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Human Sexuality

Throughout the history of the human race, and even more so today, our own sexuality has become topic for hot debate. Questions of why people prefer on gender over the other, or why some people take pleasure in activities others consider strange. To understand how and why people display certain sexual tendencies it is important to look at how they developed and the type of history a person has. Despite popular belief, not all gay men have been sexually abused as children. Two key players in understanding...

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Human Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective

After I read the article “Human sexuality in cross-cultural perspective” from page 135, I feel so shock. The article is talked about the culture of human sexuality at Pokot and Zapotec. Pokot is a country that placed a very high emphasis on sexual pleasure, and every sexual between the husband and wife must reached orgasm. If not, the wife will think their husband was adultery and will punish the husband by calling her female friends together tie her husband on the bed while he is sleeping. I am...

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Scholarly vs. Popular Media Focus on Human Sexuality

Human sexuality has always been an intriguing research topic for both science and pop culture. Though tabooed for a long time, it still has the attraction of a forbidden fruit and, hence, causes a great deal of subjectivity in interpretation. This kind of subjectivity is backed up by emotionality and cultural patterns, which explains why the data provided by the media are mostly invalid or far-fetched. Thus, in case no method of objectivity is used, as is the case with scientific research, the final...

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Human Sexuality

Legretta Williams- Anderson Module 1: Assignments Professor Dr. Brenda L. McCaa-Buckley PSY-225 Human Sexuality 14-Mar-2011 (O101) Instructions: In each box, identify the terms you use with each of the important people in your life. Use your answers to complete the “Becoming Comfortable With Sexual Language” assignment in Module 1. Sexual Communication Exercise | Same Sex Peers | Partner | Parent | Doctor | Male Genitalia | Dick | Thang | Pee Pee | Penis | Female Genitalia...

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Human Sexuality

Human sexuality is such a broad subject with many interesting theories. Some people think that human sexuality is just a god-given trait that we are born with. People do not want to further research sexuality because of the controversial issues that society has introduced today. Psychologists, on the other hand, have researched sexuality and have come up with very interesting theories and outcomes. Psychology has been especially helpful in the area of human sexuality, where our understanding lags...

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Human sexuality in "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"

Human sexuality has a profound impact on our society; more importantly, everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age has a role in human sexuality. It can be as simple as when a woman flaunts her chest and smiles seductively at a police officer to get out of a speeding ticket. Men can even manipulate their sexuality by pretending to share the same interests as a female to benefit his efforts of being with her. Human sexuality even defines what attributes are desired and considered attractive...

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Sexuality in Advertisement

our society is very diverse and colorful, the mainstream media present images that are consistent with stereotypes and the dominant ideological portrayal of society. One of the most obvious examples is in advertisements. The popular images of sexuality in advertisements clearly reflect and reinforce social inequality. Typically, women have been mostly type-casted as submissive, passive, emotional, nurturing, and dependent while men as dominant, active, rational, aggressive, and independent in...

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Human Sexuality

Fund. Of Human Sexuality – PYS 206 Student: Instructor: Semester: FALL 2012 DATE: 15/12/2012 Sexuality in late adulthood The sexuality of the adult originates in childhood. However, like thinking and other human capacities, sexuality is not fixed, it matures and develops. Freud's ideas teach us the value of intimate personal attachment and its key place in mature sexual fulfillment. His ideas also help us to understand that the desire for pleasure is an important motivating force in our...

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Gender & Sexuality in Paradise Lost

lityThe construction of sexuality in Paradise Lost is an intriguing debate amongst scholars and critics to this day. One of the central issues surrounding the discussion of is in relation to pre-lapsarian and post lapsarian sexuality. Some critics such as C.S Lewis and St. Augustine argue against this notion and say that any argument supporting this is entirely hypothetical and to debate further on it would only create false imagery. However the general view supports the concept of there being some...

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Human sexuality

Human Sexuality Prevention is the Key For a while now the issue of unplanned pregnancies has been a dilemma that has been troubling people across our nation. “In the United States nearly half of all pregnancies each year are intended (49%) and half of unintended pregnancies (51%) are terminated by abortion.” (Yarber, W., Sayad, B., & Strong, B. (2010). Human Sexuality, Diversity in Contemporary America. (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Humanities/ Social Sciences/...

