Tanglewood Case 6

Topics: Cognition, Decision theory, Decision making Pages: 3 (548 words) Published: November 24, 2014
Ryan Schmidt
MGT 451
Dr. Scroggins
Tanglewood Case #6

Major KSAO CategoryNecessary for selection (Y/N)Method of Assessment
Skills in personnel resource managementYxx
Communication/Speaking skillsYxx
Knowledge of customer service principlesYx
Knowledge of organization policies/proceduresNx
Ability to analyze financial and operational dataYxx
Problem solving skills/ability to resolve conflictYxxx
Skill in judgment and decision makingYxx

Exp. = experience, Educ. = education, MAE = Marshfield Applicant Examination, RKT = Retail Knowledge Test

Interview Questions:

Behavioral Questions:
Tell me about a time that you made a decision which impacted a group of people? KSAO Measurement: Skills in personnel resource management
Scoring Key: 1: Applicant indicates that they made a decision without consideration for the impact on others. 2: Applicant indicates that they were aware of the potential impact and attempted to reduce the negative impacts of their decision, but did not communicate feedback. 3: Applicant identified members, sought input, actively listened, and integrated their feedback into the decision making process.

Tell me about a time where you went above and beyond what was expected of you? KSAO Measurement: Knowledge of customer service principles

Scoring Key: 1: Applicant provides an answer indicating an unwillingness to work outside of their formal responsibilities. 2: Applicant provides an example, but does not describe their reasoning. 3: Applicant provides an example and shows the motivation to achieve organizational goals.

Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a boss or colleague? KSAO Measurement: Communication/Speaking skills
Scoring Key: 1: Applicant indicates they reacted with defensiveness, hostility, or a general unwillingness to listen and, if appropriate, compromise. 2: Applicant provides a story telling about the disagreement,...
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