How Does Cu1530 Promote Communication

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CU1530 Promote Communication in Health and Social Care Settings
.1 Understand Why Effective Communication Is Important In The Work Setting 1.1 Identify The Different Reasons People Communicate
People communicate for a whole number of reasons, they may include the sharing of important or relevant information to ensure the smooth running of the services being provided or to ensure the safety and well being of an individual or group of people. People communicate to build healthy working relationships with colleagues and service users as well as any other individuals or groups with whom they may need to communicate in order to go about their daily business and carry out their work properly. People communicate to inform and educate each other, to find out information, to help explain things to people that they may not understand initially and to express their thoughts in a verbal, articulate way.
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For example if someone is illiterate or uneducated they may feel threatened by eloquent and articulate language so it is important to speak in a simple and clear language and make eye contact so that they can understand you properly. Another example could be the nationality and culture of an individual as some cultures use very animated body language and a strong tone of voice or pitch to express themselves which may be perceived as excessive, unnecessary or intimidating by someone from a different background. In some cases it may be good to use lots of visual aids, physical contact and/or expressive body language if the person is deaf or hard of hearing in order to communicate effectively. Things like technology may be an issue for someone from a poor or under developed culture where things like smart phones and email are not widely available or used and they need educating on these kinds of methods and given other alternatives until they have familiarised

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