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Doctor Who

The series Doctor Who originally created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson contains many of the same elements our famous detective’s story has. The series Doctor Who is the story of an advanced alien time traveler known as The Doctor. Throughout the series The Doctor goes through time and space accompanied with his companions solving countless cases; this is similar to the way Sherlock and Watson go about London. Just as Sherlock obviously outshines Dr. Watson our Doctor Who’s companions...

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Dr. Romach Case

try and sell their machine to the prominent doctor, who is a famous cardiovascular surgeon. John is trying to get the doctor on board to purchase the IML medical machines. During this visit, Dr. Rombach tells John that he is indeed interested in the machine but that a contribution of $25,000 to his research fund would help make his decision easier. John is now in a predicament and not sure what to do. Is the doctor asking for a bribe or is the doctor just simply asking for a donation towards his...

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Dr. Heidegger's Experiment

people of the water from the Fountain of Youth, there is a true experiment behind. Though the narrator spends chunks of description on how the water changes people’s appearance and action, the inner human nature is what it really tests. As the doctor said before the experiment, "it would be well that, with the experience of a lifetime to direct you, you should draw up a few general rules for your guidance, in passing a second time through the perils of youth.” Though not explicitly shown in...

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The Pearl

shows human beings are instinctively greedy. Steinbeck uses the scene to show humans are gluttonous is where the doctor comes to Kino's house and heals Coyotes after Kino has found a pearl. When Coyotes is bitten by the scorpion, Kino takes him to the doctor to get treatment. But the doctor refuses to heal Coyotes because Kino is indigent. Later On, after Kino owns the pearl, the doctor automatically comes to Kino's house and offers a "treatment" for Coyotes. After he "treats" Coyotes, he pretends...

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Film Analysis of “the Constant Gardener”

same name. The movie is the narrative of Justin Quayle, a British diplomat in Kenya, who seeks to find the truth behind his wife's murder . The movie, set in the 1990's, begins almost with the murder, however, with the use of flashbacks one is given a glimpse of the life the couple had before the ending. From their initial meeting in London, Justin Quayle is beguiled and amazed by the outspoken humanitarian Tessa who begins their relationship by being critical of a college lecture that he gives in...

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Analysis of “the Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams

Williams In the book there is a doctor who wants to do well for others. He understands what the family is going through because in the story it says, “But I’ve seen two children lying dead the week of diphtheria because of neglect, I was not about to let that happen so it was diagnosed now or never.” There is also a girl who is sick. She has a sore throat and she won’t talk or open her mouth to anyone. The girl is very stubborn but she is terrified of the doctor as it says, “don’t call me a nice...

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Ben Carson Essay

Benjamin Carson: Source of Inspiration A good man is a source of inspiration and pride for the world. Dr. Benjamin Carson, who came from a low income African American family and was the son of divorced parents, was able to develop his skills to become a neurosurgeon. He had to overcome the insults of his friends who made him believe he was a stupid child. Due to the separation of his parents and the fact that his mother had several jobs to support him and his brother, he never showed...

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case study on leadership styles

effective Doctor with good administrative skills. He has been considered an intelligent, tactful and effective leader by all concerned including his superiors. As part of his organisational duties Dr. Adhikari directs four units of his hospital through his competent controlling skills and aggressive executive influence. These units are given the name of units ABC and D within the hospital, and are headed by Dr. Kapoor, Dr. Afzal, Dr.Vidya and Dr. Shastri respectively. All these four doctors working...

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Terrible Experience

because I was trying to chase an agent who promised me to get my tax return, some welcome cash before I was coming to USA. My office hours were always fixed starting from 6.30 PM IST (8AM CST) during the winters. That day I arrived at the office half an hour before my shift started, just enough to freshen up in the restroom before an 8 hours long shift. As I proceeded to go out for my usual nicotine break, I headed towards TD’s (my best friend) workstation who usually accompanied me in such breaks...

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The Verdict Ethics

alcoholic who hasn’t won any of his cases in the past three years. Mickey, his former partner, gives him a medical malpractice case that is sure to settle for a large amount of money. The case of Deborah Ann Kay, a mother who was given anesthetic when she had just eaten inhaled her vomit and is now in a coma. The Donaheys, her sister and brother in law are hoping for a good settlement and Frank assures them that they have a strong case. While the case is going on he meets Laura, a woman at a bar who he...

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