AC 1.2 leading & Motivating a team

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AC 1.2 Leading & Motivating A Team Effectively

There are a number of different ways to communicate. These are some examples of communication in my working environment : team meetings, meeting with other Professionals, handovers, email, telephone, supervisions, appraisals, debriefs, letters, fax machine, rotas, minutes recorded, message book, handover booklet, shift planner booklet and many other forms/booklets. Effective communication is a two way process and it is important that the person understands what you are asking them to do and you need to check immediately whether they understand what has been discussed/explained to them. Clear and effective communication will help in establishing a common sense of purpose. In my working environment if there is a breakdown in communication then it can have an effect on the care we provide to the Young People we look after and have an effect on morale and effect the consistency of the staff team. If I am unsure what is being asked from me then I speak to the source of the communication to be clear in what is required to be done and also pass this on to my colleagues if it is in relation to them as well. By doing this, everyone works together knowing that the staff team are doing the same thing and therefore creates a common sense of purpose. A good leader has to listen to others view points and use it as a earning point and understand that it is okay to change their mind. Professor Mehrabian in a study in 1971 concluded that there are basically three elements in any face-to-face communication:• words• tone of voice and• body language. - These three elements account differently for the meaning of the message: - Words account for 7%- Tone of voice accounts for 38% and - Body language accounts for 55% of the message. Mehrabian's research showed that the receiver of the communication will accept the predominant form of communication, the non-verbal (38% + 55%), rather than the literal meaning of the words (7%). This...
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