caring for the elderly L3 unit safeguarding of vulnerble adults

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caring for the elderly L3 unit safeguarding of vulnerble adults
Safeguarding of vulnerable adults


There are many different types of abuse and they can effect people in different ways.

There are many adults that are more vulnerable to abuse.
Here are a few examples of this:

* People who suffer from dementia as they are less likely to remember what has happened to them.

* People who have a mental illness or suffer with learning disabilities as they may not understand what is happening to them. ( They may think it’s a normal thing to do), Therefore may not tell anyone it has happened but could also do the same to somebody else as they think it’s the right thing to do.

* People with a physical disability rely on people to help them with everything, they maybe unable to move which means any physical abuse they wouldn’t be able to move away from.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is when someone inflicts pain or harm to a persons body. the elderly and disabled are more at risk of this as they may not understand what is happing or be able to defend themselves. physical abuse can be caused in many different ways such as:

* Biting
* Hitting
* Punching
* Restraint
* Slapping
* Pushing
* Misuse of Medicines
* Inappropriate sanctions

These are the most common ways of physical abuse . the main signs of abuse are:

* lacerations
* dislocations
* bruising
* fractures
* finger prints

If you are caring for a service user and you notice marks, cuts or bruises in suspicious places you should ask the service user how these marks come about? If the service user is unsure take note of this, use a sheet of paper to draw a figure of a person and mark the areas of which you have founds any suspicious marks, Then report this to your manager all marks even minor ones should be reported at all times as even the smallest bruise may be apart of abuse or handled inappropriately .If you go to care for a service user and they are not consistent with how they suffered an injury this

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