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Fixed Cost

Courier Pak. The objective value or true economic value offered by the Courier Pak is higher because the customer in this case cares most for reliable and timely shipping of documents. This is not a price sensitive customer and in most cases the cost of the shipment would be borne by the company. On these two parameters of reliability and timely shipping of documents Federal Express was rated 93% on performance as against 42% which is the most recognized brand. Another advantage that Federal...

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Consumer Behviour of Pizza - a Study

component of cost is fixed cost. Sunk costs are fairly low because pizza ovens, chairs, tables, dishes and other items used in pizzerias can be resold if the pizzeria goes out of business. Variable costs are also fairly low- mainly the ingredients for pizza (flour, Tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni of a typical large pizza might cost Rs. 5 or Rs. 10) and perhaps wages for a couple of workers to help produce, serve, and deliver pizzas. Most of the cost is fixed- the opportunity cost of the owner’s...

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Business Plan Evaluation

Magnolia Inn should have a winning strategy to gain its fair share of the market. The Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast – 4.5 The Magnolia Inn – 3.5 Finance The Vette Kat Harbour Bed & Breakfast has low monthly fixed costs ($1642), and variable costs at 10% of sales. With low fixed costs, the bed & breakfast will be capable of generating profits faster. The business projects a capacity to repay $7200 of the principal on its liabilities each year. The business estimates an extremely high current ratio...

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Poter's Five Forces Model E-Commerce

close substitute products increases the propensity of customers to switch to alternatives in response to price increases (high elasticity of demand).  buyer propensity to substitute  relative price performance of substitutes  buyer switching costs  perceived level of product differentiation The threat of the entry of new competitors Profitable markets that yield high returns will draw firms. This results in many new entrants, which will effectively decrease profitability. Unless the...

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Karaoke: Teaching the World to Sing

competitors so the possible market can be easily penetrated Work Against Karaoke box buildings must be enough big to have enough rooms but rents or prices for buildings in major Italian cities are extremely high. 1 m2 costs 3500 € in average in Milan High costs of karaoke systems and high fixed costs for buildings Competitiv e Regulatory Economic There are high entry barriers in the entertainment sector like cinema, soccer, clubs, theme parks and social inertia on this different activity(karaoke)...

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Problem Statement: Kudler Fine Foods

ordered correctly. At this current time there is the opportunity to reduce this responsibility by either hiring someone to help with purchasing and inventory levels or training other managers to use an automated system. Both options would render some costs, but to implement an automated system will save time and reduce mistakes for the organization. An automated inventory and ordering system would be a significant to a new management approach at KFF. This part of the business has always been managed...

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Market Analysis of Neptune Case Study

As many of you already know, Neptune’s current inventory is three times last year’s level. Capital investments in new fish processing vessels and equipment have resulted in supply increases that outstrip demand. Shrinking profit margins, rising costs, growing competition, and our reluctance to disrupt industry standards have made a price cuts an unattractive option. Furthermore, there is a growing body of scientific evidence to suggest that unless something is done to control overfishing, the industry...

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Barriers to Entry and Husky

market, PET perform molding systems at the right time helped husky to become a dominant player in the market. The industry was determined to be competitive with a fair amount of rivalry based on barriers to exit, market growth, strategic costs and high fixed costs. (Exhibit 1). Husky's raw materials were obtained at mostly competitive prices, while some specialized materials were provided by only a few companies and it ‘relied almost entirely on outside vendors for most of its components. This would...

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A Look at Sony's Decline

strategy, left them with a bloated workforce of more than 168,200 people word wide, which in turn leaves a toll on the company's fixed costs. As conditions in the economic climate gradually evolved, the Japanese Yen slowly and steadily gained strength as compared to the dollar. This made Sony's products more expensive. Couple this with emerging markets offering cheaper labor costs (such as China and South Korea) and the entry of other firms that identified the economic profit and opportunities that Sony...

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Cox Communications Case Study

Cox Enterprise Inc. which operates in the cable television business in 9 US states, and 2/3 of which is owned by the Cox family through CEI. The industry was characterized by significant economies of scale at local levels (very high fixed costs and very low variable costs) and national levels, given increased bargaining power. These factors led to very strong industry consolidation activity at the turn of the century, with 70% of the market predicted to be held by 5 top players in four years. This made...

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