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 Airlines - US - August 2012 Attitudes Toward Airlines and Airline Travel Key points The many changes to airline travel over the last few years have been absorbed by air travelers and a majority (77%) agrees that they feel comfortable with the process of flying. However, while air travel is familiar to them, most (65%) feel that it is becoming “more and more of a hassle.” The most affluent air travelers (those with a household income of at least $150K) are also...

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European Airlines

Corporate Strategy---European Airlines 1993-1997 ⇨ Back ground and PEST analysis For many years, European Airlines are considered to be feed by the government. Before 1990s, the introduction of deregulation, this market was highly controlled by the government. Automatically, the result is high price as well as poor management and service. Consumers, of course, complained about the bad perform of them. Like most of the state-owned businesses, although some of the airlines intended to lower their price...

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singapore airline

 The Airline is one of the major industries in the world today and is majorly affected by Michael Porter's Five Forces model. In case of the Airline industry, this is the most important force today, especially since the market is completely saturated. There are more service providers than needed in both local as well as international markets. The airlines are continually competing against each other in terms of prices, technology, in-flight entertainment, customer services and many more areas...

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Indigo Airlines

leadership While the other airlines in the industry purchased rivals, flew different models of planes and tried to offer costly services, Indigo stuck to single model planes with a reputation of being a no frills airline. Indigo has stuck to operating the world’s largest selling single-aisle aircraft, the Airbus A320. This has helped the airlines to not just survive the economic slump in the industry but infact to post profits year-on-year end. Capacity utilization of IndiGo airlines fleet The utilization...

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Astro Airlines

ASTRO AIRLINES (case analysis) NAME : MUSTAFA KAYNAKCI DATE : 10.11.2011 Issue in the case The main issue in the case is all about failing to manage success after successful beginning. The leader in Astro Airlines Arthur Burton could not maintain the growth of its company. Being visioner, dynamic, stirring speaker and inspirational leader of Burton could start the airlines with reduced fare, innovating ticketing style, low cost service...

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Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines Memo To: Lawrence Kellner From: Date: Re: The purpose of this memorandum is to address the profitability issues at Continental Airlines and to estimate the costs for 2009 to forecast the future outlook of the company. To address these issues, I used regression analysis to observe what effect the 11% reduction in flying capacity would have on the firm’s future operating costs. I also used the results from the regression analysis to verify the costs that, if reduced...

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aircraft fuel price increases, wages, work rules and work patterns, chapter 11 bankruptcy airlines, excess capacity, a very capital intensive business and too many years as regulated airlines. In fact, during the Gulf war and recession in 1990-92, it took them four years to return to profit, even though traffic recovered within a year. The industry experienced a profit slump. From 1994 to 1997, airlines have had to recognize the need for radical change to ensure their survival and prosperity,...

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Airlines: Airline and Aviation Industry

Importance to economy The revenue of international airlines industry has increased from 476 billion USD in 2009 to 567 billion USD in 2011, a 9.3% year-on-year increase. This industry employs 56.5 million workers and accounts for US $2.2 trillion of the global GDP. Indian Aviation industry contributes to 0.5% of the India’s GDP and generates 1.7 million jobs. Technological Trends Major cost items for airlines are fuel, labour and maintenance. Airlines are able to reduce the cost/increase profit by...

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Sabena Airlines

SABENA BELGIAN WORLD AIRLINES The company Sabena was the Belgian air carrier and one of the oldest in the world. It played it most crucial role in the development of Belgium’s colonial ties to Africa >> The airline was an important component of Belgium’s national sovereignty. The dependence on African routes resulted in long run problems after the colonies achieved independence >> Even losing money, the Belgium government continued to support it due to historical and employment importance...

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Crm in Airlines

(CRM) in Airline Industry:  Today’s global marketplace, airlines are countered with unstable and highly competitive business environment. Most airline companies perceive that it is increasingly important to react quickly and effectively to changing demand patterns of the customers. The challenge is maintaining profits in the face of forceful competition. The opportunities are in managing customer relationships to earn customer profitability that can contribute to the firm profits. If airlines do not...

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