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and Applied Doctorate Degrees (e.g., DBA, Ed.D.), the doctoral candidacy resource guide and tips on successfully completing a dissertation. In differentiating the Ph.D. and applied doctorate degrees, the Ph.D. is a methodological and scientific research that consents the “original ideas about a specialized topic” (Nelson & Coorough, 1994). The applied doctorate degrees focuses on the “practical application of scholarship” (Nelson & Coorough, 1994). Both the Ph.D. and Applied Doctorate degrees will...

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Essay On Ordinary Women In Psychology

deter these women from pursuing a higher degree. Most times, parents or relatives attempted to pressure the female into starting a family. In an interview with Dr. Myrna Shure, the creator of I Can Problem Solve (ICPS), she received her Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from Cornell University in 1965. When she was conflicted on pursuing her Masters, her father and undergraduate professor told her she needed to learn how to cook and should focus on getting married. Luckily, Dr. Shure’s aunt was able...

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Physical Therapy

working with a live person. Being a Physical Therapist has really advanced throughout the years and therapists have now been considered doctors. Being a doctor is a very difficult thing to do, having to get your masters and then your working for your doctorates degree requires a lot of time and a lot of work. Being a Physical Therapist depending on how sophisticated you get, can bring in a lot of money. Also it can open up a lot of job opportunities. Whether you choose to work for a team or work for an...

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Career Plan to become a Clinical Psychologist

college at UNLV, getting a bachelor’s degree. Second, I will work in a clinic to supply my educational experience with real-world insights and exposure to trained clinical psychologists. Third, I will spend approximately five years to complete a doctorate in clinical psychology. Fourth, I will work under the supervision of a fully licensed clinical psychologist, such as an assistant. Finally, I will receive a state license to practice independent. To get to the final step of my career, I will have...

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Organizational Psychology

training of an organizational psychologist consist of a postgraduate degree of either a masters or a doctorates. The organizational psychologist may have a master’s degree in organizational psychology from an accredited college or university. In some cases organizational psychologist could have a doctorates degree as well. Similarly, the length of time that it takes to achieve a masters or doctorates degree in organizational psychology is three to five years after graduation of a bachelor’s degree...

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Touch-Free Phone Technology

touchscreen technology passe and would allow users to interact with their devices through thin air. Native of South Goa's Velim, Andrea Colaco, has not only earned a graduate and master's degree, and later earned one of the most-sought after doctorate seats at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT), but has earlier this month won the MIT $100K entrepreneurship competition for her innovation which provides real-time, millimetre accurate 3D gesture sensing on devices like mobile...

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Benjamin Carson

his own X-rays and quizzed the team of surgeons who operated on him. Carson fully recovered from his surgery and came away with a clean bill of health. Carson has received numerous honors and many awards over the years, including over 61 honorary doctorate degrees. He was also a member of the American Academy of Achievement, the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, the Yale Corporation and many other prestigious organizations. He sits on...

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School Psychologists

one to have these credentials, or education background. Of course number one being a master’s degree in psychology or counseling that being the minimum requirement. But if a person residential place is Hawaii or Maine it is required to obtain a doctorate degree. Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania allow persons with a bachelor’s degree to serve as a school psychologist if they have completed the required amount of internship hours. However, each state has different requirements...

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Compare and Contrast Four Year Universities to Technical Colleges

provide students with the same degrees that universities can, most general education courses that a university requires of its freshmen and sophomores can be taken at a technical college. At a university they offer Bachelor degrees, Master degrees and Doctorates. Therefore, technical colleges and universities give different types of education. In universities one can have many more opportunities for pursuing one's career, but in a technical college one can receive more help and more time to figure out what...

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Why College Is Important

Bachelor’s Degree so it will open up opportunities for a successful career and a higher paying salary. Continuing to further my education is not only going to be a personal achievement but also a stepping stone in my path to get my master’s and doctorate degree. During the time that I attend my college courses it will help with my cognitive development and get a better understanding of my learning styles. Attending college is giving me the opportunity to push myself to my full potential and adapt...

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