Unit 4 1Signs And Symptoms Of Physical Abuse

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Unit 4 1Signs And Symptoms Of Physical Abuse
Physical abuse is when someone deliberately hurts or injures you. It can include hitting, kicking, hair pulling, beating with objects, throwing and shaking. No one has the right to hurt you in this way.
Signs and symptoms of physical abuse
Unexplained recurrent injuries,bruises or burns
Improbable excuses or refusal to explain injuries
Wearing clothes to cover injuries, even in hot weather
Refusal to undress for gym
Bald patches
Chronic running away
Fear of medical help or examination
Self-destructive tendencies
Aggression towards others
Fear of physical contact - shrinking back if touched

Sexual abuse or exploitation means contact or interaction of a sexual nature involving an incapacitated or dependent adult without that adult’s consent.Sexual abuse or exploitation may also include being pressured to engage in sexual activity. Included in this definition is sexual contact with persons who are not able to communicate their unwillingness
Symptoms of sexual abuse
Bruises in genital area
Genital discomfort
Sexually transmitted disease
Signs of physical abuse (bruising, cuts, pains)
Torn or missing clothing
Unexplained pregnancy
Avoidance of specific settings or individuals
Sleep disturbances
Excessive crying spell
Taking money, goods or property without permission. This can include theft, fraud, exploitation or putting pressure on someone to make a will, transfer the ownership of property or carry out other financial transactions. sudden loss of assets unusual or inappropriate financial transactions change to, or pressure to change, signatories to bank accounts or house deeds visitors whose visits always coincide with the day a person’s pension or benefits are cashed the person not receiving material goods such as clothes or food bills not being paid household repairs not being carried out even though the person has an income that could cover these items the person having no choice in how their money is

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