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Sex' vs 'Sexuality

Assembling an Understanding of ‘Sex’ Verses ‘Sexuality’ “Biologists and psychologists who have accepted the doctrine that the only natural function of sex is reproduction have simply ignored the existence of sexual activity which is not reproductive” Alfred Kinsey (The Invention of Sexuality 40) The terms ‘sex’ and ‘sexuality’ have not always had a clear differentiation, but as the study of sexuality (sexology) has continued and become more commonly studied and recognized, these terms have...

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Sexuality in the Renaissance

During the Renaissance period, sexuality impacted how people, both men and women, were treated and how they behaved. The lives of women were completely defined by the ideals of sexuality that were enforced during that time. Every area of a woman’s life from birth was influenced by outside influences rather than by they themselves. It took a particular type of woman to break past the clearly defined description of what a “Renaissance woman” should be. Sexuality is defined as one’s sexual character...

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Human Sexuality

 HUMAN SEXUALITY u08a1 Case Study Counseling Plan Due 6/3/12 Dr. Sternberg-- instructor By Elaine V. Y. TABLE OF CONTENT Page 1-------Table of Content Page 2--------An Assessment of the sexuality of the couple’s relationship; Page 3-------- Dynamics of the relationship; Multi-axial diagnostic; Page 5---- Sexual Response; Analysis and comparison of the sexual response cycle and the concept of sexual normality Page...

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human sexulaity

Human sexuality plays an integral and a key role in people’s lives. Human sexuality is defined as the capacity to experience erotic responses and sexual attraction to another with regards to their sexual orientation. People’s sexual orientation includes heterosexuality (attraction to the opposite sex), homosexuality (attraction to the same sex), bisexuality (experiencing both of these tendencies) and asexuality (not being sexually attracted to anyone). Sexuality, in particular homosexuality, is...

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Freud, S. on the Theory of Sexuality from his article 'The Transformations of Puberty in Three Essay on the Theory of Sexuality and other works'

Sigmund Freud's "Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality", written in 1905, attempted to trace the course of the development of the sexual instinct in human beings from infancy to maturity. This instinct is not simply an animal instinct but is specific to both human culture and the form of conscious and unconscious life we live within it. For Freud sexuality is infinitely complicated and far-reaching in its effects and forms the basis of self-identity and interactions. His Third Essay discusses the...

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Human Sexuality

SCHOLARYLY VS. POPULAR MEDIA ON SEXUALITY PAPER SCHOLARLY ARTICLE SUMMARY The article that I chose for this paper is called “Oral sex: Behaviours and feelings of Canadian young women and implications for sex education”. This article was published in The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care in June of 2010. The focus of the research that was conducted is young woman and oral sex. The...

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Sexuality, Ideologies, and Gender Roles in Advertising

advertising and mass media have been around, so has their incorporation of sexuality and ideologies. Day after day we are plastered by articles, images, and audible forms of advertising. I would estimate that the average person encounters between fifteen hundred and three thousand forms of advertising each and every day. Of those fifteen hundred to three thousand, it would be safe to say that more than two thirds of them portray sexuality and socially constructed ideals. Men, women, and children are on...

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John Milton: Chastity Overpowering Sexuality

Gennesis Carrion Professor Fulton 350:324 Chastity Overpowering Sexuality Even until present day, virginity is held in high esteem and considered a virtue, something sacred and worthy of praise. Being a virgin is a symbol of innocence, highly valued by religions and encouraged by them to remain so; it is something that only the bond of marriage is a worthy reason for its loss. Virginity is a symbol of purity, the intactness and immaculacy of the body and soul. It represents the body has remained...

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Glee Episode Challenges Feministic, Masculine, and Sexuality Norms

 Glee Episode Challenges Feministic, Masculine, and Sexuality Norms Upon the analysis of the Glee episode, Preggers, I have noticed that there were a lot of scenarios of which supported the sexuality norms of society. However, there were cases that challenged the Masculine, Feministic, and Sexuality norms. The show seemed to reshape the way that society views women and men and seemed to counter hegemonic masculinity in many cases. In this paper, I will argue that the show challenged...

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Violence and Sexuality in Cal

Violence and Sexuality in Cal Bernard Mac Laverty's novel, Cal, tells the story of how nineteen-year-old Cal McCluskey fall in love with a Catholic widow, Marcella Morton. As later turns out, Marcella's husband was a RUC reserve police man whom Cal earlier helped to murder by being the getaway driver for Crilly, the IRA hitman. Their love remains unattainable mainly because of Cal's involvement in the murder, although he never tells Marcella the truth, the novel ends with Cal's arrest. Throughout...

