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Human Sexual Behavior

Communicable diseases are spread by direct contact with an infected person or by touching an object that has been contaminated with the transmittable organism. Some diseases are airborne and some can only be transmitted through the bloodstream or during sexual activity. Gonorrhea, is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and it can infect both males and females of all ages. Gonorrhea can be spread from person to person through contact with the mouth, vagina, penis...

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Animal Sexual Behavior

Talking about human sexuality last year, I was asked whether the different sexual orientations could be found in animals other than humans. Well, the answer was “yes”. But sexual orientation is just a bit of the big whole called sexual behavior. That is why in this occasion I am going to talk about animal sexual behavior. To put you in context, the study of animal sexuality is a rapidly developing field. It used to be believed that only humans and a handful of other species performed sexual acts other...

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Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Adolescent sexual behavior refers to sexual feelings, behavior, and development in adolescents. It is a stage of human sexuality. The sexual behavior of adolescents is influenced by their culture’s norms and mores, their sexual orientation and the issues of social control. Sexuality is a cultural issue. For humans, sex is a matter of cultural meaning and personal choice than biological programming. Costs and Benefits of Sexual Behavior According to a 2004 study, the rates of adolescent sexual intercourse...

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Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior

Childhood Development and Sexual Behaviors February 9, 2012 Psychology of Human Sexuality Sharon Blevins University of Phoenix/Axia The human body is responsive to many forms of sexual stimulation. People practice on their own sensual gratification through masturbation. This type of enjoyment can start as young as the first few weeks of a person’s life. Fetuses and newborns have many sexual behaviors. Ultrasound technicians have seen baby boys in the womb with erections. Many...

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Sexual Behaviors in Teenagers

Sexual behavior and activity has become more predominate within the community of young people. There are many reasons or explanations to why this is so, but where does the solution come to perspective. The influence of engaging in sexual behavior is widely spread though media and music. This particular prepared paper will educate adolescents on the theoretical and practical ethics of sexual behaviors. Adolescents and teens need to have more education on sexual behavior and consequences that follows...

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Zoophilia: Human Sexual Behavior and Local Dog Shelter

blow-up sheep in the home while executing a search warrant. Bestiality is not a crime in Ohio, so Bower could only be charged with animal cruelty. Both of the dogs were euthanized. Before his arrest on a tip from neighbors, Bower blogged about his sexual exploits with animals online and shared photos, according to ABC KAIT8. Examiner notes that Bower was a frequent volunteer at the local dog shelter and worked as a dog walker. Terms of Bower's plea bargain include community service, counseling and...

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Human Sexual Behavior and Improved Sex Education

any teenagers to do any crazy thing to feed it. That exciting should be directed by right, good, managed way. That is our role as adults. IV. Central Idea: Without the full knowledge of sex education, students are making somewhat dangerous behaviors and are getting themselves into much trouble Preview: Tonight we will talk about the importance of sex education, the lack of the sex education and its effects and the ways to improve the sex education. Body I. Main point: what is the...

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Human Beings and Sexual Desire

The Human Person and Sexual Desire Human beings have a natural tendency to violate the natural laws of the universe, such as destroying rainforests or spilling oil into the ocean. Our treatment of sexual activity is similar in regards to us violating the purpose of sexual activity, which is reproduction. When God created the earth, God’s purpose was for humans to “be fruitful and multiply”. Nowhere in there did God say anything about engaging in sex for the purpose of pleasure. However, human...

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Teenage Sexual Behavior

with or without alcohol and drugs, which make the consequences of teen sexual activity linked to substance use clear. While is common for teens that drink and use drugs are more prone to practice sex at earlier ages and with multiple partners. Abstinence-Only Sex Education Reduces Teen Sexual Activity Sexual activity among teenagers has become a major problem for the nation and had led to an increasing frequency in sexual transmitted diseases (STDs). This increase had reach epidemic proportions...

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Atypical Sexual Behavior

Atypical and Abnormal Sexual Behavior Transvestism There are many different usages and meanings of the term transvestism. Most experts agree that the correct usage is when people dress in clothes normally worn by the opposite gender in order to identify with that gender in some manner. A transvestite is a biological male who feels a strong compulsion to dress and present, on a regular basis, as a female. It is also known as cross-dressing. Some dictionaries add the words 'for sexual pleasure', but...

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