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  • Adjectives

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Ministry Of High Education Selman Bin Abdul-Aziz University College of Sciences and Humanities Department Of English Level VIII Adjectives Presented by: Khalaf Ibrahim Submitted To: Dr.Abdullah Elkhair 1435 /1436 H Aflaj Acknowledgement Our first and greatest thanks are to Allah. He above all was‚ is‚ and will be the source of help and guidance that counts. His help kept us going through many frustrations and His guidance brought us back on

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    ADJECTIVES:“Adjectives are words that describe nouns by telling what kind‚ how many‚ or which one.” It can tell you what it  Looks like  Feels like  Smells like  Tastes like  Sounds like Let’s Try Some! The magnificent butterfly flew under the branch. The butterfly with the colorful wings rested. One butterfly flew quietly beneath the tree. The butterfly fluttered its delicate wings. ATTRIBUTIVE Adjectives in the first position before the noun - are called ATTRIBUTIVE adjectives.

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  • Adjective

    application and 2 passport photos‚ you will be issued with a library card. mistake If you think you can leave before you finish the task‚ you are mistaken Use pencil so that if you make a mistake‚ you can erase it. If you Mistake an adverb for an adjective‚ it can make your writing very confusing. I have Mistakenly deleted the file you are looking for. Sorry. misunderstand Sometimes it’s easy to misunderstand efficiency and consider it rudeness. Remember‚ that shop assistants have to deal with

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  • Adjectives: Adverb and Descriptive Adjective Noun

    Adjectives: Limiting A limiting adjective‚ rather than describing a noun‚ defines it. To put it more simply‚ limiting adjectives either point out or set a numerical limit to the noun. These limiting adjectives are grouped into three classes of limiting adjectives: Descriptive adjective Noun an adjective that ascribes to its noun the value of an attribute of that noun (e.g.‚ ’a nervous person’ or ’amusical speaking voice’) Qualitative adjective An adjective used to identify the qualities or

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  • Comparison of Adjective

    Comparison of Adjectives There are three forms of comparison: - positive - comparative - superlative A - Comparison with -er/-est clean - cleaner - (the) cleanest We use -er/-est with the following adjectives: 1) Adjectives with one syllable positive | comparative | superlative | clean | cleaner | cleanest | new | newer | newest | cheap | cheaper | cheapest | 2) Adjectives with two syllables and the following endings: 2 - 1) Adjectives with two syllables‚ ending in -y positive

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  • Adjective and Adverbs

    INTRODUCTION The subject matter of our term-paper is the comparative analysis of typological features of adjectives and adverbs in English and in Armenian. The general meaning peculiar to English adjectives is that of property. For example‚ adjectives can give us information about: Quality: a beautiful dress‚ a nice day Size: a big car‚ a tall man

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  • Adjectives and Adverbs

    Adjectives Adjectives Modify Nouns • Adjectives are placed directly before a noun: Examples: Tom is an excellent singer. I bought a comfortable chair. She’s thinking about buying a new house. • Adjectives are also used in simple sentences with the verb ’to be’. In this case‚ the adjective describes the subject of the sentence: Examples: Jack is happy. Peter was very tired. Mary’ll be excited when you tell her. • Adjectives are

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  • qualifying adjective

    Qualifiying adjectives are "gradable"‚ i.e. it is possible to graduate their intensity‚ by the addition of an adverb of degree‚ such as very‚ quite‚ enough; most qualifying adjectives can also be put into comparative or superlative forms (big‚ bigger‚ biggest). Classifying adjectives cannot be graded: a person is either married‚ or not‚ or dead‚ or not; he or she cannot be "very married"‚ nor "more dead" than another person‚ at least not under normal usage of the words. That being said

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  • Compound Adjective

    Topic : Compound Adjective Content Part 1: Introduction( page 3) - Introduction the compound adjective - Reason for choosing compound adjective‚ the important of the compound adjective Part 2: Literature review - Definition of compound adjective(page 4 ) - Function of compound adjective( page 4) - Classification of compound adjective( page 4‚5) Part 3: Application ( In teaching and learning English ) - Problem( page 6) - Suggestion for learning and

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  • Adjective Excercise

    Adjectives - Comparison - Exercise 1 Fill in the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives Comparative Superlative 1 old __________ __________ 2 bad __________ __________ 3 difficult __________ __________ 4 large __________ __________ 5 good __________ __________ 6 big __________ __________ 7 easy __________ __________ 8 much __________ __________ 9 little __________ __________ 10 interesting __________ __________

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