Reaction Paper To Healing The Wounds Of Sexual Addiction

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Reaction Paper to Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction
Tiffany Carthins
Liberty University

Dr. Laaser (2004) provides a detailed look into sexual addiction from a Christian viewpoint in Healing Wounds of Sexual Addiction. The focus of this assignment will be to gain knowledge of what sexual addiction is, how family dynamics are affected, treatment of sexual addiction, and lastly addressing sexual addiction in the church. Exploring the different areas of how sexual addiction and how it can affect the life of the addicted individual will be assessed. Sexual addiction is a sin that Dr. Laaser (2004) discusses in his work. Healing Wounds of Sexual Addiction examines the many areas of the addicted person’s life that can be affected but it also provides hope and encouragement.

Experts speculate that up to 10 percent of the total Christian population in the United States is sexually addicted (Laaser, 2004). There are so many individuals that are struggling with a sexual addiction and are too ashamed to seek help thus leaving a great number of unreported cases. Several reasons may apply to the sexually addicted person for not seeking help; Laaser (2004) discusses some of those reasons as being shame, guilt, fear of losing a job and their family. Dr. Laaser’s work is clearly articulated and provides great information on healing sexual addiction and the road to recovery. It is through his work that a Christian worldview is established towards the healing process. Synopsis

Dr. Laaser’s understanding of sexual addiction is described as sinful behavior that the addict has no control over. The sexual behaviors that become addictive are sinful (Laaser, 2004). Sexual addictions can take many forms which include cybersex, pornography, and fantasies. Dr. Laaser explains that these addictions if left unmanaged can also lead to destruction (p.24). Sexual addiction is classified as a disease and like all diseases must be treated properly. Both sexual addiction and disease have observable symptoms and a natural progression that, if left untreated, get worse and eventually lead to death (Laaser, 2004). From a biblical standpoint Dr. Laaser makes a clear correlation between sexual addiction as a disease and a sin. Sexual addiction is also seen as a moral sin (Laaser, 2004). Moral sexual sin describes how the addict does not view their behaviors as wrong because they are only having sex with their spouse. However, they have detached from the spiritual and emotional aspect of their relationship. The addict uses sex as a way to escape reality. Dr. Laaser mentions that, “the question is whether or not sex is an expression of intimacy or an escape from it” (p. 26).

There are similar views that I share with Dr. Laaser in regards to sexual addiction. I absolutely agree that sexual addiction is a disease that can be deadly to the addict. As mentioned earlier, diseases that are left untreated can lead to death. The diseased mind of the sexual addict may lead to high risk behaviors as well. My personal understanding of sexual addiction is in line with Dr. Laaser’s in viewing the addiction as a sexual sin for it is. Family Dynamics

Dr. Laaser takes a deep look into how family dynamics can contribute the behavior of the sexual addict by explaining four categories of family dynamics; boundaries, rules, roles, and addictions. Addicts that grow up in families in which unhealthy dynamics are present are more apt to believe that their negative behaviors are justified. Dr. Laaser describes in his work how boundaries are broken in families that sexual abuse exists. Boundaries define the ways a person’s invisible space can and can’t be crossed (Laaser, 2004). When these boundaries are broken, it can leave the child feeling confused. The confusion comes into play when a loved one inappropriately touches them or engages in sexual acts. Dr. Laaser mentions that there are...
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