Human Sexuality

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior Pages: 4 (1472 words) Published: March 27, 2011
Legretta Williams- Anderson

Module 1: Assignments

Professor Dr. Brenda L. McCaa-Buckley

PSY-225 Human Sexuality 14-Mar-2011 (O101)

Instructions: In each box, identify the terms you use with each of the important people in your life. Use your answers to complete the “Becoming Comfortable With Sexual Language” assignment in Module 1.

Sexual Communication Exercise

| Same Sex Peers| Partner| Parent| Doctor|
Male Genitalia| Dick| Thang| Pee Pee| Penis|
Female Genitalia| Cat| Friend| Jimmy| Vagina|
Intercourse| Interment| Making Love| Sex| Sexual Intercourse|

Compare and Contrast Sexual Terms
According to our lecture sexuality activity has improved and became open more and more as the years past. Not only have the activity has improved, but the conversation on sexuality has also improved. In this paper, I will compare and contrast the difference in conversation about human sexuality between myself, parents, partners, friends, society, and even my thoughts on my comfort zone on human sexuality. From this paper, you will be able to understand that human sexuality has improved and should not always be viewed as something bad.

I consider myself a shy person when it comes to speaking about sex. I do believe that certain things should be private, but if my children need to know certain information it is my duty to make sure that they hear the correct information, and not those off the streets. I have to admit, I am not like those in the 1950’s where it would be considered a dishonor to speak of sex, but I do think that keeping your business to yourself is the key. I don’t believe everyone has to know about my sexual activity. However, there are moments in where I do have friends that discuss and joke about sex in which I do not want to be isolated from the conversation therefore I will add my point of view. Parental Conversation

When speaking to my parents, I do keep everything professional and in respect. For example,...
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