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Grammatical Person

December 21, 2012 The Whipping 1. Who is the speaker? What kind of person is the speaker? a. The speaker could be a neighbor or passenger who observes a domestic scene that reminds him of one similar to his own.. The speaker has a strong sympathy about the boy but also is a coward because the speaker did not stop the woman. 2. Is there an identifiable audience for the speaker? What can we know about it? a. There is no identifiable audience. The speaker is just noticing the woman beating...

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On the Deat of Princess Diana

pay tribute to Diana's death; KEY: the speech is very solemn; CHANNEL: the speech is written to be spoken and it is realised through the medium of BBC1 television; FORMS OF SPEECH: she uses a lot of adjectives to describe lady Diana's person; NORMS OF INTERACTION AND INTERPRETATION: she organised the speech in blocks: the introduction, the central block where she describes Diana's qualities and the conclusion; GENRE: oration, funeral eulogy. VARYNG VARIABLES TENOR: the...

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Great Expectation Paragraph

Eexpectations’ composed by Charles Dickens revealshas been made apparent that an aspect of family belonging, where Pip, the main character tries to live up to societies expectations of being a gentlemen.,Tthis can be seen where Magwitch uses first person, evident in the direct speech ‘Yes, Pip, dear boy, I’ve made a gentleman ofn you! It’s me wot has done it! I swore that time, sure as ever I earned a guinea, that guinea should go to you....his head so high that he could make a gentleman – and, Pip...

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Essay on Deixis

will be a conclusion and a bibliography which has been of great help in order to do this paper. 2. What is deixis? Deixis is a phenomenon of great importance for the interpretation of utterances. It is noticeable in the following examples. If a person does not know when a message was composed, the receiver of it will not know when the action will happen, such as in I’ll be back in an hour. Another example is Meet me here a week from now. In this case, the addressee of the message does not know...

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Ballad and Paterson

wealthier lifestyle. Lawson is even called a ‘swell’ by Paterson, meaning that he is too classy for the bush. This is juxtaposed and contrasted with how Paterson speaks of himself. He includes himself with the people of the bush, using the first person plural ‘we’. This affects readers to think that unlike Lawson, Paterson is suited to the bush. Therefore, Paterson contrasts his opinion with Lawson’s opinion and conveys to the audience, through his sarcastic tone and juxtaposition, that ‘the...

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Good Writing

answering these questions: “Who is the audience we write for? What does it mean when we use the word “person” when talking about writing?” .Thus, students had to know what formality means, and the language used in normal everyday speech are informal, while language used in academic writing is more formal. Formality also has to do with voice, that third person is more formal than first person; the third person voice is what is most often used in academic writing. Therefore, in order to communicate to the...

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time, space etc. Traditional categories of deixis are: person, time and place Person deixis concerns the encoding of the role of participants in the speech event. According to grammatical categories of person we distinguish: first person is the grammaticalization of the speaker’s reference to himself second person is the encoding of the speaker’s reference to one or more addressees third person is the encoding of reference to persons and entities which are neither speakers nor addressees...

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Preparing for Academic Success at the Graduate Level Paper

the quality assessed to the paper. A writer can use his or her strengths and weaknesses to help achieve these academic requirements. Strengths and weaknesses differ between writers. What makes a great writer depends on the knowledge and skill the person has. A great writer is made, not born. A writer must be able to use his or her time appropriately. What makes a great writer will be discussed, how can a writer identify strengths and weaknesses, and time management will be discussed further. Identifying...

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Politeness Amongst Cultures

order to portray politeness uniquely. An example of this is the use of honorifics in Korean which expresses grammatically and lexically encoded forms of politeness and embodies a particular notion of hierarchism (Byon 2006, p. 249). The simple grammatical change in the sentence depends on the social relationship or difference in social status between speakers (Byon 2006). Alternatively, English speakers use indirect speech acts in order to portray politeness (Wierzbicka 1991). As a result, the imperative...

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Postmodernism and Joyce Carol Oates

pretty self explanatory. Fragment narrative is a narrative given in bits and pieces, as opposed to a straightforward linear narrative. It also uses fragment and run on sentences, or to put it another way, tends to disregard a lot of syntactical and grammatical rules. Nonsense narrative most of the time falls under fragmented narrative too, it is a narrative that has no clear meaning, yet can have shades of meaning and ambiguous meaning. Nonsense narrative (and fragment narrative) is also characterized...

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