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Sexuality Through Vampirism

Sexuality through Vampirism Dracula was written in London, England during the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era lasted from 1837-1901 during the reign of Queen Victoria. During this era, men and women were not allowed to talk about sexual desires. It was also frowned upon to write about these sexual desires. Women were held to very high standards; they were not allowed to show skin besides for hands and their face, and were not allowed to have sex without being married. In addition, men were supposed...

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The Power of Sexuality in Bel Ami

The can-can, cabaret and prostitution dominated Paris in La Belle Epoque. Sex was a commerce, an escape, and a way of life. It's prominence in Parisian culture made sexuality synonymous with power and a tool for obtaining it. The combination of beauty and assertiveness could get you places that hard, honest work simply could not. Both men and women took advantage of this lustful commodity—prostitutes and mistresses were seen as status symbols, while flirtatious "femme fatales" had their way with...

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Why Human Sexuality is Important

April 18, 2013 Why Human Sexuality is Important Human sexuality plans a major role in everyone’s life whether you are a man, women, young or old, African American, Caucasian, or Chinese. Sexuality is an integral part of being human. Love, affection, and sexual intimacy contribute to healthy relationships and an individual’s well-being. I define human sexuality as a way in which we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings. Being aware of one’s sexuality is important as it helps...

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Evolution of Human Sexuality

Discuss how the concept of sexuality has evolved and where it is now. What are some factors that have contributed to our views of sexuality? Sherifa J. Maxwell 1221510831 Human Sexuality The Mico University College Miss Megan Swaby September 24, 2012 What is the difference between sex and sexuality? Over the years human sexuality has been a debate that has never been won. Each and every day there are person who expresses their sexuality differently and others considered them to be taboo...

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Under the Wolf's Skin - Analysis of sexuality as liberator in The Company of Wolves

as a thinly veiled cautionary tale for young women to suppress their sexuality which comes in the form of the wolf, and submit to the servile situations, or else they come to a bad end. In Carter’s version though, she turns the tale on its head and does the opposite; Angela Carter’s story states that sexuality can neither be stigmatized nor evaded, as it is biological. She talks of how the women were taught to fear their sexuality, to run away from it as if the devil himself was pursuing behind. “If...

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Human Sexuality Assignment

THINKING ABOUT HUMAN SEXUALITY ASSIGNMENT ONE.! Describe the various components of human sexuality. Our sexuality is both broad and complex and it consists of all of the aspects mentioned in the following. -Sex, reproductive roles, gender roles, sensual and sexual pleasure, romantic and intimate relationships, sexual expression throughout the life span, sexual dysfunction's, problematic sexual expression, and concerns regarding sexually transmitted infections (STI'S). Sex: has two general...

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Sexuality and the Chronically Ill Older Adult: a Social Justice Issue

Journal Article Review # 3 Introduction ‘Sexuality and the chronically III older adult: A social justice issue’ is an article published in Sexuality and Disability in 2000 issue, written by Verna C. Pangman and Marilyn Seguire provides an overview of how primary nurse health care providers who are committed to the delivery of holistic care have a responsibility to assess the elderly and the perceptions of their families regarding the sexuality of the older adults. It briefly discussed invisibility...

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My Perspectives on Human Sexuality

Sexuality My Perspectives on Human Sexuality Reba McBride Oct. 3, 2010 PSY 265 Kaiewa Masuda Sexuality This is a comprehensive look at the results of the life experiences that have molded and shaped my sexual perspectives. I have had several different things that have happened to shape my thoughts and actions inn my sexual life. Yet now that I have taken this course I have gained a new found understanding for the reactions that were part of my life. The value system that...

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The Human Mating Game

Human Mating Game It’s a dance as old as the human race. At cocktail lounges and church socials, during office coffee breaks and dinner parties-- most blatantly, perhaps, in the personal ads in newspapers and magazines-- men and women participate in a ritual that has been embedded in our existence since the dawn of man. Beginning at young ages, humans start learning to master the art of attracting someone of the opposite sex, one day hoping to find the perfect mate. Whether it was the physical...

