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  • Employment Agencies

    There are two types of employment agencies‚ recruiting and staffing. These can both be good tools to use in your job search. A recruiting service matches your skills with a permanent full time position. They are also called headhunters or executive search firms. Basically what they do is look for qualified candidates for different employers. Most of the time the employer pays the fee to the recruiting service and the recruiting service recommends you for the job if you are qualified. I guess this

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  • Agency and Employment Exam

    Darla Thompson Business Law 107 Agency and Employment Exam 1. This fact pattern revolves around the termination of an agency. The duration of an agency is usually stated in the parties’ agreement. In general‚ either party may terminate an agency at any time for any reason; however if the terminating party is in violation of the contract terms‚ they may be liable for damages. In this case‚ Barnes was designated as a special agent‚ authorized to make decisions in the management of one specific

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  • Temporary Employment Agency or Television Sitcom “the Office”

    Temporary Employment Agency or Television Sitcom “The Office” By: Josephine Alena Chaney Comparison or Contrast Essay English Comp. 101 Temporary Employment Agency or Television Sitcom “The Office” This is “great!” A place in the world‚ I can go to that is like a job factory. The perfect job was waiting just for me. I did not need an education because it was my dream job and I knew how to do it. I was the only person that could fill the position so an application was an unnecessary process

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  • Agency Workers

    Unfair Dismissal of Agency Workers or Unfair Legislation in the UK for Businesses using Agency Workers? Abstract The contribution encapsulates a legal discussion on the controversial figure of the agency workers‚ from the judicial debate blossomed during the last decade in the British courts‚ as regards their legal characterization‚ until the most recent developments‚ particularly the legislative framework passed in Britain‚ the Agency Workers Regulations. On such footings‚ the investigation focuses

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  • Multi Agency Working

    Discussion | | | Learner Statement | | | Questions | | Witness Statement | | | Other | | | Multi Agency Working | PC | KS | Scope | Multi-agency working is of utmost importance as to ensure that the young person is able to gain access to numerous agencies that are in place to provide them with help‚ information and support to manage their lives. The agencies I have regular integration with in my job role include social workers‚ probation officers‚ LAC nurses and other health

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  • Agency Relationship

    Matthew Smith Agency Relationship Agency relationship is a consensual relationship between two parties‚ where one party‚ the principal‚ gives authority to another party‚ the agent‚ to act on behalf of and under the control of the principal to deal with a third party‚ thereby creating a fiduciary relationship. The law of agency allows one person to employ another to do his/her work‚ sell his/her goods‚ and acquire property on his/her own behalf. Although a principal-agent relationship can be

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  • Law of Agency

    Law of Agency WHAT IS AN AGENCY? Sec 135 of Contract Act‚ agency is the relationships which subsists between the principal and the agent who has been authorized to act for him or represent him in dealings with others. WHO CAN BECAME A PRINCIPAL OR AGENT? Any person who is 18 years old and above and who is of sound mind may be principal. As between the principal and third persons‚ any person can became an agent. BUT persons of unsound mind and who are below 18 years are not liable towards their

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  • Moral Agency

    source‚ socially essential concepts created from human mind‚ such as justice‚ would be undermined (responsibility implies freedom of choice) and‚ in short‚ civilization and human values would crumble. It is useful to compare the idea of moral agency with the legal doctrine of mens rea‚ which means guilty mind‚ and states that a person is legally responsible for what he does as long as he should know what he is doing‚ and his choices are deliberate. Some theorists discard any attempts to evaluate

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  • Sales Agency - Extinguishment

    Extinguishment of Agency Modes of extinguishment of agency (A) By Revocation of the Principal 1] Revocation - refers to the act of the principal of terminating the agency at will confidence and representation being the foundation of the contract. The principal may revoke the agency at will‚ and compel the agent to return the document evidencing the agency. (Art. 1920) 2] Who may revoke agency when there are two or more principals. When the power of attorney was granted for a

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  • Law of Agency

    TOPIC THREE: LAW OF AGENCY * Nature and Creation of an Agent * Duties of an Agent to his Principal * Duties of a Principal to his Agent * Termination of Agency Contract     NATURE OF AGENCY What is an agency? Section 135 of Contract Act 1950: “Agency is the relationship which subsists between the principal and the agent who has been authorized to act for him or represent him in dealings with others.” There are two types of agency contracts:- 1.  Contract between principal & agent

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