Tanglewood Case 3

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HRM 301-F1WW
Tanglewood Case 3
October 19, 2014

Recruitment Guide
Position:Multiple Positions
Reports to:Store Manager, Sales Manager
Qualifications:High School Diploma or GED
Relevant labor Market:Western Washington, Eastern Washington, Northern Oregon and Southern Oregon Timeline: Conducting interviews with qualified applicants until all positions are filled Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates

Employee referrals
Local organizations
Job Services
Media Advertising
Career Fairs
Internet/ Company website

Staff Members involved:
HR Recruiter
Departmental Managers
Store Manager
In order to determine what is the best recruiting efforts at Tanglewood, it is best to look at the varies regions methods in order to evaluate whether the methods that are currently being used are either “open” or “targeted”. An “open” recruitment method can be consider a passive approach for an organization because it doesn’t specify certain necessary skills needed and virtually anyone can apply for the positions. However, it does ensure that there is diverse group of applicants can apply and everyone can be considered. But this can be a problem at Tanglewood. Every company has a unique culture within itself, knowing the culture can assess whether the job will be a good fit for applicant as well as for Tanglewood. Depending on the culture of the organization, bringing the wrong candidate into a process oriented situation can potential present challenges further up the road whereby, the applicants that are qualified, can possibly be overlooked within the recruiting process. A “targeted” recruitment approach allows for Tanglewood to identify where likely candidates might be. Beginning to drive a pipeline of talent is the role of employment branding. The goal of this step is proactively developing and deploying content about what makes Tanglewood a desirable place to work in the minds of the target talent...

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