Topics: Religion, Human sexuality, Christianity Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: January 19, 2014
Melody Lane
Assignment 1
Professor Farr

How does sexuality and religion conflict in society? Sexuality is the way a person perceives oneself through the means of sexual attitude or desires. Human sexuality is socially constructed and sexual desires are imbedded in particular sociological and biological contexts (Tolman & Diamond, 2001) which are in turn influenced by an individual's upbringing and exposure to familial or religious interactions. Whereas religion plays a role of a person attitude and desire towards sex and what is deviant behavior.

The article I have chosen “Sexuality& Religion” touch basis on how different religions play a role on human sexuality in sociological concepts. Although this article is primarily based on existing research cause it also has history of sexual beliefs in different religions. This article is informational and I learned a few things about how some religions had different views on human sexuality. Based on Christian beliefs we are taught that sex is immoral and its temptation of the flesh. According to the article early Christians believed the same thing. Through the means of marriage is to encourage monogamy, and place parameters around sexuality. Through the years I have learned sex is a sin and one should wait till they are married. “Sexual abstinence was seen as a central and indispensable means of salvation and was achieved through contemplative withdrawal from the world.” (Sprague Sexuality & Religion). From reading this article I learned that compared to Christianity and Islamic religions that woman has more strict consequences when it comes to women who have sexual pleasure. When it comes to sexual pleasure in women in the Islamic world they are closely examined by men and women and it is believed that a sexual pleasured woman is said to be dangerous and out of self-control. Whereas early Christian beliefs it is immoral to have sexual pleasure whether you’re a man or woman. Sexuality in...
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