Human Sexuality

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Case Study Counseling Plan
Due 6/3/12

Dr. Sternberg-- instructor

By Elaine V. Y.


Page 1-------Table of Content

Page 2--------An Assessment of the sexuality of the couple’s relationship;

Page 3-------- Dynamics of the relationship; Multi-axial diagnostic;

Page 5---- Sexual Response; Analysis and comparison of the sexual response cycle and the concept of sexual normality

Page 6-7-----Goals for Treatment

Page 8------ Ethical and culturally-relevant approaches to treating any sexual issues

Assessment of Sexual Issues

James and Mary experience an unsatisfactory sexual relationship due to James’ dysfunction of maintaining an erection half the time. James could be experiencing Performance Anxiety. Performance anxiety is the anxiety a man has when he thinks he is not getting an erection fast enough, or his erection is not firm enough, or does not seem to last long enough. Once a man experiences even a single case of ED, he may continue a cycle of anxiety about repeated episodes of unsatisfactory erections. He will anticipate erectile problems, fixating on performance rather than the pleasurable aspects of sexual arousal. His ability to relax is hampered, increasing negative self-talk, and his perceptions of self-worth and partner are negative. James is getting frustrated and becoming uninterested in sex. He is also embarrassed about his problem. Mary is also frustrated with his dysfunction. Mary is the one who initiates intimacy but her husband does not respond like she wants him to. He has no desire for intimacy and can mostly keep an erection when he masturbates in the shower and so he avoids intimacy with his wife. He feels that his sexual relationship with his wife is hopeless and does not want to discuss the issue with her.

The Dynamics of the Relationship

The couple’s relationship is strained and there is no communication when it comes to talking about desires and intimacy. Their sexual relationship is distant and frustrating. James is not turned on by Mary and thinks he would be turned on more if Mary lost weight and wore lingerie. James evidently lacks knowledge about his sexuality. He avoids intimacy with his wife and his first encounter of having an erection was embarrassing and made him confused. Sexual dysfunction can lead to the development of other conditions are more likely to develop other conditions such as depression. People with other conditions such as cardiovascular disease are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

Diagnostic Impressions
A "multi-axial" system for assessment provides a comprehensive holistic diagnosis that includes a complete picture of not just acute symptoms but all of the factors that makes up mental health. The client in question is James who is having a problem with his sexual dysfunction issue. He was raised in a traditional white neighborhood in the south where his family that did not discuss any intimate subjects like sex, feelings or display affection. The World Association of Sexual Health states that dysfunction can lead to anxiety and effect self-esteem which James has. He is embarrassed about not being able to have an erection or keep one during intimacy with his wife.

Sexual Response Cycle

Sexual response cycle is a way in which to understand the process of sexual behavior. It includes both the physical as well as the emotional changes a person experiences during sexual involvement (Capella University). Areas of sexual dysfunction may include: erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, and performance anxiety etc. The human sexual response cycle has four phases which include; excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. If there is a problem in one of these phases then sexual...

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