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Aircraft Mechanics are also known as: Airframe or Power Plant Mechanics and Avionics or Aviation Technicians. As a valued and critical member of an airline's chain of operations, the primary responsibility of this professional is aircraft preventive maintenance that ensures peak operation, performance, and safety. This is achieved through aircraft servicing, repairing, overhauling, and testing. A Mechanic performs all required maintenance and inspections of aircraft engines, landing gear, pressurized...

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Aircraft Icing

major weather hazards that cause a number of aircraft accidents. It is a hazard that can snowball out of control and cause problems such as reduce aircraft efficiency by increasing weight, reduce lift, decrease thrust and increase drag. These effects can cause the aircraft to increase stalling speed or cause the aircraft to force downward in flight. Over the years, aircraft engines and airframes have changed dramatically. Modern day aircraft are aerodynamically less accepting of airfoil...

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Construction and Design of Modern Aircraft

1 Contemporary Methods of Aircraft Construction and Design The construction of aircraft is a complicated process requiring precise calculation and innovative design in order to improve and maintain the structural integrity of the aircraft. Aerospace engineers must find a balance between reliability, strength and weight of the many components used in the fabrication of the aircraft. The design of an aircraft must take into account the magnitude of forces, such as lift and drag, acting upon the...

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why do aircraft crash

tragedy in Irkutsk is due only to Russian disorder: such a catastrophe could have taken place in any country and involved any aircraft. This is proved by the statistics. Hundreds of planes crash during landing or take-off claiming the lives of hundreds of passengers in many counties in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. What is happening? Experts believe that today's aircraft are designed the way that a man's error is inevitable in an emergency situation. Obviously, no constructor can ackowledge the...

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Outsourcing of Aircraft Maintenance

OUTSOURCE FOR AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE Good afternoon, in today’s agenda, I would like to bring your attention to the benefits of internal and external aircraft maintenance. As studies have shown that the cost benefits are marginal to maintain the aircrafts internally, the company is looking into contracting this process to external vendors. I believe most of you are wondering why we are planning on such move, let us look at the possible factors between internal and outsource of our aircraft maintenance...

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Aircraft Operational Concept

assignment Joseph Kalathil MGMT 419 Aircraft Operational Concept It is the aircraft “Operational Concept” that clearly illustrates the difference between civil and military aircraft operations. Blanchard (1981) identifies some of the essential elements of the military “Operational Concept” in 1 through 7 below: 1. MISSION DEFINITION - How is the system to be used? What are the mission objectives? How are the objectives to be accomplished? Where will the aircraft be operated? All of these and...

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Aircraft Leasing and Financing-Issues and Challenges

Aircraft Leasing and Financing-Issues and Challenges Shaik Nazim Ahmed Shafi, Research Scholar, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, India International carriage by air is one of the greatest marvels of this remarkable age of science and technology and India has emerged as one of the most promising and fastest growing aviation markets in the world. To keep pace with this growth, large orders for aircraft acquisition have been placed by almost all airlines in India. Thus, finding enough capital...

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Aircraft Crash Survival Analysis and Design

SFTY 435 Aircraft Crash Survival Analysis and Design Final Examination Return completed exam to instructor by 10:00 PM on 11 December 2012. Send to email: Name: Provide an essay type answer for the following questions. 1. Describe the effect plowing can have on crash forces when the impact surface is soft soil. Earth gouging and scooping of soil occur when the structure makes initial contact with the ground which minimize the acceleration and force levels to which the structure...

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Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors

7315 Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors Aircraft mechanics maintain, repair and overhaul aircraft structures, mechanical and hydraulic systems. Aircraft inspectors inspect aircraft and aircraft systems following manufacture, modification, maintenance, repair or overhaul. Common Job Titles Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) Aircraft Structures Technicians (AST) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Avionics Maintenance Technicians (AvMT) Aviation Maintenance Inspector Aircraft Mechanic, Engine...

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Aircraft Systems and the Importance of Pilot Training

Aircraft Systems and the Importance of Pilot Training The operation and maintaining of an aircraft comes with many responsibilities and obligations. This is especially true when running a scheduled airline operating under 14 C.F.R. Part 121. When under these rules, profit margins can be very thin and a manager must be able to lead the airline through some very difficult economic circumstances. Many of these operating procedures can be streamlined through proper pilot training and proper utilization...

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