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Writing is an art form created by past experiences, future hopes, fantasies, and limitless imagination. It brings feelings, knowledge, adventure, mystery, and foreign times and places to life. Writing can be very personal, remedial, cathartic, and affect you in ways that could change your life forever. Participating in Analytical Composition and Literature this year has been a jo urney that has brought about personal growth as a writer and allowed me to express my growth in different writing...

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DEFICIENCIES IN WRITING 1 Are Writing Deficiencies Creating a Lost Generation of Business Writers? Diane D. Arrington Grand Canyon University: UNV-504 Introduction to Graduate Studs in the College of Business July 8, 2015 DEFICIENCIES IN WRITING 2 It has become evident that the writing skills of business employees are considered inadequate. This problem has caused tangible as well as intangible costs. The tangible cost of employees’ deficient writing skills are:...

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Academic Writing

Academic Writing and Research Articles Academic writing is seen in all great works of literature. Many genres form and regulate off of academic writing. One genre that stands out over others is journal articles. Journal articles are an innovative and informative type of academic writing, because both share the same characteristics. [1] The main purpose of academic writing is to present information that displays a clear understanding...

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Writing and Essay

wizard in English class to learn how to write outstanding five paragraph essays. Practice makes perfect and with some basic skills and a lot of practice, any student can be writing proper essays in no time. The five paragraph essay is of utmost importance because it is the chosen standard for measuring a student's writing skills and proficiency. Most grade schools use the five paragraph essay for class assignments and standardized testing. Mastering the patterned format of this essay will help...

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Writing and Rizal

conditions during Rizal's ... 2. Rizal's Life Works & Writings - YouTube ► 23:55► 23:55 www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI0dK7uy__E Jan 12, 2012 - Uploaded by luis17lee Rizal's Life Works & Writings A movie presentation of Rizal's Life, Works and Writings 1. Brief ... 3. Rizal Life Works Writings Summary 1 - Scribd www.scribd.com/doc/68182467/Rizal-Life-Works-Writings-Summary-1‎ * Oct 10, 2011 - Rizal Life Works Writings Summary 1 - Download as Text file (.txt), PDF File (.pdf)...

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Good Writing

What is good writing? You know it when you see it. It is not that hard to tell whether a piece of writing is good or bad, you just have to read it. And it is pretty important to be able to discern the difference, if you ask me. But things get more challenging if you have to explain why it is good. You might be called upon to write a report at school or you may fancy communicating your ideas online via a blog.  And, of course, a well written CV with no spelling or grammatical mistakes is essential...

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Writing Reflection

Writing Reflection Sometime between preschool to fourth grade, I discovered that writing was difficult. I began learning how to sound out words while struggling to portray my thoughts through writing. Instead of trying to improve my writing, I squeezed by, one essay at a time. Now that I am in college, I have to realize my strengths and corrected my weaknesses in the writing process. Like everyone in this world, I have strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, I have little strength when writing...

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Uses of Writing

Zach Samach Fundamentally writing, is the revelation of an individual’s cerebral function. Thus, thought and literary admission cannot be correctly observed without recognition of the direct occupation each have on one and other. Hence, an individual’s desire, perception, and outlook are the basic axioms to which the topic and dissertation of any composition is built. As a result, many times writing can be a scope to which people are able to see the true stature of their innermost conscience...

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Writing and Essay

rapidly for your essay. What is freewriting? Freewriting Freewriting means writing privately and writing without stopping. Just write whatever words come to your mind or whatever you want to explore at this moment. Don’t worry about whether your writing is any good or even whether it makes sense. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. If you can’t think of the word you want, just put in a squiggle. Keep on writing and see what comes. Changing topics is fine. Follow your mind or the words wherever...

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Writing Skills

WRITING SKILLS Introduction In this section, we are going to look at writing as an important skill in the communication process. Principally, we shall define writing and its importance in communication, discuss the paragraph as a key component in writing, then how to plan your essay and finally discuss the various types of essays that you will need to use in your writing. Objectives of the topic At the end of this topic, you should be able to: a) Define writing and explain its importance in communication...