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The Psychology of Human Minds

In religious countries like Libraya , it gets even worse , girls being raped by men are stigmatized as a dirty non virgin ,shunned by their people and  sometimes even killed by family members that feel shamed by them. It is funny how the minds of humans work , if a Caucasian girl gets raped in America , her family would most likely stand by her and comfort her , not kill her out of shame of having her as a family member as done so in extremely religious countries.  In Saudi Arabia, if a couple...

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Cybersex: Human Sexuality

Cybersex promises to transform sexuality. Discuss. Human sexuality is an enormous part of a human life and people are constantly faced with sexuality challenges. As the world evolves, ideas and inventions are voiced and created to make life better for everyone and the internet is one of these creations becoming an essential part of many lives all over the world. Cybersex is a growing form of sexual expression over a computer where people get arousal through typed text, video, images and spoken...

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Human Sexuality Final

adolescent years were full of bad judgments. It is in this context that my female gender identity developed, my sexual relationships matured, and my environment and value systems informed my sexual decision making process in the development of my sexuality also changed. The value system that I have identified with the most is the ethical relativism. Although, I was raised with the legalism value system, being that we were raised in a Roman Catholic home. The reason why I chose ethical relativism is...

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Human Sexuality Case Study

influences related to William’s and Jessie’s concerns are the male and female sexual scripts. According to Strong, DeVault, Sayad and Yarber (2008), “Sexual Scripts refers to the acts, rules, and expectations associated with a particular role” (p.143). All humans are sexual beings; however we all are diverse in terms of our sexual definitions and script expectations. Sexual scripts are not innate, yet they are learned through culture and socialization (Strong et al., 2008). There are as many distinctive sexual...

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Assess the Relationship Between Sexual Selection and Human Reproductive Behaviour

Assess the relationship between sexual selection and human reproductive behaviour. (24 marks) The nature of sexual selection is derived from the evolutionary theory. This suggests that the people who we choose to have sex with has been born into us and is an innate response we have. It also suggests that all behaviours are adaptive, including relationship formation, therefore forming a relationship should help out ‘survival’ in the way of passing on our genes. There are 2 types of sexual selection...

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my notes

ethnicity of the cultural media; defining the role of the media in its proper context. Learning about theories and concepts is one thing, but practising this understanding is an entirely different ball-game. The workshop dealt with issues touching on human mentality and the society’s build-up at large. Various theories, concepts and explanations were dealt with. Important facts, figures, personalities etc were brought out during this occasion. Having first dealt with the question of FEMINISM, which...

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Evaluate Freud's Theory

examine some of the criticisms that have been levelled at Freudian theory in order to evaluate it. In 1905 Freud published ‘Three Essays on the theory of Sexuality and other Works’, one of these essays was titled ‘Infantile Sexuality’. In this essay Freud sets out his theory of psychosexual development. He asserts that there is in all humans an innate drive (or instinct>another theory to be debated) for pleasure, a sort of psychic energy, which he calls the libido and this energy needs to be...

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Mean Girls Sociology

Further, the sense of exclusion remains whenever the group later recounts what happened. This feeling of loneliness then becomes pervasive but carries an easy solution - go along with the crowd." says Michael Riera. As the adolescence side of sexuality and sex roles play out, it seems that kids are still entirely too vulnerable and unable to think for themselves, whereas when you grow up you deal with the opposite. Hitch is a movie released in 2005 starring Will Smith. It focuses on a love guru...

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psychologist; most famous for his theory of the hierarchy of needs and his research on sexual behavior, added to that would be his research with monkeys in conjunction with Harry Harlow. He believed that psychology neglected normal, fully functioning humans. Maslow’s career or life wasn’t a walk in the park and surprisingly throughout his career he even lost his love for psychology, temporarily. Maslow made great accomplishments like becoming president of the American Psychological Association, founding...

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Regeneration Prior and Rivers

change and were over-cautious in repressing their emotions. This idea is exhibited through Prior and Rivers interactions and is a successful way in portraying Barkers interpretation of habitual human behaviour intermingled in the theme; self exploration from which both characters undergo issues with sexuality, class struggle and duty. Billy Prior plays one of the most complex and trivial characters in the novel and is the only male character that is entirely fictional, Barker makes Prior an important...

