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    Aircraft Mechanics are also known as: Airframe or Power Plant Mechanics and Avionics or Aviation Technicians. As a valued and critical member of an airline’s chain of operations‚ the primary responsibility of this professional is aircraft preventive maintenance that ensures peak operation‚ performance‚ and safety. This is achieved through aircraft servicing‚ repairing‚ overhauling‚ and testing. A Mechanic performs all required maintenance and inspections of aircraft engines‚ landing gear‚ pressurized

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  • Aircraft Icing

    major weather hazards that cause a number of aircraft accidents. It is a hazard that can snowball out of control and cause problems such as reduce aircraft efficiency by increasing weight‚ reduce lift‚ decrease thrust and increase drag. These effects can cause the aircraft to increase stalling speed or cause the aircraft to force downward in flight. Over the years‚ aircraft engines and airframes have changed dramatically. Modern day aircraft are aerodynamically less accepting of airfoil

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  • Aircraft Engineeer

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security United States Coast Guard AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT MANUAL COMDTINST M13020.1F US. Department Homeland Secur Commandant United States Coast Guard United States Coast Guard 2100 Second Street‚ S.W. Washington‚ DC 20593-0001 Staff Symbol: G-SEA Phone: (202) 267-0796 Fax: (202) 267-4135 COMDTINST M13020.1F AFR COMMANDANT INSTRUCTION M13020.1F Subj: 1 2&?3 AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING MAINTENANCE

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  • Aircraft Efficiency

    Beginner’s Guide to Aviation Efficiency November 2010 Contents The importance of aviation Introduction The miracle of flight History of fuel efficiency Designing aircraft Designing engines Operating the aircraft In the air On the ground Carbon-neutral growth and the next steps The next generation Page 1 Page 2 Page 5 Page 6 Page 10 Page 13 • Aviation is responsibly reducing its environmental impact. Page 15 Page 20 Page 22 Page 24 • Air transport’s contribution to climate change represents

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  • Aircraft Design

    Aircraft Design Early Stages to Weaponized Warbirds Michael R. Boehnel Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Dr. JoAnne LeBeouf Many designers have made the claim that their designs were unique‚ one-of-a-kind‚ or revolutionary‚ however‚ time has shown that design changes have been more evolutionary rather than evolutionary. In fact‚ during the emerging years of early aircraft‚ many designers incorporated many designs‚ and as new technologies emerged‚ different designers incorporated them

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  • Aircraft Operational Concept

    assignment Joseph Kalathil MGMT 419 Aircraft Operational Concept It is the aircraft “Operational Concept” that clearly illustrates the difference between civil and military aircraft operations. Blanchard (1981) identifies some of the essential elements of the military “Operational Concept” in 1 through 7 below: 1. MISSION DEFINITION - How is the system to be used? What are the mission objectives? How are the objectives to be accomplished? Where will the aircraft be operated? All of these and

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  • Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors

    7315 Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors Aircraft mechanics maintain‚ repair and overhaul aircraft structures‚ mechanical and hydraulic systems. Aircraft inspectors inspect aircraft and aircraft systems following manufacture‚ modification‚ maintenance‚ repair or overhaul. Common Job Titles Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) Aircraft Structures Technicians (AST) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Avionics Maintenance Technicians (AvMT) Aviation Maintenance Inspector Aircraft Mechanic‚ Engine

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  • Outsourcing of Aircraft Maintenance

    OUTSOURCE FOR AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE Good afternoon‚ in today’s agenda‚ I would like to bring your attention to the benefits of internal and external aircraft maintenance. As studies have shown that the cost benefits are marginal to maintain the aircrafts internally‚ the company is looking into contracting this process to external vendors. I believe most of you are wondering why we are planning on such move‚ let us look at the possible factors between internal and outsource of our aircraft maintenance

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  • Aircraft Maintenance Efficiency

    Transpn Res.-A‚ Vol. 32‚ No. 4‚ pp. 261±269‚ 1998 # 1998 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved Printed in Great Britain 0965-8564/98 $19.00+0.00 Pergamon PII: S0965-8564(97)00013-X 12 3 ASSESSING THE RELATIVE EFFICIENCY OF AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGIES: AN APPLICATION OF DATA ENVELOPMENT ANALYSIS MILO W. PECK‚ JR. Department of Accounting‚ Fair®eld University‚ Fair®eld‚ CT 06430‚ U.S.A. CARL A. SCHERAGA* Department of Management‚ Fair®eld University‚ Fair®eld‚ CT

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  • Assignment in Aircraft Investigation

    AirCrash During Approach to Landing‚ Empire Airlines Flight 8284 Avions de Transport Regional Aerospatiale Alenia ATR 42-320‚ N902FX Lubbock‚ Texas January 27‚ 2009 Executive Summary Aerospatiale Alenia ATR 42-320‚ N902FX‚ operating as Empire Airlines flight 8284‚ was on an instrument approach when it crashed short of the runway at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport‚ Lubbock‚ Texas. The captain sustained serious injuries‚ and the first officer sustained minor injuries. The airplane

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