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  • Purpose of punishment.

    Introduction Within the English legal system there are four main theories of punishment; retribution‚ deterrence‚ incapacitation and rehabilitation. The retributive theory looks back to the crime and punishes because of the crime. The remaining three all look forward to the consequences of punishment and thereby hope to achieve a reduction in crime. They are therefore often termed consequentialist or utilitarian theories. The boundaries between these theories are far from clear‚ containing sub-categories

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  • Punishment or Rehabilitation?

    Running head: PUNISHMENT OR REHABILITATION? Punishment or Rehabilitation? Tanisha Denson-Hodge University of Phoenix - Online Survey of Justice and Security CJA 500 Mark McCoy‚ Ed. D Nov 18‚ 2006 Abstract The debate between punishment and rehabilitation for criminal offenders has been an ongoing issue for many years. What is the true focus of our criminal justice system today? Some argue that it is to punish those that choose to disobey the laws of the land and indulge in criminal

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  • Philosophy of Punishment

    Punishment In Plato’s The Republic‚ Socrates has many conversations with people in order to further understand concepts such as justice and the way things are ideally supposed to be done. When I think about justice the definition that comes to mind is: the administration of a just action because of an unjust or immoral act being done by a human or group of humans. The issue of proper punishment has also been discussed in those conversations with Socrates and his peers. There must be a punishment

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  • Justification of Punishment

    Justification of Punishment 1 Justification of Punishment Sociology 120 Derek Goodson April 7‚ 2009 Justification of Punishment 2 There are four different types of punishment that have been put in place over the years in order to deter crime in society; these four types are retribution‚ deterrence‚ rehabilitation‚ and societal protection. These four different types of punishment have raised many questions in today’s society. The changes in today’s society have brought into question the effectiveness

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  • Punishment of Children

    Children and Punishment Punishment is the most commonly used and socially acceptable way of children’s education. Parents believe that punishments reduce the frequency of unwanted behaviors of children. Therefore‚ parents punish their children. To illustrate; parents do not allow their children to watch TV for a couple of days or parents do not permit their children to go out and play their friends for a few days when children get into mischief at early age of them. Furthermore

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  • Theories of Punishment

    Theories of why we punish offenders are crucial to the understanding of criminal law; in fact it is not easy to define legal punishment‚ however one thing is clear within the different theories of punishment is that they all require justification.[1] There are many theories of punishment yet they are predominantly broken down into two main categories. The utilitarian theory seeks to punish offenders to discourage‚ or “deter‚” future wrong doing. The retributive theory seeks to punish offenders

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  • Punishment and Children

    PUNISHMENT – AN EFFECTIVE WAY OF CHANGING CHILDRENS‘ UNDESIRABLE BEHAVIOR. From many centuries‚ beating was the most popular way of punishing children and then it was normal‚ good and effective way. How does it look like today? Should parents punish their children? I think yes‚ but beating them it’s not a good way. Today‚ I would like to persuade you that punishing children from early years has positive effects on them in the future. I will be not talking about beating because I’m totaly against

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  • Corporal Punishment.

    teachers discipline them? Students expect good quality education and not a good smack in the face. Corporal Punishment is a popular act in schools which serves as punishment for students that misbehave and cause trouble to the teacher. I believe that Corporal punishment is a practice that should not be used on children whether it is for discipline or personal purposes. Even if Corporal punishment has been banned from public schools all over the Philippines‚ teachers still perform this act‚ physically

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  • Discipline and Punishment

    The Difference Between Discipline and Punishment English 121 Nicole Reale March 21‚2011 The words discipline and punishment can often be used to mean the same thing. But they are very different from each other. To me discipline is a means of helping a child to learn how to act when they are in public as well as when the parent is not around; for example whether it be at school‚ their grandparents house‚ or when being babysat a child should always act as if their parents are there which

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  • History of Punishment

    known as the founder of the classical school of criminology‚ the first organized theory of crime causation linked to appropriate punishments. According to (Seiter‚ 2011) Beccaria suggested that the purpose of punishment is utility or the prevention of crime. According to (Seiter‚ 2011) Jeremy Bentham is the creator of the hedonistic calculus suggesting that punishments outweigh the pleasure criminals get from committing crime. According to (Seiter‚ 2011) another way to remove offenders from society

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