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Relationship Diversity

RELATIONSHIP DIVERSTITY [A look into the different variations of relationships] APRIL 9, 2014 [PROF. MCCLASKEY] Soc.Sci. 17 – Human Sexuality Dufour 1 Marisa M. Dufour April 9, 2014 Human Sexuality “You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.” Finding someone that completes you is never an easy task. It takes time to find that special person that can make you smile. The one person...

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topic always arises, female sexuality. A woman’s sexuality is her own and her own choice. By definition female sexuality is complicated and involves behaviors and processes from many aspects that led to sexual activity. Female sexuality includes areas that are pertaining to biological sex, body image, self-esteem, personality, sexual orientation, and much more.1 These areas are extremely important in the culmination of a healthy relationship between a woman and her sexuality. But can a woman be so healthy...

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The Poetry of John Donne Presents Unexpected Perspectives on the Human Experience

TOPIC: “The poetry of John Donne presents unexpected perspectives on human experience.” Discuss with reference to at least three poems. The use of unorthodox poetic imagery conveys equally unconventional notions of the human experience in Donne’s poetry. Through static images and exaggerated similes, satirical or humorous effects are expressed as each poem provides an insight into divergent facets of human existence. Established ideas are challenged by largely innocuous lines of reasoning, as Donne...

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Emergency Contraception: an Anthropological Perspective.

Word Count (excluding title and references) = 1469. What are the basic assumptions about sexuality, health decision-making, and the doctor-patient relationship that inform the positions of opponents and proponents of emergency contraception (EC)? Introduction: Emergency Contraceptives (ECs) have been defined as a post coital method of contraception that is effective if taken within 72 hours of intercourse. Although the primary method of post coital contraception is ingestion of oral pills...

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reaction paper

think about love what do you think about? We as humans often think of “love” basically as the core of understanding romance, but that is not the whole entire thing, well the most accurate picture. So what is love? The answer to the question is that some people may seek a philosophical and/or spiritual answer. Love is not a material or a design. It is basically a word that we use to sugar coat over various, complex, and also chaotic, realities of our human relationship. Instead of asking “what is love”...

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Psychological Effects of Bisexuality

and lifestyle preferences (Smiley, 375). Bisexual and the transgender people are two less visible segments of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. According to the authoritative Kinsey Report, which compiles data on human sexuality, almost eight in 10 people have some characteristics of bisexuality, wherein an individual feels attracted to both sexes (Klien, 13). However, bisexuals have to confront not just the homophobia of the straight community, which brands them...

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SEXUALIT Y Jennifer Popham BSHS 371 Julie Dunne-Murphy WHAT IS SEXUALITY Complex and spans a vast array of human experiences.  family Relationships  Dating  Sexual Behavior  Physical Development  Sensuality  Sexualization  Reproduction Gender  Body Image  More… CIRCLE OF SEXUALITY Sexualiza tion Sensu ality Valu es Sexual Health & Reprodu ction Intima cy Sexual Identit y SENSUALITY Involves our level of awareness, acceptance, and enjoyments of your own or others’ bodies. SKIN...

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magna carta

Vinny Orlando 7.16.14 Western Civilization 1 Prior to Ancient Greece, human sexuality was not something that was typically shown openly. Human sexuality was first openly shown in the art work of Ancient Greece. Nudity as well as sexual relations has been a huge part of their culture and heritage. Unlike the European society, the Ancient Greeks being more open showed that they cared about their sexuality more than the other societies had. In the article "Women and Boys in Classical Athens...

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Minnesota V. Riff

to act, but they will not sexually relate to their gender. The things in my life that helped me to relate to my gender are the feelings I had as a female such as how I related to males, however; although I have always felt comfortable with my sexuality, I was a bit of a tomboy. I grew up on a small farm and my siblings and I used to do things like build forts, play with toy cars, get really dirty and all of these things are considered masculine activities. I wore dresses when I had to but for...

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Critiquing Communication and Interviewing Skills

the basic survival skills of human and also a fundamental part of nursing. Effective communication would help to promote a positive nurse-client relationship which is crucial for the delivery of quality nursing care (Sheppard, 1993; McCabe 2003). Health assessment is also vital in collecting information in the nursing process. In order to collect data in a systematic and standardized approach, and enable the nurse to determine different aspects of health and human function, the Gordon Functional...

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through entertainment magazines every day, we see most of the ads use women's sexuality to sell products. These magazines so shamelessly exploit and objectify women's bodies. Magazines have an unrealistic and sexist standard for how women should look. The images in these magazines show women as sex objects only, and not as intelligent human beings." In fact, some have suggested that the increased emphasis in advertising on sexuality and sexual availability has reached what earlier would have been considered...

