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  • Consumer Theory

    Required: Show that the equilibrium condition and consumer equilibrium under both cardinal and ordinal utility theory are identical. They both assume that the consumer is rational. Consumer equilibrium‚ under cardinal utility theory‚ is achieved when the sufficient condition is met. That is‚ the total expenditure is equal to the consumer’s income. If a consumer is assumed to consumes two commodities only X and Y‚ then: Utility is a function of Y and X; U = f(X‚Y)…………………………..i Let the price

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  • Consumer Theory

    CONSUMER THEORY I Consumer theory – deals with how a consumer chooses the best bundle of goods he/she can afford. BUDGET CONSTRAINT To know which bundle of goods a consumer can afford‚ we have to look into the consumer’s budget constraint. We first assume that there are only two goods‚ say good x1 and x2. A consumer can choose from bundle A (3‚ 2) – 3 units of good 1 and 2 units of good 2; bundle B (6‚ 5) – 6 units of good 1 and 5 units of good‚ so forth. Given the price of good 1 (p1)‚

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  • Theory of Consumer Behaviour

    understand the following concepts Consumer Behaviour Theory- Ordinal Approach and Cardinal Approach Total Utility‚ Marginal Utility‚ Relationship between Total Utility and Marginal Utility Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility Utility Analysis and Consumer Equilibrium- One Good Case and Two Goods Case Consumer- Who is a Consumer? Anyone who purchases and consumes any goods and services for the satisfaction of his/her wants is called a consumer. A consumer spends the money available to him for

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  • Consumer Theory and X1

    中级微观经济学 参考书: Hal R. Varian. Intermediate Microeconomics‚ A Modern Approach. W. W. Norton & Company‚ Inc. 1 BUDGET CONSTRAINT Consumer theory ---- how consumers buy their goods? Economists assume: consumers choose the best bundle of goods they can afford. Two aspects: ----Consumers choose the most preferred goods. ----They are limited by economic condition. The Budget Constraint Consumption bundles: (消费束,商品组合): a list of numbers of

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  • Theory of Consumer Behavior

    Chapter 4 – Theory of Consumer Behavior Economics 11 – UPLB Prepared by T.B. Paris‚ Jr. December 11‚ 2007 Theory of Consumer Behavior    Useful for understanding the demand side of the market. Utility - amount of satisfaction derived from the consumption of a commodity ….measurement units  utils Utility concepts   cardinal utility - assumes that we can assign values for utility‚ (Jevons‚ Walras‚ and Marshall). E.g.‚ derive 100 utils from eating a slice of pizza ordinal utility

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  • The Theory of Consumer Choice

    BUZE400 Economics (Part 1) Fall 2013 Tutorial 4: The theory of consumer choice Question 1: Nargiza and Alibek are painting their apartment. At the paint store‚ Alibek says he prefers Canary Yellow to Bumblebee Yellow‚ Lime Yellow‚ and Crayola Yellow. Nargiza …nds new paint samples and asks Alibek to compare Canary Yellow to School Bus Yellow and to Sunrise Yellow. Alibek prefers Sunrise Yellow to Canary Yellow‚ and prefers School Bus Yellow to Canary Yellow. He also prefers Sunrise Yellow

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  • The Theory of Consumer Behavior – the Theory of Utility

    Topic 6 - The Theory of Consumer Behavior – the theory of utility • The theory of consumer behaviour may be analysed by either utility theory and / or indifference curve analysis. • Note: this course only requires students to be aware of utility theory. Indifference curve analysis is undertaken in year 2 and is not a requirement of this course Basic Principles of the theory of Consumer Behaviour • Consumers are rational optimisers • Consumers seek to maximise total utility • Utility is achieved

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  • Consumer Theory and Budget Line

    Week 6 Chapter 4: The theory of Individual Behavior Question 1. Page 154 ( with some modifications) A consumer has $300 to spend on goods X and Y. The market prices of these two goods are Px = $15 and Py = $5. a. Draw the budget constraint. i.e provide a carefully labeled diagram b. What is the market rate of substitution? Give an interpretation. c. Illustrate the consumer’s opportunity set in part a) above. d. Show how the consumer’s opportunity set changes if income increases by $300

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  • Consumer Theory and Horizontal Axis

    Chapter 2 1. A consumer prefers more to less of every good. Her income rises‚ and the price of one of the goods falls while other prices stay constant. These changes must have made her better of. TRUE 2. A decrease in income pivots the budget line around the bundle initially consumed. FALSE 3. If all prices are doubled and money income is left the same‚ the budget set does not change because relative prices don ’t change. FALSE 4. If all prices double and income triples‚ then the

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  • Consumer Theory and Dancing Classes

    Tutorial 4a: Consumer Behavior Q1 What is the difference between marginal and total utility? Q2 Fill in the following table on the total and marginal utilities of a certain product A. Use your results to answer the following questions. Units of product A | Total utility | Marginal utility | 0 | 0 | | 1 | 20 | _____ | 2 | 35 | _____ | 3 | _____ | 10 | 4 | _____ | 5 | 5 | _____ | 0 | 6 | 45 | _____ | 7 | 35 | _____ | 8 | _____ | –15 | (a) Graph both

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