Legal Writing vs Business Writing

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Legal Writing vs. Business Writing

There are 5 important elements in order to make a good legal writing. First, there must be proper spelling. It is obvious that spelling is a very key element in any kind of writing. Misspelling of a any word, name, address, location will seriously affect a legal document because in legal writing everything must be precise. The second important element is proper grammar and punctuation. One legal paper must have the correct punctuations because a misplaced punctuation mark will cause a very unpleasant consequence to the writer. Effective organization is another key element. Having a smooth and clear writing will make the reader understand the writing clearly. It is must have a smooth flowing structure (introduction, background, facts and etc.). Another important element is to have proper citations. Intellectual honesty is needed in every paper, especially when doing legal writing. Lastly, finding the right tone is the last key element in making a good legal writing. A person must connect with its reader so that readers will fully grasp the message and the facts of the paper.

There are many similarities and differences when it comes to business writing and legal writing. For example in legal writing and business writing it is important to have all the important elements like good grammar, proper punctuations and grammar and the like. I think the very difference of legal writing and business writing is the footnotes. There are many footnotes needed in legal writing compared to business writing. When it comes to business forms and legal forms. An example of business form of writing is the promissory notes, acceptance letters and the like. As for legal writing, most legal writings contain court decisions, legal researches and writings about law.

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