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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY THE HELL DEBATE A RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED TO PROFESSOR MASHALL WICKS IN COMPLETION OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THEOLOGY 350 BY JOHNNY CARTER LYNCHBURG, VA JULY 6,2012 Introduction When trying to have a conversation about hell Hendrikus Berkhof says concerning the dominant ecclesiastical idea of hell as eternal punishment that ”there has always been a reluctance to engage in a deeper probing of this frightening...

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To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back On the surface, Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum” relates the story of a man tortured by the Spanish Inquisition. The man, remains nameless throughout the story, is condemned to death for an unknown crime and loses consciousness. He awakens in complete darkness and is frightened that he has been locked in a tomb but shortly realizes that he is probably in a dungeon. After exploring the enclosement, the prisoner collapses and falls asleep. He wakes up to an offering of...

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Heaven and Hell

those excellent ordinances in consequence of which mortal creatures have to travel through their rounds of rebirth. What is that conduct by following which, O king, men succeed in attaining to high Heaven, and what is that conduct by which one sinks in Hell? When abandoning the dead body that is as inert as a piece of wood or clod of earth, people proceed to the other world, what are those that follow them thither? Bhishma said: Here comes the illustrious Vrihaspati of great intelligence! Do thou ask...

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Dante's and Milton's Hell

Perspectives of Hell Since the creation of human life there has been a battle of good versus evil. Before Christianity and non- religious or pagan culture believers often debated the ideology of heaven and “hell”. In defining “hell,” the Webster dictionary defines “hell” as a place or state of torment or destruction and the damned suffer eternal punishment. Hell has been an interest for many centuries, and according to some religions, Satan or the powers of evil live in “hell” and the spirits...

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When Hell Sings.

When Hell Sings. Overview: An RPG (Role Playing Game) of high violence, blood, and horror-based scenes. Rated 18+ due to gore and lack of recommendation to the weak of hearts. This is a fantasy game themed in a historical and epic form, also based on imaginary facts and visions by the Game Concept Designer. It aims to deliver a good amount of action-based thriller to the gamers, and add to it the elemental factor of horror alongside the gory gothic like events. Plot: The story follows the tormented...

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Heaven and Hell Report

Heaven and Hell Report Jacob Koshak This is a story about the journey of a husband and wife, Chris and Serena Davis, as they both go through two different realms in the afterlife. The story begins with the couple returning from a Festival and being hit by an oncoming 18 wheeler truck. The impact instantly kills them both and both are then sent to be judged by God in the afterlife. Chris is an avowed Christian that is sent to heaven for being faithful to God while Serena, being a non-believer...

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The Christian Hell and the Greek Underworld

after death are the underworld and Hell. The idea of the underworld came from the Greeks and Romans. A few famous works by the Greeks and Romans that talk about the underworld are The Iliad, The Aeneid, and, The Odyssey. A famous work that discusses Hell is Dante's Inferno. Hell is an accepted part of the Christianity religion and taught all over the world. The two beliefs are very similar but some distinct differences can be seen. The idea of the Christian Hell has evolved from older beliefs. Originally...

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The rime of the ancient mariner, heaven or hell?

figures that become frighteningly real for the sailors, especially when the Ancient Mariner, whose soul is won, “the game is done! I’ve won! I’ve won!” which is telling the reader that the souls has been won/taken from the Mariner which is representing Hell. This is also dooming him to a fate worse than death as the Mariner says “my soul is in agony” and “this heart within me burns” this is showing that the Mariner has continued to live but with constant pain in his life, they do this by using the Mariners...

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The Smith Who Could Not Go to Hell

The Smith Who Could Not Get Into Hell In the days when our Lord and St. Peter walked on earth, they came, once upon a time, to a smith who had bargained with the devil to belong to him after seven years if during that time he could be the master of all other smiths; and both the smith and the devil had signed their names to this contract. That was why the smith had set up over his smithy door a big sign which read: “Here lives the master of all masters!” When our Lord came...

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CONCERNING THE NATURE OF HELL, AND DISCUSS ANNIHILATIONIST DOCTRINE IN THE LIGHT OF THIS EVIDENCE. There is much in the Bible concerning hell as a place or state of being. To present Biblical evidence concerning the nature of hell this paper aims to look at characteristics of hell. This will include: looking at different names used for ‘hell’ in the Bible and whether these illustrate the nature of hell; and looking at the literal, metaphorical, final and eternal natures of hell and the biblical evidence...

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