Childcare Level 2 Shc 21

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: June 2, 2013
SHC 21 - Communication
People communicate in different ways to show and mean different things. People can communicate to show feelings or emotions, even communicate to give opinions or to inform you. Verbal communication is where you tend to use words to describe what you think or feel, sharing ideas and hearing other people. Non verbal is where no one talks but you could give people hand gestures to communicate. Formal talk is where you tend to talk with more respect whereas informal you would talk slang. Having effective communication is important when being at your placement and is needed all the time, having good communication isn’t just with the children but the staff you work with and the children’s parents or carers. Having this with the children and parents can bring a relationship to one another, having trust and confiding in you. Effective communication can be in different ways, verbal or non verbal whichever way we communicate it has to be in a professional tone and acted in a sensible manner. There are many ways to have effective communication with children, by being clear with what you would like the child to do, go down to their level as talking to them standing up may cause them to feel fear. From this the child will feel happy around your presence and will be happy and willing to communicate back. Communicating with staff should be in a professional manner, talking to them with respect and being clear with what you are asking or needing. With this you would get it back. With parents give them time to understand what you have told them, be clear and focus on them and their child, let them know that you value their opinions and give each other the respect needed and wanting. If communication isn’t clear or lacks either side, children, staff and even parents can misread or mishear on what you are saying which will cause them to act upon what you say. Observing reactions from individuals can give you an idea on if what you are saying is...
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