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Product Life Cycle analysis of the iPhone 4:
The product life cycle implies that each product goes through each of the stages in a particular order over a certain period of time. However, this is not the case for the iPhone4. Due to the previous success of the former models and Apple’s well-known brand, the iPhone 4 when introduced went straight into the growth. This is evident due to the fact that upon the announcement of its availability by Apple, customers then went and pre-ordered the phone and due to the high volume of orders especially in the US and UK, online Apple stores crashed due to the increase in online traffic. Similar issues were reported by service providers in Japan and in US leading to the providers suspending advance sales due to the demand threating the actual supply of the product. The 600,000 pre-order figures were the highest figure of pre-orders Apple had ever received and these all sold out upon its release. Since then, figures of sales have been increasing with time as more and more customers have been acquainted with the product. Below are figure to show variations in figures of sales and production of the iPhone. Figure 1: Graph showing the sales of iPhones on the first weekend of release.

Figure 2: Graph showing production and sales of the iPhone through the years.

From figure 2, it is clear that the iPhone 3Gs has gone into decline due to the launching of the iPhone4. On the other hand, the iPhone4 appears to have reached it maturity level and will soon go into decline due to the release of the iPhone4s which was released on October 4, 2011, which as seen from figure 1 has already surpassed the iPhone4 in its sales during the first weekend of its release. Recommendations

With regards to the iPhone in general, the phone appears to be a successful product of the Apple brand bringing in a lot of profit and increasing the company’s market share. Both the iPhone 3Gs and the iPhone 4 have done quite well in the market and have...
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