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  • Marginal Cost or Benefits

    need to determine if they should make or reject a certain decision by using marginal costs or benefits. Marginal costs refer to the change in cost over the change in quantity while marginal benefits refer to the change in benefits over the change in quantity (“Marginal Costs & Benefits”‚ n.d.). When it comes to a decision in purchasing a home‚ the strength of the economy could affect the marginal costs and the marginal benefits. During the times of economic growth‚ the consumer who purchases a

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  • Supply and Demand and Marginal Cost

    1i) Demand function for air travel between the U.S. and Europe has been estimated to be: ln Q = 2.737 - 1.247 ln P +1.905 ln I where Q denotes number of passengers (in thousands) per year‚ P the (average) ticket price and I the U.S. national income. Determine the price elasticity and income elasticity of demand (8 points). From Lecture Module 3 Equation 4 we learned the alternative formulation of elasticity. Alternative formulation of elasticity EP = dQ/dP * P/Q = dlnQ/dlnP Natural log:

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  • Marginal Cost and Total Profits

    Exam 1. The Zinger Company manufactures and sells a line of sewing machines. Monthly demand for one its most popular models is given by the following relationship: Q = 400 – 0.5P where P is price and Q is quantity demanded. Total costs of production (including a “normal” return on owners’ investment) per month are: C = 20‚000 + 50Q + 3Q2 a. Express total profits (() in terms of Q. b. At what level of output are total profits maximized? What price will be charged

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  • Marginal Cost and Correct Answer

    Question 1 The primary objective of a for-profit firm is to ___________. Selected Answer: Correct Answer: 5 out of 5 points maximize shareholder value maximize shareholder value Question 2 5 out of 5 points The flat-screen plasma TVs are selling extremely well. The originators of this technology are earning higher profits. What theory of profit best reflects the performance of the plasma screen makers? Selected Answer: Correct Answer: innovation theory of profit innovation theory

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  • Costs and Marginal Cost

    shape. The campaign manager should then spend the campaign’s budget on the combination of the two inputs will that maximize the number of votes. 5. For each of the following examples‚ draw a representative isoquant. What can you say about the marginal rate of technical substitution in each case? a. A firm can hire only full-time employees to produce its output‚ or it can hire some combination of full-time and part-time employees. For each full-time worker let go‚ the firm must hire an increasing

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  • Marginal Cost

    particular function‚ dy/dx = 4x - 3. If it is known that when x = 1‚ y = 5‚ find y in terms of x. 6. A manufacturing process costs RM 6500 to set up for one year’s use. If items cost RM 85 each to produce and other costs amount to 3.5 x2‚ where x is the production in hundreds‚ find the level of production that will minimise the cost per item over the year. What will the total cost amount to at this level of production? 7. The marketing department of Spager Ltd estimated that if the selling price of

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  • Marginal Benefits And Marginal Costs

    Economics Luis D. Maymí Romero University of Phoenix ECO/212 Prof. Mayra Malpica Rivera April 27‚ 2015 Economics There are four principals of decision making: People face trade-off The cost of something is what you give up to get it Rational people think at the margin People respond to incentives The first principle can be summarized with the following phrase “There’s never a free lunch” every time that you need something you have to give something in return. One example is an employee that needs

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  • Marginal Cost

    business and how the new equipment will help the business to function and the cost of the product will determine what the managers of the business decides.   Marginal costs are change in total costs divided by change in output. Marginal revenue is the change in total revenue divided by change in output. Increase in fixed costs means that when the fixed costs cannot be changed it is the short run and when the fixed costs change it is the long run. The second questions that I chose to answer was

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  • Marginal Revenue and Marginal Cost

    Marginal Revenue and Marginal Cost An understanding of marginal revenue and marginal cost is economically crucial to owning and operating a successful business. Marginal revenue is the amount of change in total revenue by selling one additional product. So if a company sells four extra unit of product and brings extra total revenue of 500 dollars than the marginal revenue for this month would be 125 dollars. This is found by taking the change in total revenue‚ 500 dollars‚ and dividing it by the

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  • Marginal cost and product

    Relationship between marginal cost and marginal product. Marginal cost is the additional cost attributed to an additional unit produced. Marginal product is the increase in the total product due to an additional resource allocation. The marginal cost and marginal return have an inverse relationship and can almost be represented as mirror images of each other. The peak of the marginal product corresponds with the lowest point of the marginal cost. Thus as marginal product increases

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