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  • Ipod

    iPod Product Background The name iPod refers to a category of portable digital audio players designed and marketed by Apple Computer. It is an exceptionally popular‚ portable digital music player that stores up to 10‚000 songs on its 40GB hard disk. The earlier versions of iPod were only able to function as music players. Currently‚ it also includes features such as storing addresses‚ games and calendar. The iPod was originally developed for Mac computers but software was introduced in 2002 to

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  • iPod Analysis

    APPLE’S IPOD: MARTKETING MIX The iPod is a well-known product line of Apple‚ which target the market of portable digital music. Everybody knows how success the iPod was‚ and how it became the golden egg for Apple. The iPod has revolutionized the music industry and the way we enjoy our favorite music. In addition‚ Steve Jobs’ iPod saved the entire Apple Computer from collapsing and helped Apple (after the name changed in 2007) reborn with high influence on the

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    THE MAGIC OF IPOD Case Study This case study describes the iPod brand personality comparing it with Nokia brand personality‚ the unique lifestyle of the iPod users‚ and how it changed the music listening lifestyle. First‚ when the iPod was launched in 2001 it was not the first MP3 player but over the years it developed a distinct personality: The iPod personality is simple and consistent because of its simple and consistent design and user interface. Innovative because it introduced many creative

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  • assignmnent IPod

    The iPod‚ Apple Computer’s new breakthrough music player that can store and play up to 2‚000 songs from a handheld computer no bigger than a cigarette pack (Technology)‚ provides a striking illustration of what global marketing is all about. When Steve Jobs‚ CEO of Apple Computer‚ first introduced the iPod in October 2001‚ it was received with scepticism. The digital music player was considered only marketable to a small‚ tech-savvy group of individuals‚ and the high price (starting at US$399)

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  • Ipod History

    OS X‚ iTunes media application‚ and especially the iPod personal MP3 player. The IPod started off as a simple device that held approximately 1000 songs. Throughout the years‚ the IPod has completely upgraded and has literally revolutionized the world. Many changes have come about the iPod in the timespan of about 12 years. The most high tech and popular IPod is the IPod touch. Throughout this paper‚ I will discuss a brief history of how the IPod was developed and designed. In addition‚ I will like

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  • Ipods Antisocial

    Nourhan Elbatran 900120593 ELBatran1 Dr.Mark Rhet 102 Debate1 1/7/2013 “Ipods are Antisocial” In an era when technology is the main key to success for any developed or developing country some people believe that means of technology are creating an antisocial society. Antisocial person is a person who possesses personal manners which lack adherence for other members in society (“What is Antisocial Behavior.”) Researchers proved that being antisocial

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  • Impact of the Ipod

    The Impact of the iPod “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something‚ they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it‚ they just saw something” (Jobs). The iPod is the most well designed mp3 player in the market today. One of the main things consumers like so much about it is originality. The creators of the iPod did not do so by studying others‚ they used their own ideas‚ own imagination and had their own motivation. The iPod impacted the music

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  • A World of Ipods

    distraction of the iPod. He backs up his claims with a first hand experience when he went to New York. He describes seeing people and how “each were in his or her own musical world‚ walking to their own soundtrack…almost oblivious to the world around them (Sullivan 424).” However‚ Sullivan fails to show credentials in his writing and bases it primarily on his first hand experience. He fails to realize the technological advances that have come forth from the introduction of the iPod. Since then much

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  • Apple IPODS

    Apple IPods are very popular in today’s society. Many individuals enjoy listening to music on the way to work‚ school‚ or even to the gym. CD’s‚ cassettes‚ tape players and MP3 player’s sales have decease since Apple IPods have been created. IPods provides so much more to customers than the other devices. Everyone enjoy playing games‚ taking pictures‚ texting and calling friends‚ and using face time. What device allows you to enjoy all your hobbies at one time? Apple IPods. Apple IPods are a great

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  • Ipod vs. Zune

    Joseph R.Pierce BUS 350: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR “iPod vs. Zune” Instructor: Sam Batarseh 10/26/2009 Introduction In 2006 Microsoft came up with an answer to the Apple iTunes/ iPod MP3 player and product line‚ and called it the Zune. Zune is the product-line brand name for the Zune portable media players‚ Zune software‚ and Zune marketplace services sold by Microsoft‚ which provides music‚ video‚ and podcast downloads. Although the Apple computer company was the first to offer the product and

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