not only goes so far as to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the typeface but also goes on to use Helvetica as a catalyst to a conversation that speaks of graphic design and our society as a whole, and how it reacts to typography and the visual images we are bombarded with daily.   Neue Helvetica is a reworking of the typeface with a more structurally unified set of heights and widths. It was developed at D. Stempel AG, a Linotype subsidiary. The studio manager...

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Modernism in Paul Rand

significant tool of advertisement (Meggs, 2011). Paul Rand was an exceptional and original designer and his work fitted the purpose well. In this period, only illustration based advertising was carried out, which was unrelated to art itself and typography (Conway, 2002). Rand produced the latest influences of Modernism with his inspiration coming from the European designers. Bauhaus in Germany, was a school, cultural in its origin, and dedicated to teaching arts and crafts in combination with technology...

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Client Side Project Proposal

Graphics. Layout testing will be done on several browser such Internet explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome etc. This is will be consult with client. The above layout has mocked up by using tool called Balsamiq Mockups [Balsamiq.com] Typography: On Typography, will use font family and decided to keep the standards of horizontal motion, vertical motion, blocks and paragraphs hyphenation, size of the font, width of the font, numerals, capital and small caps etc. References: Anpost.ie (2011)...

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Saul Bass

overcome his heroin addiction. Just as Saul wanted, the iconic arm got people talking and gave the movie some recognition as well as Saul Bass. Bass was an inventor and provided effect, memorable titles sequences, inventing a new type of kinetic typography (Thatcher). He brought many new ideas to life; his innovations were his key to success and recognizable as a revered designer. Saul redefined what it meant to be a graphic designer for movies. His works for movie titles and sequences changed...

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UNIT 13 P4 P5 M1 D1

for users. I believe my target group want something engaging so therefore colourful and interesting to look at while being individual and unique. The type of typography that my market segmentation will be attracted too are writing techniques which has explosive words of colour while still being professional and easily readable. The typography of young adults/teens are to have “friendly round corners” and that the mojority of teenagers prefered either the font “bambo” or “comic sans” accourding the...

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10 Books Every Designer Should Read

The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst (2002) If Shakespeare were alive today and into design (which you know he would be) he more than likely would have written a book like this one. Don’t let the title fool you, it’s about typography. But if you don’t see a whole design philosophy inside these pages you’re not paying attention. 6. Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler (2006) The Branding book to end all branding books. If you’re a designer this book is a must have...

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The Importance of Good Logo Design

everything the company owns; websites, company adverts and documentation so it’s really important that it is clear to appear on all mediums. Most logos are very graphic and consist of symbols and icons to represent the company, but logos can also be typography or word mark like the Coca Cola logo. However, designing a killer logo to represent a company is one of the hardest areas of graphic design to perfect and major corporations usually invest a lot of money into marketing teams in order to create the...

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graphic design is a big impact for entertainment and advertisement in modern day culture. Graphic designs have been used to combine beauty, technology, and art for many years. Graphic design work has been used since the people have used images and typography to show their ideas. Most graphic designers would sketch their ideas and their final draft would be placed with rubber cement and then be put on a illustration board for the print media to be put in newspapers. Computer technology has transformed...

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Web Design vs Graphic Design

Designer will split the pages up using ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons to link the pages or they will use sub-menus in the navigation bar. In Graphic Design the Artwork Space is limitless. A sixth difference between Web Design and Graphic Design is Typography, Web Design has a lot of limitations with choice of fonts and Graphic Design is limitless on their choices of fonts. A seventh difference between Web Design and Graphic Design is colors, in Web Design it is easier and takes very little time...

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Coca-Cola Bottle: Object Analysis

their packaging from red to blue in 1998 to distinguish their brand from their main competitor. A decade later and I doubt many people can remember that Pepsi's packaging used to be predominantly red. (Wadsworth, 2009) The meaning behind the typography was too have a logo that was originally and distinctive and I think Coca-Cola has achieved in that. The Spencerian Script is a handwriting typeface so it is original and it is personal, the Coca-Cola logo is like a signature. Coca-Cola is for everyone...

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Summary of a Product Analysis

this means hidden? Sometimes the message or image is deliberately hidden to make people really think deeply about a product. If so, why? • What information is required by law for this product? • Does it use symbols or images? If so, why? Typography • What style of text is used? Is it serif, sans serif or stylised? Is there a mixture? If so, why? • Does the size and style of text affect the impact of the graphic? • What techniques are used to create impact? (e.g. size, colour, style of...

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Annotated Bibliography: Stefan Sagmeister

Marvin Scott. Jarrett, and Katherine McCoy. Radical Graphics. San Francisco: Chronicle, 1999. Print. An old book, that demonstrates Sagmeister’s influence on design trends through the 20th century. Provides plenty of inspirational designs for typography and graphics. Focuses on Sagmeister and 39 other designers from 1970s to 2000s who have defined the cutting edge, and reinvented the looks of the 21st century. Charting the evolution of radicalism in design, from the early influences of the Dadaists...

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10 Step Introductory Guide By Seanwes V1

best for hand lettering? The best pen is the one you’re comfortable with. With this said, I have an entire post specifically on hand lettering pens. Lettering Source Material & Inspiration I expose myself to large quantities of classic and modern typography through the internet and spend great lengths of time recreating, experimenting with, and practicing my letters. The important thing is not to overly concern yourself with having the “right” information/ books/references to start. In the beginning...