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Is Treating Homosexuality Ethical and Effective

orientation ranges along a continuum from exclusively homosexual (Kinsey rating "6") to exclusively heterosexual (Kinsey rating"0") (House and Miller, 1997)" (Slife, 2004). There are many things to look at and consider when trying to define one's sexuality. The first is identity, or self-labeling, whether a person calls themselves, gay, lesbian or bisexual. The second factor to consider is behavior; does the person have sexual contact with members of the same gender? The third is basic orientation...

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The Egg And The Sperm

reproduction and implantation in the hottest spot around. If all goes well a boy or girl will soon arrive. Reference Rathus, S.A., Nevid, J.S., & Fichner-Rathus, L. (2005). Human Sexuality in the World of Diversity. (Sixth Edition) Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Retrieved March 8, 2010 from Axia College, Week One, Psy 265- Psychology of Human Sexuality Course Website. ...

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premarital sex

Cultural Views and Religious Views C) Science of Pre-Marital Sex 1. Psychological Perspective 2. Emotional Component 3. Physical Effects 4. Stronger Feelings of Puberty 4.1. Prohibition of Normal Childhood 4.2. Inadequate Sex Education 5. Human Sexuality 5.1. To Adolescence 5.2. To Manhood and Womanhood II. Engaging To Pre-Marital Sex A) Reasons for Engaging in Sex 1. Mass Communication 2. Peer Pressure 3. Problems at Home B) Causes of Pre-Marital Sex C) Effects of Pre-Marital Sex 1...

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jennifer t

succeed and thrive in a home with both parents whether same sex or not. Human sexual choice is both unchangeable and cannot be chosen and sexual orientation does not respond to social influences designed to lead it in a different direction. Denying marriage to a homosexual couple is no different than denying marriage to Hispanic or black couples. A marriage is a relationship between two people. The problems related to sexuality in our society such as STD's stem from carefree, frivolous lifestyles;...

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factors that account for sexual orientation

and bisexual (having emotional, romantic, or sexual attractions to both men and women). The main objective of this essay is to identify the factors that account for sexual orientation. Dr Qazi Rahman, study co-author and a leading scientist on human sexual orientation, explains: "This study puts cold water on any concerns that we are looking for a single 'gay gene' or a single environmental variable which could be used to 'select out' homosexuality - the factors which influence sexual orientation...

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Womanism and Black Feminism

black individuality and honor would bring about an improved version of racial integration in a group setting. Some black women however accepted the term “black feminism” through their approval that “feminism” promoted the belief that women were full human beings who were proficient enough to take on leadership roles and responsibilities. Four major areas that the feminist agenda focused on were the economic status of women, their political rights, their marital and family issues on a global scale and...

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Cddfg Fghhff

Discuss the relative status of women. • Discuss personality differences between men and women. • Correlate culture change and the adaptation of a society to a changing environment. • Analyze the many components of human sexuality and the regulation of sexuality • Marriage and Family • Analyze the rules for how one marries in a given society. • Critique the various restrictions on marriage including the incest taboo, whom one marries, and how many does one marry. •...

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Expos paper 2

form a solid identity because of the lack of strong human connection. In “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning It Was Friday” this results in individuals not being able to form strong relationship in present because of the trauma they faced in the past. In “Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty – Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom,” this results in women with horrifying past events being unable to balance their independent behavior and sexuality with being in a relationship and not losing their...

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Are We Meant to Be Monogamous

considered to be taboo. Yet that leaves many people wondering how that tradition was even constructed and whether or not we should continue to live in a monogamous manner. In this paper, we are going to examine if being monogamous is truly a part of human nature and whether or not we are meant to be with only one marital or sexual partner throughout the course of our lives. Now more so than ever, society is moving in a direction that challenges traditional ways of life and many people are no longer...

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The Storm

Kate Chopin's "The Storm" and John Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums" are both stories portraying feminine sexuality and passion. Calixta and Elisa experience lust for men to whom they are not married to. Elisa seems to have a functional relationship with her husband Henry. She seems content with tending to the prized Chrysanthemums in her garden, while her husband tends to all the financial affairs. The observation that they have no children hints to the conclusion that obviously something is lacking...

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