tanglewood case 3

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Recruitment guide for customer service representative:
Position: Customer service representative
Reports to: Department Manager
Qualifications: Ability to read and write. Some customer service experience desired but not required. Timeline: open
Ability to undertake to source qualified candidates:
Regional newspaper, media advertising
Post job opening on company website
Request employee referral
Contact state job services
Contact, if necessary, staffing agencies to source candidates Staff members involved:
Store managers
HR department managers
Store associates

The “target” for recruiting efforts considering the retail business and customer service job should be anyone willing to work, with ability and eligibility to work. Diversity should be focused on. The methods they use for recruiting they use are media, referrals, kiosk, state job services and recruiting agencies for customer service job are all “open” recruiting methods. Due to the high employee turnover they have to consistently hire employees and open recruiting method best serves the requirement. It ensures that a diverse set of applicants apply because it doesn’t require a pre-entry qualification and serves the purpose of high volume application. The only method that is minimally targeted is the employment agency that requires qualified or trained customer service applicants to apply for the position. Recruiting yield data:

Western Washington:
In the western Washington region the best method of hiring in terms of yield and retention are through staffing agencies and referrals. These methods have proved to provide with higher rate of hiring and have resulted in higher rate of employee retention during the year. Kiosk has also been a good source of bringing qualified employees that stay through the six month period comparatively. These methods are cheaper in terms of hiring and training employees. Eastern Washington:

The eastern Washington has...
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