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Writing Conclusions

HINTS FOR WRITING A CONCLUSION Hint #1 Conclusion Words - Sometimes “conclusion” words like these will help you write the conclusion of an essay. Most of the time, using the word or phrase in the middle of a sentence is better than making it the first word of the conclusion. in fact in conclusion for these reasons as a result of in effect Hint #2 altogether indeed surely clearly to sum up overall truly all in all due to obviously definitely ultimately thus in effect consequently Four Strategies...

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Writing Summary

Writing Summaries Summary writing may be the most familiar writing task so far. We make summaries of many different things. In this paper, we are going to explain about writing an assignment summary. Writing an Assignment Summary A good assignment summary has three principal requirements. 1. It should be focused on the relevant aspects of the source text or texts. 2. It should present the source material in an accurate fashion. 3. It should condense the source material and be presented in...

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Rhetorical Writing

how to write rhetorically is the key to writing a competent, persuasive essay. The main concept behind rhetoric is effectively predicting how an audience will connect with the main point of an argument. It is vital to approach an essay with the audience’s reaction in mind, because it forms the entire foundation of the work. Rhetorical appeal assists with the basic structure of the paper by allowing writers to assert a distinct voice within their writing. Once a writer has distinguished his or her...

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Scholarly Writing

Week 3 Assignment Application: Scholarly Writing What is scholarly writing? How does it differ from day-to-day writing and why is it important to someone pursuing an academic degree and planning to become a professional? As you learn about some of the elements of scholarly writing and how to write for specific audiences, you will gain the skills necessary to complete written assignments that are appropriate in your role as a Walden student in a master's or doctorate program. In this Application...

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Writing Experience

gerdes-mcClain 09/03/2013 My Writing Experience and Thoughts about Different Cultures First of all, I would like to talk about my writing experience. In China, primary students originally talk about the pictures in primary school. There is no particularly difficult impression in my memory, But when I was in high school, I found a primary school second grade examination paper and I found articles particularly well written. I am surprised, I get so good at writing, but also particularly well written...

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Creative Writing

Descriptive Writing Task The aim of this lesson is to write a piece of original writing about a deserted house. You and your friend have just finished school and on the way home and you need shelter from the sudden change in weather. You see a deserted house and decide to enter it. Describe in detail the appearance of the house and the path that leads up to the front door. How do you feel as you approach? What type of door do you enter? Imagine that you have gone through the doorway...

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Relationships In Writing

 Naomi Helferich Professor Stryz WRAC 150 2 October 2013 Relationships Healed by Writing What is a relationship? It could be classified as an intimate relationship, a sisterhood, brotherhood, friends from school, etc. But all in all a relationship is the way you interact with people in your life. Relationships are generally perceived to be something positive in one’s life; but no matter what; all relationships have problems. People argue, and naturally come into conflict with one another...

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Business Writing

Writing Reports and Proposals Reference Guide Nine Rules of Writing The Rules of Evidence 1) Use familiar words 2) Prefer short, simple words 3) Use concrete words 4) Prefer active to passive verbs 5) Avoid camouflaged verbs 6) Arrange sentences for emphasis and clarity 7) Keep sentences short 8) Ensure modifying words and phrases relate to nouns and pronouns 9) Use words economically Rule 1: Look at the evidence and follow where it leads. The trick here is not to let your own bias lead...

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Persuasive Writing

PERSUASIVE WRITING English 9: Mr. Castellano The next type of writing we will do is the persuasive essay. In this essay, you will be working to convince your reader of the rightness of your point of view on a specific topic. As I have already said, in some ways every type of writing is a form of persuasion: you are always trying to make your reader see the correctness of your opinion. In this assignment, however, you will stake out your position on a particular topic and argue forcefully...

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Discursive Writing

What do I need to know about ... Discursive Writing? ‍What's the point? Discursive wirting discusses the situation at hand. It presents an argument in a more balanced way than argumentative and persuasive writing and can appreciate the arguments both for and against a given position. Discursive writing does not argue for or against a point throughout the essay. After having assessed and evaluated all arguments, the writer generally states his/her opinion at the end. ‍What are the conventions? ...

