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Should Doctors Be Tried in Consumer Courts

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that doctors can be sued for medical negligence in consumer courts set up under India's consumer protection act of 1986. The landmark judgment, delivered last week, caps the nine year old controversy over whether doctors providing medical services to patients on payment of fees can be held liable under this act. Responding to appeals by doctors against earlier judgments by state high courts, the Supreme Court ruled that patients aggrieved by deficiencies in medical...

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“Doctors go bat for uninsured” by Richard Kipling

article “Doctors go bat for uninsured” by Richard Kipling, talks about practicing family medicine in one the most economically depressed cities in the country, where most of the patients do not have insurance and money. The doctors are finding way to continue providing care for their uninsured patients. This is a big problem in Modesto, California where more than seven million people are uninsured. I agree with him because most of the people who do not have insurance do not go the doctor, there are...

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The Doctor

The Doctor Here is a film that portrays what happens to one member of the medical community when he faces problems normally confronted by patients. The doctor is a cool, self-centered surgeon who is in total control of his successful life until he is diagnosed as having cancer of the throat. Then he finds himself subject to the negligence, indifference, and humiliations which he has put his own patients through. Over the course of the movie, code of ethics and patient rights are...

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The 10th Doctor

The 10th Doctor and His Journey “What is your name?” said a all metal man know thew out space and time at a cybermen in a robotic monotone voice, and a man says back to the cybermen “I am The Doctor”. The Doctor? Who is the Doctor? This name comes for a science fiction British television show call Doctor Who. Doctor Who is about a time-lords the last of the time-lords, a time-lords is a time traveling humanoid alien that survives on two hearts, they are genius, they know anything and everything...

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Should Teens Have a Right to See a Doctor Privately

Should teens have the right to see a doctor in private. There has recently been a controversy between Parents teens seeing a doctor without Parents acknowledgement. In her article Susie O’Brien puts up a forward a persuasive argument, with valid points, state ting with common-sense at times and a dominate amount of emotive language hence appeal to family. In the introduction of the article, O’Brien uses emotive language by using words such as “we” and “our” to draw the reader in this technique...

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Business Ethics - Big John Lawn and Garden Doctor

1. Present an argument in favor of retaining the new division that considers and incorporates the ethical conflicts that Mr. Weed is experiencing. After reading through the brief concerning Big John, The Lawn & Garden Doctor and its services I feel comfortable recommending that the business remain open for business. After reading through the court’s decision concerning the lawsuit that was brought against them; as well as reviewing the signed liability form from the customer Big John was...

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the doctor

 The Doctor Anyone who has ever been through the medical system - even with the very best of treatment - will identify with this film. "The Doctor" tells the story of an aloof, self-centered heart surgeon who treats his patients like names on a list. In comparison with the film to the Six Principals of Care, the characteristics of the healthcare professionals lack the importance of these six principals which is dignity, independence, safety, communication, infection control, and privacy. Here...

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Etiology of the Word Doctor

Doctor Doctor is a word which has more than one meaning. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word doctor as a noun – someone who is qualified to practise Medicine, as a title - someone who holds the highest academic degree from a university, or as a verb – to doctor something by treating or altering it. It is of course used in numerous sub contexts but the three main ones are as a noun, title and verb. Doctor comes from the Latin doctoris. The English took it from the Old French, who...

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Kafka the Country Doctor

Country Doctor Franz Kafka 3 July 1883 – 3 June 1924. Known to be one of Germany’s most influential authors of the twentieth century, had a termed coined after his last name and writing style, Kafkaesque, and it is used by many modern day critics. Kafka’s narratives have been called “anti-fairy tales” (Kafka 332). Unlike fairy tales, where the hero or protagonist is sent on an adventure in order to save the day, Kafka’s journey is meant to bog down the hero and makes them feel like all hope is...

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How Doctors Think free response

How Doctors Think Jerome Groopman, M.D. March 12, 2008 1. From simple mistakes to complex outcomes is what the practice of a Doctor consists of. The occurrence of this has massively increased throughout the years from veteran doctors to fresh out of college doctors, due to conformity with one’s duties. This book describes copious situations in which the Doctor incorrectly diagnosed their patient due to lack of concentration or compliance with their career. Dr. Groopman also lists and discusses...

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