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principle of contrast

elements on a page are different. For example, it could be different colors between the text and the background color. It could be a heading set in a big, bold, grungy font combined with a sans-serif font (read more about contrast and conflict in typography) for the body text. It could be a difference between a large graphic and a small graphic or it could be a rough texture combined with a smooth texture. Our eyes like contrast. Simultaneous Contrast Two colors, side by side, interact with one...

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A.M Cassandre

however I do not think he designed this font himself. The typography he used integrates with the design. He designed quite a few different typefaces of his own, two of them are very popular. ‘Bifur’ is a font with very bold capitals and is the only typeface with a distinct Bauhaus look. His more famous typeface is ‘Peignot Light‘, which is named after Charles Peignot who commissioned both typefaces and was a major promoter of innovation in typography. Personally, I think that the type of font he used...

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Manifestos in Design

remain fully briefed on the wardrobe of Don Draper'. Similar to Nigel Bents, the writers of the Manifesto for men and women have made the assumption there is a collective opinion among their audience on what is definitely considered unacceptably bad. Typography and clothes run parallel with each other in regards to trends undulating in and out of fashion: the same time typefaces Curlz Mt and Comic Sans were released in the mid nineties, people in their mid twenties were seen wearing fluorescent drawstring...

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Career Research Topic Graphic Designer

their talents at the service of commercial clients. Clients include major corporations, retail stores, and advertising, design, and publishing firms. Graphic artists express a message or create an effect by 1 visual means, using illustration, typography and/or photography. This career field welcomes originality and creativity with open arms, letting the artists further explore their imagination. QUALIFICATIONS & EDUCATION Graphic designers are not initially fine artists, although they may be...

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document design

grouping, overlap, collage, and proximity—contributes to the visual impact of the composition. Text and image are arranged in relationship to space using a grid. Grids The grid is a skeletal guide used to ensure design consistency. Type and Typography Visuals draw the reader to look at the page, but type delivers the message. The term type stands for typefaces (also known as fonts), which we use to set text (also known as letters and words). Type has a font name and then a style. Each typeface...

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Guidelines for Project Proposals

proposal has a well-organized plan of attack. A strong proposal also has technical details because technical depth is needed to sell your project. Remember: A proposal is a persuasive document. Required Format Format consists of the layout and typography of a document. In formatting your proposal, use the guidelines in Table 1. A template to produce your proposal exists at the following web page: http://www.writing.eng.vt.edu/design/proposal_template.doc One aspect of layout is the incorporation...

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Assignment IL Word2013 UC P1b

of the first page beginning with “Black-footed ferrets” and ending with “Swift foxes”. Left-align the paragraphs, change the font size to 12 pt., then apply the Fill – Dark Red, Accent 1, Shadow effect (2nd column, 1st row in the Text Effects and Typography gallery). 10. On the second page, select the paragraph heading “Membership Levels” and italicize the text. Then, change the font color to Dark Red, Accent 1 (5th column, 1st row in the Theme Colors palette). 11. Under the heading “Membership Levels”...

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Tattoo Essay

wires which include reds, blues, yellows, greys, and many others. This would be the typical definition in terms of the biomechanical body art. Finally, we arrive at one of the most popular classifications the typographic tattoo. The definition of typography itself means the way print is arranged on the page as well as the style it is printed in. This means that the typographic tattoos are scripture arranged on the body in a particular style. It can be in any type of writing whether it is cursive or...

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Visual Comm

the visual comm.” Visual Communication Definition on Wiki: Visual communication is the communication of ideas through the visual display of information. Primarily associated with two dimensional images, it includes: art, signs, photography, typography, drawing fundamentals, colour and electronic resources. Recent research in the field has focused on web design and graphically oriented usability. It is part of what a graphic designer does to communicate visually with the audience. Quote about...

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Neville Brody's Design of the Postage Stamp

amount of the postage stamp, 10p. Neville Brody wanted to convey this message of the type through society. In Neville Brody’s words he explains with www.inkbotdesign.com that “It has to do with ‘mood–setting’ before the message is delivered. Typography is a hidden tool of manipulation within society”. The space between the red solid shape and the broken down white boarder gave a soft, elegant look which the contrast between the two worked, this gave a more obtained feel and look. The black boarder...

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Typography and Clarendon

Condensed, Clarendon Condensed, Clarendon Heavy, Clarendon Light, Clarendon Medium, Clarendon Regular, and Clarendon Roman. They call it a slab-serif because it has some bracketing and some contrast in size. Clarendon was one of the final century typography to be developed. Clarendon is also a metal type and a popular wood type. It emphasizes text by being the primary design to be related bold. As an example of this it emphasizes, “WANTED” in the old west signs. Clarendon came along ways over the past...

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Typography & Typeface Design

design typefaces and typography can play a major role. Once I started to take notice of the amount of typography around me, it became almost overwhelming, and I couldn’t help but starting to wonder. Who designed these typefaces and with what purpose? Where do they come from and how did they become such a big part of our everyday life? But above all, what can I as an industrial designer learn from studying this huge but for me uncharted design discipline? Typography in the middle of the...

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