What Is a Good Doctor

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What Makes a Good Physician?
What is a good doctor? What makes a good doctor perfect? In the articles "Phlebitis" by Lair Eigther,"The Doctors as Stranger" by David Rothman, and the book "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down" by Anne Fadiman these authors state different situations and outlooks the patients were in. For instance the writers explored whether the patients had good medical treatment. Furthermore the authors view the disconnection between the doctors and the patients on how physicians should be able to train differently so we can enrich the relationship between the doctor and patient. Patients believe a good doctor is a doctor that is compassionate. A good doctor is a doctor who communicates with their patient, gives medical information and understands the culture, beliefs and the situation of the patient. For example my niece Gabriela De La Rosa was born without an ear, so her doctor was going to construct her left ear. My aunt doesn’t speak English just Spanish, my aunt had a hard time communicating with the physician. She came to my house a day before the surgery to ask me if I could help her translate, I gladly said yes. In Loma Linda Hospital her surgery was taken at eleven in the morning her doctor and nurses were ready for the surgery. Her doctor kept in touch with me every thirty minutes. The doctor gave us information about any complication, on every step they were doing. He kept in contact for the six hours my niece was in surgery. My niece’s doctor understood our culture because he was also Hispanic he knew that my aunt was passing thru a difficult time and understood her. After the surgery the doctor was checking on my niece at least 3 times a day. He was communicating with us and telling us how fast she was progressing and how she can go home tomorrow in the afternoon and she kept up the good work. This is a good doctor. A doctor that is doing his job on helping his patient's in need. Additionally in the book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Anne Fadiman writes about Lia who had good doctors and she was still suffering with her health. Fadiman forces us to question what makes a “perfect” doctor. A good physician is not a perfect one for example in the book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Dr. Bill explain that the Dr. Neil is not a perfect physician “If Neil made a mistake, it’s because every physician makes mistakes. If it had been a brand new kid walking off the street, I guarantee you Neil would have done a septic work up and he would have caught it. But this was Lia . No one at Merced Community Medical Center would have notice anything but her seizures. Lia was her seizures"(Fadiman 256). The quote explains that if Dr. Neil was dealing with any other child off the street he would have done an extraordinary job and wouldn't have a difficult time with the patient is health, and understanding the culture and language.  What is a bad physician? A bad doctor is one who views the patient as a profit but not a human. Therefore author Rothman states on his article that many doctors view the patients as profit not human beings that need medical help. For example “The Doctor Business , tell about an accident in which a young boy fell into a well ; after volunteers worked unstintingly for twenty four hours to dig him out, his parents took him to a local doctor, who proceeded to bill $1500 for his services” (Rothman 141). What Rothman explains that No physician has the right to refuse health care to anybody if they are not stable financially. Every patient has the right to have health care in any clinic, hospital, and emergency room.  Another way of proving that a doctor is a bad doctor is by giving his patient the medication he believes it’s better for the patient. A doctor that believes on giving him the medication he believes is better for its patient. When the patient knows that the medication that was given to him was not helping his pain. For example referring back to...

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