Development of Sexual Identity

Topics: Thought, Sex offender, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1689 words) Published: September 20, 2011
Final Project
Personal Response on Sexuality IdentityReview the instructions for the final project in Appendix A.

Construct a 1,400- to 1,750-word personal response, analyzing the development of your own sexuality. Address the following topics in your paper:

Relate value systems and critical thinking to your sexual decision making before and after this course.
I think that before I had started this class I really didn’t think of the different types of sexual identities and honestly didn’t really care too much. Then I started to really think about it and I realized that I am ethical relativism and I still stand by that today. Ethical relativism means, that I reject the idea that there is a single correct moral view. I think this because I believe that everyone has a right to choose and have their own moral view. I also think that in my own opinion that everyone that wants to do or say or feel a certain way should be able to and that no matter how much people say it may be wrong they should be able to show how we feel. I have also thought about critical thinking a lot different when it comes to sexuality. I think that we as younger adults, considering I am only 28, need to stop and think about the decisions that we make as we are growing up. Now a days kids are getting younger and younger when they are having their babies, but the problem is that they are still babies themselves. They are ruing their lives and in some cases their baby’s lives as well. Society needs to stop with all the media and showing the good things with babies and show the more negative things. With me though if I would have known what I know now I do not think that I would have had a child at 20, but no matter what I would not change it for anything and I know it is hard but in my opinion it was and is worth it. •Describe the effect of environment and historical perspectives on your sexuality.

In the environment that I was raised, I was raised to be tough and to be a manly...
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