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Assignment 2
Our Workforce Matters
A guide to work force and succession planning for New York state agencies Orla Spetrini February 5, 2012

The Workforce Matters guide for New York State agencies is a very valuable guide and relevant in 2012. It provides insight into the agency staff by recognizing the aging workforce and upcoming retirement; it recognizes the knowledge, experience and institutional memory that will leave the company once these long term employees leave. The plan addresses the changing demographic of its customers and the potential need for “new methods of service delivery and a workforce that reflects its customers”. They did not make the mistake of trying to solve staffing problems across the entire agency, but chose only those areas that they knew would have “considerable change in services delivered and the way in which they were delivered”. The agency also created “What If” scenarios by viewing the process through a narrow scope and broad scope. The agency has a wide range of occupations including information technology, accounting/auditing, nursing, other health care professions, teaching and engineering. It recognizes the decline in the pool of candidates ages 25-44. In today’s economy competition is ever increasing and not only sourcing and filling the positions will be a challenge but also providing enough incentive for those new hires to remain at the agency over the long term. They do, however face this challenge in a positive manner as it may be ways for them to think creatively and to be innovative. STRENGTHS

There are many areas that show strength in the agencies plan, they include the realization that there are different departments within the agency, and “one size fits all”, approach will not be a viable solution. They realize the value in getting involved early and the buy in of senior management and the alignment with their business plan. “The bottom line is … COMMUNICATION- Tell them what you...

References: Strategic staffing: a comprehensive system for effective workforce planning/Thomas P. Bechet. – 2nd ed.
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