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Writing Standards

 • • • • Audience
 • • • • Logical
 • • • • Coherent
 • • • Format

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Academic Writing

Academic Writing Checklist This is a checklist to help you organise and edit your essays and written work. Before you start writing your paper you will probably have discussed the title of your essay with your tutor. A title with a clear focus will make it easier for you to write a coherent, well developed essay. When you have written the first draft of your essay, you will need to ask yourself the following questions: Introduction: ü Do I have clear relevant opening sentences? (The first few...

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Academic Writing

Himanshu Shekhar Prof. Kashyap Academic Writing Is Bilingualism an advantage? Ramchandran Guha and Ananthamurthy explore bilingualism in India with their scholarly articles. They argue on bilingualism with two different perspectives, giving us the broader picture about the topic of different times and different places. When we talk about bilingualism India is always a first stop, this is fact is established by the articles of Guha and Ananthamurthy. Where...

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on writing analysis

Kishen Rathod AP Literature Period 3 Mr. Hernandez September 20, 2013 Personal Response to On Writing by Stephen King Personally, I am amazed at how Stephen King began his autobiography with a short story from when he was small. “Unknown to me, wasps had constructed a small nest in the lower half of the cinderblock. One of them, perhaps pissed off at being relocated, flew out and stung me on the ear. The pain was brilliant, like a poisonous inspiration” (King 19). This opening story really...

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Writing An Essay

WRITING AN ESSAY (See simplified example at the end) Intro: Actually state the question or title that you are going to answer Say what you are going to do: State that you will define the key words and concepts That you will discuss the background to the key concepts and major, relvant, opposing theories That you will weigh up the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, arguments for and against And state that you will then summarise the question, i.e “…in order to summarise and amswer...

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Writing and Punctuation

communicate. With the spread of the Internet its importance has only increased. Unfortunately, writing often becomes more casual and neglects the rules that were previously cast in stone. Word count: 380 References: G.V. Carey, Mind the Stop. Pelican Books, 1971 available at http://grammar.about.com/od/pq/g/punctuationterm.htm accessed on 14/02/2011) Peck, J and Coyle, M in ‘the student’s guide to writing: grammar, punctuation and spelling’ (second edition, Palgrave Macmillan 2005) Richard...

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Report Writing

BAD: Global Warming is coming! GOOD: Relative contributions of greenhouse gas emissions to global warming. In WEEK 4... What did you do? Our Experiment In Week 4 tutorial… Writing Task SultanaTask Intentional Blindness Task Our Experiment Each tutorial did ONE of the following conditions: • Writing Task • Depletion condition: – In this first task you are going to need to write for 10 minutes. Describe the layout of the UNSW campus as you see it in your mind, and how you would...

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Writing Ielts

WRITING WRITING TASK 2 You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic: Modern technology now allows rapid and uncontrolled access to and exchange of information. Far from being benefical, this is a danger to our societies. What are your views? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words.     © IELTS Exam Preparation 2007  Taken from IELTS Sample section in http://www.ielts‐exam...

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Paragraph Writing

Paragraphing in Academic Writing Although it often seems that paragraphs can take an infinite number of forms, there are really only a few formats for paragraphing in formal, academic prose. What makes paragraphs seem unique to the reader is the style of the writer's prose, not the actual format of the information. There are four main types of paragraphs in academic prose: the standard paragraph, the explanatory paragraph, the evidential paragraph, and the introductory paragraph (whose format...

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Writing Strategies

promises an examination of memory and cognition…basis of current scientific research” (Tribble 152). A lesser way to emphasize one’s idea is by manipulating the vernacular that the writer uses. For some articles, the vernacular and structure of the writing emphasizes the argument’s persuasiveness because it makes the reader believe the writer is well versed in the topic. Pieters and Sanchez both also utilize footnotes to emphasize their respective ideas. By adding in the footnotes, the writer is readily...

