Cypw Level 2 Physical Abuse Case Study

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Cypw Level 2 Physical Abuse Case Study
CYPW level 2

Physical abuse is when a child is physically hurt or injured. Hitting, kicking, beating with objects, throwing and shaking are all physical abuse. They can cause pain, cuts and bruising, broken bones and sometimes even death.
Signs and symptoms of physical abuse:
Unexplained recurrent injuries or burns
Unexplained bruises
Wearing clothes to cover injures, even in hot weather
Refusal to undress for games
Bald patches of hair
Repeated running away
Fear of medical examination
Aggression towards self and others
Fear of physical contact- shrinking back if approached or touched

Emotional abuse is when child is not given love, approval or acceptance. A child may be constantly criticised, blamed, sworn and shouted at, told that other people are
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Reducing risk
The Byron Report identified three key objectives to protect children:
Reduce availability
Restrict access
Increase resilience to harmful and inappropriate material online

There are a number of measures available that start to meet some of these objectives, including:
Parental controls that allow internet sites with unsuitable material to be limited
Blocks on use, such as blocking out sites through content controls
Improving the knowledge, skills and understanding around e-safety of children, parents and others responsible adults.
Ways in which you can help to improve children´s knowledge and skills include:
Making them aware of the dangers
Helping them to develop the skills to recognise danger
Supporting them in dealing with situations they are not happy with.

Action to take in response to concern that colleague may be:
Failing to comply with safeguarding

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