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Monopoly: Economics and Monopolistic Competition

corporation to produce or serve. Technology and resource monopoly, it means one kind of commodity materials or technology is only owned by one company. Last one is natural monopoly, which means the manufacturer can produce better products with less cost than other manufacturers However, there was a completely special type of market appearing in 1933. E. H. Chamberlain propounded a new theory called monopolistic competition in his book “The Theory of Monopolistic Competition” in 1933. At the...

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A New House Decision

home should not be an impulsive decision. People respond to incentives and the cost of something is what you give up; are the principles that plays a major role in my decision of purchasing a new home because anyone who is about to make a financial change in their lives would consider all the pros and cons before the final decision is made. Decision-makers have to consider both the obvious and implicit costs of their actions (Slembeck, 2006). not focus on their budget and understands...

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the four main argument against regulation under the free market economy

to Smith and watts (1982), even in the absence of regulation, there are private economics-based incentives for the organisation to provide credible information about its operations and performance to certain parties the organisation to avoid higher cost. The view is based on the fact that in the absence of information about the organisation’s operation, other parties including shareholders who are not involved in the management of the organisation will assume that managers might be operating the business...

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ECO 550 Midterm Exam

___________. 3. Income tax payments are an example of ____. 4. Economic profit is defined as the difference between revenue and ____. 5. A change in the level of an economic activity is desirable and should be undertaken as long as the marginal benefits exceed the ____. 6. The standard deviation is appropriate to compare the risk between two investments only if 7. The level of an economic activity should be increased to the point where the ____ is zero 8. The net present value...

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Home Farm Is One of Many Small Firms Producing Lettuces and Attempting to Maximise Profits. Explain the Circumstances in Which Home Farm Might Make Supernormal Profits in the Short Run, but Only Normal Profits in the Long Run. (15 Marks)

Revenue>Average Total Cost (AR>ATC). Supernormal profit is also known as abnormal profit. Abnormal profit means there is an incentive for other firms to enter the industry. On the other hand normal profit is defined as the minimum level of profit necessary to keep a firm in that line of business. This level of normal profit enables the firm to pay a reasonable salary to its workers and managers. The definition of normal profit occurs when Average Revenue=Average Total Cost (AR=ATC). Home farm is...

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Is Microsoft a Monopoly?

Netscape. This should how Microsoft deliberately was creating an imperfect competition by not meeting the conditions of a perfect competition. In a perfect competition no one supplier can influence prices. However, Microsoft was establishing the cost of personal computers, therefore, created an imperfect competition in the operating systems market and allowed them selves to become price makers of this product. Price makers are the monopolists that have control over the price and quantity of their...

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Function and Optimal Announcement Time

120x - x2. The cost of advertising event for x days is C(x) thousand $, where C(x) = 2x2+300. a) Find profit function P(x) =R(x) – C(x) & sketch graph. b) How many days in advance should the event be announced in order to maximize profit. What is the max profit? c) What is the ratio revenue to cost Q(x) =R(x)C(x) at the optimal announcement time found in part(b). What respond when x-> 0. Interpret the result. 3/ A manufacturer can produce digital recorders at a cost of $50 apiece...

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MB0041 Fall 2014

the assumptions of marginal costing. Differentiate between absorption costing and marginal costing. (Assumptions of marginal costing (all 7 points), Differences of marginal and absorption costing (Includes all 8 points) Answer: Assumptions of Marginal Costing Marginal costing is based on the following assumptions: 1. Segregation of cost into fixed and variable The whole principle of marginal costing is based on the idea that some costs vary with production while some costs Get fully solved...

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Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz: How Calculus Has Helped Change the World

income and various predictors, or independent variables, such as education and experience. Its benefit in economics is that when determining marginal revenues and costs, it can help business managers maximize their profits and measure the rate of increase in profit that results from each increase in production. As long as marginal revenue exceeds marginal cost, the firm increases its profits. And its significance is it provides a means for determining the amount of interest paid over the life of a...

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changing economic environment and profit loss Thomas Money Services Inc. has requested recommendations to help increase its revenue, determine its profit maximizing quantity, increase product differentiation, increase barriers to entry, and minimize cost of production.  Market Structure and Elasticity of Demand  Thomas Money Services Inc. operates in a monopolistic competition by offering products and services that can be differentiated and is very competitive with other sellers offering similar...

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