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Essay writing

-Essay writing is the most important skill you need to develop in your hsc year. When marking an essay, teachers and essay markers want to see that youve developed a complex and in-depth understanding of a text and in order to show them this, you need to express your ideas clearly -Nothing is more important than simplicity and structure -A good essay is circular In that the conclusion links back to the introduction, self-sustaining in that all arguments are put forward will be thoroughly explored...

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Essay Writing

Hints For Effective Essay Writing Essays form an integral part of your history programme and your success in all history modules will depend on your ability to express yourself effectively in writing. To do this, precise thinking and careful organisation are essential. This means that attention must be given not only to content, but also to presentation, notably spelling, grammar and style. There is useful information on good essay writing practice at http://www.qub.ac.uk/keyskills Before You...

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Essay Writing

INFORMATION TO STUDENTS - 1 ENG 106 Jun. 17, 2013 ESSAY WRITING ESSAY – A short literary composition of an analytical, interpretive, or reflective kind, dealing with its subject in a non-technical, limited, often unsystematic way and, usually expressive of the author’s outlook and personality. - An attempt. TYPES OF ESSAYS – Personal – Describes how you feel about...

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REPORT WRITING You are strongly advised to review the guidance on report writing provided by the library. The following is an abridged version taken from the library website “Key Skills” by Claire MacTavish © De Montfort University 27.08.01 How is a report different from an essay? In purpose: A report needs to finish with clear recommendations about what action is suggested as a result of the findings. An essay is unlikely to need such an important and emphatic conclusion, (depending on its title)...

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Descriptive Writing

DESCRIPTIVE WRITING DESCRIPTIVE WRITING is the clear description of people, places, objects, or events using appropriate details. An effective description will contain sufficient and varied elaboration of details to communicate a sense of the subject being described. Details used are usually sensory and selected to describe what the writer sees, hears, smells, touches, and tastes. DESCRIPTIVE PROMPTS 1. Think of an animal you have seen or that you know about. The animal might be someone’s...

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Writing Essays

Writing Essays Attacking the Question 1. Topic is? 2. Date range? 3. Key concepts or specific factors in the question? 4. Command words used in question? Command Words Account for | Present a reasoned case for this. | Analyse | Break down in order to bring out the essential elements or structure. The essay needs to be closely argued and detailed. | Assess | Estimate the magnitude or quality of something supported by reasons. | Comment | Give a judgement. |   |   | ...

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Writing an Essaye

general narrative situation b) the choice of words/language in the story (as this may indicate a certain point of view) c) the use of inside views (indirect thought, direct thought, interior monologue, free indirect discourse) 1. Writing an Essay Good writing requires good thinking! Whatever you write: It must a) be relevant to the question (address the question immediately, explicitly, exclusively) b) advance arguments (a statement is not the same as an argument) A. Overall Structure ...

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Essay writing

Essay writing Your reader is tired and easily bored. It’s the dead of winter and he is curled up in front of his space heater, drinking tea, trying to get through as many applications as he possibly can tonight before he starts all over again in the morning. Your essay is the 65th he has read today, and very few have been memorable.  He yearns to be entertained.  He wants to see something fresh and interesting.  He wants to appreciate a creative twist on the same-old essay prompts.  He wants something...

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High Scool writing vs. College writing

English Is reading and writing in college really more difficult than high school? Learning to read and write in high school seems different rather than distant. College reading and writing is extensive and dissimilar in comparison to high school level material. Although others may argue that college writing is harder than high school material, I view it as a different way of writing that needs to be practiced in order to establish the same level of excellence in college writing that we previously had...

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Comparison of Travel Writing Eras

Commentary Blog travel writing is written at a personal level, it engages the reader using more common humour and relation to everyday tasks. The language is often informal and the writer uses small personal anecdotes throughout the writing, for example, ‘don’t worry mum, we scooped the ice out of every glass, just in case!’ as blogging sites are commonly used as a method of contact for relatives and friends while a person is travelling. A range of sentences are used throughout the writing, often compound...

