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Case Description/Introduction
Tanglewood has organizational plans to staff open store associate positions on an ongoing, continuous basis. The first stage staffing plans must take into consideration is recruiting from the labor market. Tanglewood management team must clearly consider the different methods available as well as the associated cost benefits of each. This case study will provide Tanglewood with a recruitment guide for its open store associate position, describe the best targets for its recruitment, estimate the yields and costs of each method, and finally offer proposed recruiting messages. The organizational date provided was used to determine what Tanglewood’s best method for recruiting are.

Recruitment Guide for Tanglewood Store Associate

Position: Store Associate
Reports to: Director of Retail
Qualifications: High School Diploma; Some college preferred; 6 months experience in retail; strong interpersonal skills. Relevant labor market: Washington and Oregon
Timeline: Continuous
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Regional print, radio, and television advertising
Request employee referrals
Administer and facilitate kiosk-recruiting operations
Coordinate state job services
Contact staffing agency
Staff members involved:
HR Recruiting Manager
Store Managers
V.P. Human Resources
Potential peers and direct reports
Budget: $2,500-$4,500 per hire

Considering the open Store Associate position and the organizational context of Tanglewood, the best target group for its recruiting efforts is the passive job seekers or noncandidates. Tanglewood’s organizational culture encourages employee participation and development. A proven benefit of job seekers is that they typically are happier in their positions of employment (recruitips). Employees content with their position are more likely to get involved than an employee that is discontented. In addition, passive employees are open to new learning opportunities (recruitips), improving Tanglewood’s development programs. Ultimately, recruiting passive employees can identify and provide qualified candidates that no one else has contacted or even considered contacting (Active). Overall, employees who are happy and are open to new learning opportunities will best align with Tanglewood’s organizational culture.

Methods of Recruiting
Media advertising involves typical media sources such as newspaper, radio, and television. This method of recruiting should be considered as an open method of recruiting, as this form of advertising isn’t targeted but rather open for all people. Media advertising will provide Tanglewood with a large pool of untargeted applicants.

Referrals are considered a targeted method of recruitment. Employees providing the referrals are familiar with the business requirements and will make referrals to those they know are qualified for such a position. This recruitment effort targets applicants who are familiar and capable of performing in the retail industry. While referrals are targeted recruiting they can sometimes result in open recruitment if the referrals are based on anything other than the business requirements and position qualifications.

Kiosks should be considered an open method of recruiting. All potential applicants can submit an application using a kiosk. Kiosks will accept applications from anyone in search of an open position, whether they qualify for the position or not. Kiosks can only provide the details of an open position and not engage in any specific targeting strategy. Similar to media advertising, Tanglewood can expect a large pool of untargeted applicants when utilizing kiosks for recruitment.

State Job Services
State Job Services should be considered a targeted recruiting method. Tanglewood will provide a set of qualifications required for the open store associate position to the state job services. This method of...

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