Unit 201 for health and social care

Topics: Communication, Information, Understanding Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: February 16, 2015
Unit 201

1.1 Identify different reasons why people communicate.

The reason we communicate is in order to maintain relationships with others, to give and receive information and instructions, to understand and be understood, to share opinions, knowledge, feelings, emotions, to get through day to day life, give encouragement and show others they are valued. Communication is also essential when It comes to communicating with the service user, their families and our colleagues.

1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work.

Communication is important as it ensures that information is clear, accurate, non-judgmental, and informative. This reduces the possibility of mistakes being made. Choosing the correct way of communicating with the service user is vital as some of the service users may be deaf or blind and may need other forms of communication used.

1.3 Explain why it is important to observe an individuals reaction when communicating with them.

When communicating with a service user its important to observe how they react to the different types of communication. You can then note this so that the individual is receiving the best result of care and understands the information being given.

3.1 Identify barriers to communication.

There are many different factors that could effect communication for example, when someone speaks a different language or uses sign language, they may not be able to understand what the other person is trying to say. When someone cannot receive or pass on information because they have a impairment to one or more of their senses, the most common is hearing or seeing. There are other factors such as emotional difficulties, health issues and many more.

3.4 Identify courses of information and support or services to enable more effective communication.

There are many sources of information available such as, Internet group meetings, leaflets, and sign language lessons.

4.1 Explain...
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