Proper Use of Language in Writing

Topics: Linguistics, Writing, English language Pages: 4 (1233 words) Published: February 22, 2012
People talk to each other all the time, verbally and in written mediums. It is how humans communicate. All people come from different backgrounds and speak different languages. Everyone has different writing and speaking skills. Because of this, not all communication between people is always conveyed correctly. That is why it is important to use language correctly so as to be understood clearly. The use of language in any kind of writing is important to clearly and understandably convey a meaning or argument. There are five major issues with language use; levels of formality, in-group jargon, slang and idiomatic expression, deceitful language and euphemisms, and biased language. All of these issues can have a negative effect on a person’s writing if not used correctly (Driscoll, 1995-2011).

The level of formality in writing should be one expected by the reader, and it should match the purpose what a person is writing about. For example, a college essay or job application would be written in a formal style whereas a letter to friend could be more informal. Always be sure to use the correct level of formality when writing (Driscoll, 1995-2011).

In-group jargon is another major issue in writing. When using jargon, the author must be sure only like minded individuals are those reading. When writing a paper intended for a general audience, the author needs to try to stay away from jargon so as not to confuse the reader or possibly insult the reader (Driscoll, 1995-2011). For example, if a paper is being written about medical procedures and the intended audience is people of a non-medical profession; the author would want to make sure and not used specialized terms. If specialized terms are used they need to be explained so that those not familiar with the specialized terms, i.e. jargon, can understand. However, when addressing a group of medial specialists the author would want to use jargon so as to seem that the writer knows what he or she is...

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