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The Reading-Writing Connection

The Reading-Writing Connection It has been argued that reading and writing share a significant connection. This may provide the key for successful learning of multiple languages, but how? In order to answer this question, we must know exactly what the connection is, and means. It has already been determined that reading and writing are important life skills, and yet, though many articles and papers discuss this importance, few choose to explain the claimed connection. To narrow down, the same...

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Writing Description and Explanation

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Course Description The objective of M5/1 English Writing Class is to improve the students’ writing ability with regards to sentence structure, paragraphs, essays, stories, letters and other written forms. 2. Indicators / Learning Objectives F1.1 10.3 – Explain and write sentences and texts related to various forms...

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What Constitutes Good Writing?

Fallon Perez October 25, 11 Good Writing From the beginning of our writing careers, we have been preached to about the dos’s and don’ts’s of writing. In grammar school, we were taught not to use the word ‘I’ and to always write in the third person. Breaking such rules would have been considered taboo. Now as we embark on a new journey in our lives, college, such rules do not always apply as strictly. While the rules reminisce in our minds from grade school, we do not always have to adhere to...

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Writing About Writing

communicating with other people. Even though Tannen, Munoz, and Tan show many differences about the impact of language on their lives, they are extremely similar in their writing styles, in their approaches, and in their overall theme. One area of similarity of Tannen, Munoz and Tan’s essays is in their styles of writing. The first writing style that these three authors share is descriptive. All of the writers share their story using the descriptive approach telling their story with great detail. An example...

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Proper Use of Language in Writing

It is how humans communicate. All people come from different backgrounds and speak different languages. Everyone has different writing and speaking skills. Because of this, not all communication between people is always conveyed correctly. That is why it is important to use language correctly so as to be understood clearly. The use of language in any kind of writing is important to clearly and understandably convey a meaning or argument. There are five major issues with language use; levels...

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Writing and Word Count

This writing sample fulfills the first writing assignment in the course. Instructions: According to The Little Seagull Handbook, “A descriptive writing provides specific details to show what something looks like—and perhaps how it sounds, feels, smells, and tastes” (Bullock, Brody, and Weinberg 23). Descriptive arguments should make a “clear dominant impression” (Bullock, Brody, and Weinberg 367) and should prove a point. To the best of what you know about college-level writing, write...

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Introduction to Technical Report Writing

Chapter # 01 Introduction To Technical Report Writing Technical report writing is a practical writing that people do as a part of their jobs. It is a different form of writing, both different from and similar to other forms of writing. Technical writing both analyzes and explains in order to communicate with the reader. Definitions: 1. Technical Report Writing aims to get work done, to change people by changing the way they do things. (Killingsworth and Gilbertson) 2. The most critical...

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Writing Is A Multi Stage Process

Self-Reflective Statement Core value 1 says, “Writing is a multi-stage, recursive, and social process”. The first part “writing is a multi-stage process”, basically implies that there are a lot of steps in creating a well-written paper. There is a lot of pre-reading needed in order to gather information and better one’s understanding of the topic being discussed. For example, for essay one I had to read different articles before I began writing and then do a pre-writing in which I discussed my readings. I...

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Writing and Writers Guild

Fourth Grade Nothing. I think that book is funny and easy to read. I don’t have a favorite author. My favorite type of writing is Tall Tales. I like tall tales because I like to exaggerate in my stories. Last year in third grade our Writers Guild was tall tale. My tall tale was called Little Earthquake. In second grade my Writers Guild was about my uncle. I don’t like writing book reports. I like to write at school more than home. Writers Guild is really fun and cool. sfFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-...

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Perusasive or Argumentative Writing

In persuasive or argumentative writing, we try to convince others to agree with our facts, share our values, accept our argument and conclusions, and adopt our way of thinking. Elements toward building a good persuasive essay include establishing facts to support an argument clarifying relevant values for your audience (perspective) prioritizing, editing, and/or sequencing the facts and values in importance to build the argument forming and stating conclusions "persuading" your audience...

