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5 Star Doctor

ASSIGNMENT 1 5 star doctor. My personal view about my role, function and duty as a medical doctor is to be a good and better doctor. What is the meaning of a good doctor? This question is depend on the meaning of the word 'good'. In Oxford Dictionary susprisingly devotes a full page on this word. Thus 'good' means; among other things are, having the right qualities, commendable, morally excellent, virtuous, kind and benevolent, agreeable, amiable, reliable, soundless of judgement and practical...

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Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a doctor…well, that is no easy task. Metaphorically, it’s a love or hate situation. Before you decide to enter the field, you need to make sure you have the qualities of being a doctor, which are to be very personable, willing to help other people, passionate, determined, hard worker, and devoted to your job. One thing that immediately eliminates a lot of people from considering this field is the sight of blood. You have to make sure you can be able to see that, in order to even think about...

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Analysis: The Doctor

 Reflective Writing on ‘The Doctor’ Film The film is being related to a life of a surgeon Jack McKee (William Hurt), whose carries on a very successful practice while treating his patients with aggressive sarcasm and general disrespect. This indicates that he only cares for ‘mission accomplish’ and put away the emotional and also spiritual perspective in his line of work. "There is a danger in becoming too involved with your patients," he warns his residents, reminding them of the surgeon’s...

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Doctor Who Informative

Doctor Who A/G - By a show of hands, How many of you here today has seen the Science Fiction Television program “Doctor Who”? S/P - Well I’m here today to inform you all on the show’s history, and a little bit of what the show is about. C/I - Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction television show of all time, It centers around the adventures of a mysterious traveler known only as The Doctor, who uses a time machine to travel through time and space. V/S - Now I realize that...

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Communication Between Doctors and Nurses

Introduction As doctors or nurses they all need to make sure that there is communication between everybody because when patients come in they expect for you to know what exactly what is going on with them and they want to make sure that the doctor and nurse communicate so that everyone knows that they are talking about the same thing. We as patients need to know if they are going to know what is wrong with us especially if we need the help. Now a days some doctors and nurses do not communicate...

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Doctor in the House

Analysis “Doctor in the House” (Richard Gordon) 1. The author of the story is Richard Gordon. It is the pen name used by Gordon Ostlere (born Gordon Stanley Ostlere on 15 September 1921), an English surgeon and anesthetist. As Richard Gordon, Ostlere has written numerous novels, screenplays for film and television and accounts of popular history, mostly dealing with the practice of medicine. He is most famous for a long series of comic novels on a medical theme starting with Doctor in the House...

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What makes a good doctor

What defines a good doctor? On the basis of sources such as the British Medical Council and interviews with patients it is possible to divide the qualities needed to be a good doctor in to two categories. The first of these categories involves qualities associated with creating a good doctor-patient relationship. The attributes required for this include good communication skills as well as a caring and polite manner towards patients. The second category involves the doctor's clinical competence and...

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Evolution of Doctor Who

Doctor Who Created in 1963 by Canadian Sydney Newman, Doctor Who is a television show that follows the adventures of the eccentric rebel time travelling alien known as the Doctor and his human companions. The first series starred William Hartnell as the First Doctor, and Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s granddaughter. Since then, there has been ten other incarnations of the Doctor played by ten different actors over thirty-three series. These series’ have been split into two groups...

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Mcdonaldization: Health in a Fastfood Society

of, and doctors knew all of their patients and their families on a personal level. The doctor who delivered your parents would deliver you as well as your future children. Follow-ups were quite normal; doctors were concerned with your progress for their own peace of mind. Over time the modern health care system emerged into the bureaucratic organization that it is. All the characteristics depicted by Ritzer are easily seen when one examines health care. From a normal trip to the doctor for a routine...

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We beat the streets

the remarkable true story of how three kids from bad neighborhoods that were just full of drugs, gangs, violence, and crime and how they banded together to overcome these disadvantages to become doctors. They made a pact to do well in school, get good grades, go to college, and become successful doctors. They did this by always being there for one another and supporting each other whenever they needed it the most. Without the support of one another, they each would probably not have accomplished...

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