Unit 1 Introduction to Communication in Health Social Care

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--*/Unit 1 Introduction to Communication in Health and Social Care

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Modar alzouabi

1.1 - Identify the different reasons people communicate

People communicate for many reason such as :
1-to express needs, feelings,concerns,problems and illness
2- building up relations and socialising with others
3-learning and sharing experiences or knowledge
4- passing on or recieving information
5-communication is an essential tool for a carer to understand and meet the service user`s need 6-individuals need communications to exprees their needs and prefernces. 7- communication in the workplace is essential to give instructions and ensure an effictive team work

1.2 - Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of the learner’s work

In the care setting we communicate using : handover with colleague , communication book , staff meeting , staff message book etc. Effictive communication is important to ensure that the informations are informative, accurate, concise and non-judgmental. This will reduce the possibilty of mistakes bieng made and ensure the delivery of good care service. In the workplace its important to work as a team with other colleagues, so that all work to achieve the same outcomes and targets .

1.3 - Explain why it is important to observe an individual’s reactions when communicating with them

Communication is a two- way process, its not about receiving or delivering a message, its much more about determing if the reciever understands the messege. Not all individual can communicat verbally for many reasons such as the lack of confidence or not nit understanding the language , so that observing them can indicate if the individual does not understand the message or does not agree. Observation of the endivifuals can help imroving of the effectiveness of the communication because the body language is more instinctive and relaible in many cases than the verbal communication . 3.1 - Identify barriers to effective communication

Barriers to effective communication are:
1-language barriers
Lack of knowledge of the language used
Using jargon or uncommon expressions
2-catural barriers
Adopting the behaviour and belives of the group
Religious barriers
Social barriers
The same thing has tow different meaning in tow cultures
3-emotional barriers
4-gender barriers
5-physical barriers
Interpersonal barriers
6-preceptual barriers

3.4 - Identify sources of information and support or services to enable more effective communication

There are many sources or services of information and support wich can be used to reinforce effictive communication such as: 1-trnslation and interpreting services : such services can help to transfere the written language form form to another or to change the spoken language to an understandable language 2-advocacy services: this services can support people who cant speak uo for themselves and try to understand their needs , prefernces and emotions 3- language and speech services : this can support people who have had a stroke or have difficulties with their speech 4-familly and relatives are considered to be an important source of information about the efficetive way to communicate with the service user 5-we can seek information about the effictive communication from experienced colleagues or line manager or supervisors

4.1 - Explain the term ‘confidentiality’

Confidentiality is not giving any infornmation about an individaul (such a medical records or social services file) unless there is a vital reason to do so .

4.3 – Describe situations where information normally considered to be confidential might need to be passed on.

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