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of the reasons for Pretending Orgasm Inventory Mark G. McCoy, Dept. of Psychology, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA (Corresponding Author) Lisa L. M. Welling, Dept. of Psychology, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA Todd K. Shackelford, Dept. of Psychology, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA Nina Wells – Course Code: 75716 – March 4, 2015 Evolutionary Psychology: Development and Initial Psychometric Assessment of the reasons for Pretending Orgasm Inventory For my secondary summary...

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The Phases and Complexities of the Male Orgasm

Complexities of the Male Orgasm The male orgasm is the height of the sexual experience in men. It is not only proceeded by the release of semen, responsible for procreation, it also produces an intense euphoria. There is a process that the male body goes through to reach orgasm defined by phases. During each phase, the body goes through physiological changes that lead up to the male orgasm, the climax and ejaculation. Related Topic : Top 5 Facts About Female Orgasms Orgasm is not only necessary...

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The Mystery of the Female Orgasm

the Female Orgasm Review of Puts et al. (2012), Why Women Have Orgasms: An Evolutionary Analysis. Introduction One of the greatest mysteries in human biology is that of the female orgasm; and like any mystery, humans want to solve it. However, what happens if there is nothing to solve? Some scientists believe that the female orgasm has a purpose, that is, it evolved for some adaptive function. Other scientists stress that there does not need to be a purpose to the female orgasm; it is simply...

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Concept of Multiple Orgasms

Along with everything else in life, having sex gets better with practice, the outcome can be a very fulfilling reward for you and your partner if one or more orgasms are delivered. Both male and female orgasms are similar in many ways. Although studies have shown that female orgasms tend to last much longer than men. Both men and women involve a rapid series of muscular contractions in the genital and anal areas. Women generally experience more intense contractions because the uterus can contract...

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Sexual Response Cycle

of the sexual response cycle excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The swelling of the genital tissue with blood is known as vasocongestion. Vascongestion in men cause the erection of the penis, testes and the vaginal area in women to swell in both men and women the nipples and even the earlobes may swell. Muscle tension is known as myotonia; this causes spasms in the hands and feet and causes facial grimaces and then the spasms of orgasm. Excitement in men is characterized by an erection...

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Sexual Dysfunction

orgasmic disorder is split into two categories. The first category is the female orgasmic disorder. This disorder causes women a challenge to achieve orgasm if they can achieve it, but this does not always count for masturbation. Women with this disorder usually do not receive enough clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse to be able to achieve orgasm; this is very common in women. Performance anxiety or sexual guilt may provoke an outburst. Also, trying too hard causes the opposite. Another main...

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Sexual Arousal and Response:

ejaculatory fluid prior to orgasm. This fluid is secreted by the Cowper's gland in order to neutralize the pH of any urinary residue within the urethra. The female's vagina will contract allowing the uterus to lengthen (Huffman, 2005). These processes occur in order to prime the bodies for optimal success in the fertilization of the woman's ova (Wikipedia, 2005) During the third stage, the orgasmic phase, pleasurable sensations peak and orgasm is achieved. An orgasm is an emotional and physical...

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Sexual Masochism

diagnosis to be made. The most common fantasy is that of being raped while restrained, so escape is impossible. A potentially dangerous or even fatal form of masochism is asphyxiating the partner with a noose or plastic bag at climax to enhance the orgasm (Bobrin, D. 2002). Most patients admit to having masochistic fantasies in early childhood and many of them have fetishes (handcuffs, leather masks, and whips). They have begun to engage in masochistic acts by early adulthood. There are several...

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Alfred Kinsey

sex, bisexuality, coitus, erogenous zones, extramarital sex, fantasy, foreplay, homosexuality, masturbation, nudity, oral sex, orgasm, peak performance/maximum sexual activity, premarital sex and sadomasochism. There are little studies shown in the original Kinsey Studies regarding anal sex. He reported, among the male homosexual, occasional individuals brought to orgasm anally and for females, Kinsey said that good incidence data was not available. Kinsey found that bisexuality is more frequent...

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Last night Sharon Olds

remember” Started to die is surely the meaning for the moments in which they might pass close to orgasm. “ the way a drunkard forgets. After,” I think this is very much a climax. It's a moment that we cannot describe, nor replicate.  “you held my hands extremely hard as my body moved in shudders like the ferry when its” This is the moment of climax, the moment of orgasm, the moment when they let go and trembled, shuddered uncontrollably.  “axle is loosed past engagement...

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