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First Year Writing

Josh Orenbuch Professor Schwabe Essay #4 whYyoU should have First Year Writing The first year biology majors and accounting major of YU are all asking themselves the same question: “How is First Year Writing going to help me?” As an accounting major in the Syms School of Business, I was extremely troubled by the university requirement to take first year writing as well. “How will FYW help me with balance sheets?” I asked myself. How will this class get me an accounting internship this...

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The Writing Process Powerpoint Presentation

* Explains Organizational Method * Provides 2 tips for writing | 6 | 6 | Illustration | * Explains why it is used * Explains Organizational Method * Provides 2 tips for writing | 6 | 6 | Description | * Explains why it is used * Explains Organizational Method * Provides 2 tips for writing | 6 | 6 | Classification | * Explains why it is used * Explains Organizational Method * Provides 2 tips for writing | 6 | 6 | Process Analysis | * Explains why it is used...

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Essay and Report Writing

QuickRef 6 What is a report? This is an introductory guide to report writing. It gives some general advice on the content and structure of a report. It is very important for you to consult your Departmental Guidelines or Unit Guide for advice on the required report format for the units in which you are enrolled. Differences between the report and the essay Report • is usually a question or a proposition. • is based on reading and sometimes field work. is to investigate, present...

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Apa Writing Style Guide

APA Writing Style SourceAid, LLC www.SourceAid.com Edited by: Julia Johns, Tom Fox, and Ronald Silvia Copyright © 2004 by SourceAid, LLC. All rights reserved. This document may be freely distributed contingent upon the fact that it is distributed as a whole document. This includes printing it as a whole document or providing it as a resource by linking to it. This document may not be republished or modified in any form without written consent from SourceAid, LLC. For more information please...

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cursive the lost writing style

to write!” is something I always dreamed about yelling at my teacher, yet I still went along with it. After graduating from St. Catherine’s Military Academy I moved on to high school where I would find myself exclusively writing in cursive, it was now a part of me. After writing in cursive for so long it just grew on me and I started adding my personal touch to it. For those who are not familiar with this form of handwriting cursive is a style where all the letters in a word are connected. Fun fact:...

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Effective Report Writing

http://www.businessballs.com/writing.htm  Link This article summarizes effective writing techniques for reports. I. The typical structure is as follows: II. Title, author, date. III. Contents. IV. Introduction and Terms of Reference (plan for report). V. Executive Summary (containing main points of evidence, recommendations and outcomes.) VI. (1-2 pages maximum) VII. Background/history/situation. VIII. Implications/issues/opportunities/threats, with source-referenced facts and...

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Writing in Health Administration

Writing in Health Care Administration Health Care Administration is a fantastic field for someone who loves health care, but hates the physical blood and guts, which the majority of health care fields entail. Health Care Administration is the business side of health care. The field of Health Administration combines management with allied health. The Administrators manages the economics which are necessary for the deliverance of effective health services. They work in almost every situation...

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Case Study Writing

Academic Skills Development Quick Guide for Students Writing a case study What is in this guide      What is a case study? Writing a case study Writing a case study in report format Writing a case study in essay format Related Quick Guides What is a case study? Case studies require you to apply theory to a real-world example. Generally a case study provides a description of a particular practice, for example a business problem, scenario or situation, as a basis for a critical analysis...

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Creative Writing Reflective

Reflective Essay Conclusion: During writers craft the genre that I enjoyed writing most was poetry. I love everything about poetry. Poetry is a piece of writing that can be interpreted in many different ways while being written in one. My favorite part about class was writing poetry and the many different types of poems we wrote. I was not too big on the fact of reading poems in class sometimes that where too hard for me to understand. I am more of a reader who likes to know what is going on...

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Thomas Kuhn Writing Style

Kuhn’s Writing Style According to the back cover, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is "considered one of 'The Hundred Most Influential Books Since the Second World War' by The Times Literary Supplement." I don’t necessarily agree with this assessment. Don’t miss understand what I’m saying; he is probably one of the more brilliant people that have ever walked this earth for all I know. But, I could not get over how difficult his writing style was to interpret. His form of writing is not...

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