Summary and Critique of "The Gift of Sex"

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A Book Review of The Gift of Sex



This paper is a summary of the book "The Gift of Sex" along with my responses for each section in the book. Along with the physical aspect of sex, there is a spiritual aspect of sex, which is mostly neglected by today's culture and even by Christians. The authors believe that sex is also a spiritual and emotional act, involving the total person, the body, soul and spirit. There is a connection with the sexual relationship of a husband and his wife, and the intimate relationship of God and man. Revelation of this reality would bring freedom and fulfillment in God and in marriage. There are many aspects to a sexual relationship between a husband and wife, apart from gaining sexual release. Although there may be many different hindrances that can befall any married couple, such as erectile dysfunction and vaginitis, there is hope and help for everyone. With the right attitude towards each other and the sexual relationship, couples can find help and overcome any sexual dissatisfaction.

A Book Review of The Gift of Sex
A Biblical Perspective
Most everyone including the church views human sexuality to be separated from theology. Penner and Penner (2003) argued that this is not a biblical interpretation of human sexuality. God's value of the sexuality of the individual and sexuality in the marriage relationship is clearly depicted in the Bible. Sexuality, Penner and Penner (2003) contend, is a gift from God to be experienced and enjoyed between a man and his wife. The relationship between a man and his wife, is one of the deepest commitment one human can make to another. It is a lifelong commitment to honor, cherish, and to be faithful until death to another person. God has given the precious gift of sex within the context of a marital relationship only.

There are many who misuse sex as junk; they have separated sexuality from spirituality. Unfortunately, the church has allowed the culture to dictate many of the distorted views of sexuality. Sexuality, Penner and Penner (2003) explained, "is not something added on or part of our sinful natures; it is part of the original perfect creation of mankind" (Kindle Location 324). In the beginning of Creation, God created male and female in His own image, and therefore human sexuality reflects the image of God ( see Genesis 1:26-27). Another factor that Penner and Penner (2003) pointed out was the fact that both animals and humans have physical bodies, but humans are the only part of creation to be identified as being in the image of God. Since the body is not a distinguishing factor, then the act of sex between two people cannot be just physical, but spiritual also. For there to be a fulfilled relationship between a husband and wife, lovemaking would prove to be a spiritual and emotional act, along with the physical act. Penner and Penner (2003) believe that, "The total person-intellect, emotions, body, spirit, and will-becomes involved in the process of giving ourselves to each other" (Kindle Locations 347).

Penner and Penner (2003) explained that the phrase "become one flesh" in Genesis 2:24, refers to sexual intercourse, and not just physical closeness. This kind of intimacy without shame was what God intended even before sin entered the world. Sin has broken the communication between man and God, along with the communication between man and woman. When man first sinned, Penner and Penner (2003) noted that it is significant that the first action God took to deal with Adam and Eve was to make permanent coverings for their genitals. The authors believe that man's potential to have a relationship with God is symbolized by man's sexual organs and potential use of the organs.

The authors also pointed out that the concept of a husband-wife relationship is used in the Bible to symbolize the relationship that God as the husband of Israel. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word...

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