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  • business strategy

    Foundations of Business Strategy Final Project – Case Gol Linhas Aéreas To: Mr. Paulo Sérgio Kakinoff (CEO) From: DBM Consultants Subject: GOL Business Plan Introduction GOL Transportes Aéreos is one of the main players in the South American airline industry. The company was founded in 2001 in Brazil‚ and started based on a low costs strategy. In less than a decade‚ the company started to gain market share and became the second largest Brazilian airline company in terms of Fleet Size

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  • Outliers: The Story Of Success, The Ethnic Theory Of Plane Crashes

    the way people communicate with one another. He introduces a true story about the Avianca 052 case. The co-pilot Klotz spoke in a very nonchalant manner in the whole time to the ATC [Air Traffic Control] when the plane was almost running out of fuel. After the pilot Cavides had said repeatedly the plane did not have any fuel‚ there was still no urgency in Klotz’s voice when he talked to the ATC. Eventually‚ Avianca 052 crashed because of running out of fuel. Seventy-three people were killed in this

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  • boeing market analysis

    Current Market Outlook 2013 –2032 Current Market Outlook 2013 –2032 Outlook on a Page World regions Market growth rates World regions Market value: $4‚840 billion World economy (GDP) Delivery units Share of fleet 2012 to 2032 100% 3.2% 9% 13% 75% Number of airline passengers 2% 6% 50% 4.1% 25% Airline traffic (RPK) 70% 5.0% Cargo traffic (RTK) 0% 2012 Airplanes 20‚310 5.0% • Regional jets • Single aisle 2013

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  • Virgin America

    Executive Summary Despite Virgin America’s numerous awards‚ acclamations and recent success‚ the airline is still not classified as a major carrier by the Department of Transportation (DOT). To be considered a major carrier‚ an airline must achieve $1 billion dollars in operating revenue and meet the Department of Transportation’s requirements on baggage handling‚ on-time performance and other operational statistics. Virgin America currently operates 39 Airbus 320A aircraft to 14 destinations

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  • Strategic Management Assignment

    Faculty of Business and Law Session: 2008/9 MBA: Strategic Management 1 Assignment Introduction Markets differ in a variety of ways including the degree of concentration and competitiveness‚ a fact which is reflected in the concept of ‘market structure’. Economists’ models link the structural characteristics of a market to the behaviour of firms in that market and subsequently to their performance. A key question therefore is how far a firm’s strategic decisions are shaped by the structure

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  • Pest Analysis

    MODULE TITLE: BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT/ TRAVEL & TOURISM BUSINESS TOPIC : PEST ANALYSIS PEST ANALYSIS Introduction 3 History 3 Growth 3 PEST Analysis 4 Political Factors 4 Economic Factors 5 Social Factors 5 Technological Factors 6 Analyze your findings 7 Strategies pursued by the business to control PEST factors: 7 Recommendations 8 References 8 Oman Air Introduction Oman Air is the flag carrier of the Sultanate of Oman‚ based

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  • Strategy and Organization at Singapore Airlines

    Case September 18 2006 Contents Introduction 3 Most important trends in the airline industry 3 The position of Singapore Airlines and reasons for prior success 4 Current strategy according to Rust‚ Norman and Dickson 6 The major issues Singapore Airlines is facing 7 Is Singapore Airlines current strategy sustainable for the future? 7 SWOT analysis 8 Future strategy for Singapore Airlines 9 References 10 Introduction The purpose of this paper

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  • Effects of Quality Management for Organizational Excellence

    Effects of Quality Management for Organizational Excellence Nowadays the concept of quality management is emerged as a significant business practice that everyone wants to adopt in concern to his or her business operations for making them more effective and customer-oriented. By adopting quality management‚ “companies have become able to ensure quality in their products and services‚” (The Importance of Quality Management‚ 2010). A number of quality management programs are available to entrepreneurs

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  • Case Study: Active Data Warehousing

    1. Describe "active" data warehousing as it is applied at Continental Airlines. Does Continental apply active or real-time warehousing differently than this concept is normally described? An active data warehousing‚ or ADW‚ is a data warehouse implementation that supports near-time or near-real-time decision making. It is featured by event-driven actions that are triggered by a continuous stream of queries that are generated by people or applications regarding an organization or company against

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  • Aviation Industry and Future

    THE AVIATION INDUSTRY The Aviation Industry and the Future Abstract This paper looks at the Aviation industry. A description of how the aviation industry includes manufacturing‚ airport operation‚ maintenance‚ and pilots. It looks at how the aviation industry has a positive influence on other business such as sightseeing/tour‚ hotels‚ and restaurants. Finally the paper looks at how the industry is doing now and the projections for the future. The aviation industry is alive and well. The

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