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such as PFI Apple and Android dominate the apps market as the top two app stores. In the first quarter of 2013, mobile app store accounts for 13.4 billion download and $2.2 billion was earned due to paid app sales, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. Apple accounts for 74 percent of all the revenue, and equivalent of 1.6 billion and Android accounts for 51 percent of the download, or 6.8 billion downloads. To develop app for apple app store, the app must be create under a Mac Operating system...

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Developing an App for That

Introduction The director of online services development team for Thorsen Bank, Sonnja Huot was tasked to develop a free and downloadable mobile app of ThorsenCents, which is a personal finance analytics tools developed by the bank. Given the resources can be only used to build for one mobile platform first, she was considering between Android and iOS. The analysis below is focused on the decision, the reason and also the application for the particular platform. The Decision Giving the short...

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Diabetes App Market Analysis 2014- App Dowmloads & Market Revenue

The Diabetes App Market Report 2014 is a comprehensive analysis about the performance of diabetes apps, key players, best practises, country markets, regulatory impact, market trends and revenues from 2008 2018. Diabetes has become a global epidemic with significant impact on society and the economy. In 2013 around 382M people around the world were estimated to suffer from diabetes. Mobile applications promise to play an invaluable role in assisting people who suffer from diabetes to empower them...

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Why Html5 Will Disrupt Native Apps

plugins like Adobe Flash can do. Most interestingly, these features are also applicable to the mobile phone, enabling the user to use some of the phone’s capabilities through its Internet browser like an app. With similar capabilities with Apps, HTML5 will disrupt the native Apps market- Android and IOS Apps. In our course, we learnt about Clay Christensen’s framework of disruptive innovation and the three criteria for disruptive technology to happen. Firstly, there has to be a performance overshoot...

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The Apple App Store

Apple's App Store With the release of the iPhone OS 2.0, Apple launched the App Store on July ,10 2008. This third-party application development and distribution platform, allowed users to purchase and download news apps to their device. Apple first launched the App Store in 62 countries with 500 apps available. Approximately 10 million apps were downloaded in the store’s first four days. App Store customers have now downloaded over 50 billion apps from Apple's store and there are approximately...

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Designing for Mobile: Mobile Web vs Native Apps

no silver bullet. Mobile web and native apps offer different benefits and serve different audiences. You need to look at what experience your app needs to deliver? What you are trying to achieve? What is your business model? What is your budget? Who is your target? etc; weigh the pros and cons of both the mediums and decide what works best for you. Mobile Web Reach larger audience Majority of users don’t own a smartphone and don’t access app stores; they are more likely to use a mobile browser...

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Kids racking up big bills on phone and tablet app purchases

Kids racking up big bills on phone and tablet app purchases TONY EASTLEY: More than 50 consumer protection agencies around the world are today launching a push against smartphone and tablet applications that mislead children into making unauthorised purchases. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says many apps claim to be free but when children begin playing the games, money is required to keep participating. The ACCC says disclosure must be improved and it hasn't ruled out taking...

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Usability of iPad Apps and Websites

 “Usability of iPad Apps and Websites” Your name Course name Instructor’s name Date: 01-07-2015 Introduction: The first edition of the report published in the year 2010 by Jakob Nielsen provides you an original research on the first edition of iPad apps that has been published soon after the first tablet device is launched. The second edition of the report which was established in the year 2011, gives you a follow-up research that has been conducted after an year with improved...

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The Process of Making an App

 The process of Making an App As I struggled to make sense of what I just heard, my mind tried its best to register the truth behind it. My boss had just introduced me to my company’s programming developer and had asked me to team up with him to create an application for my company. The only problem is that neither have I ever made an app nor did I ever learn how to make one. My boss had given me exactly two weeks to finish making this application and he’s expecting perfection. That is when I set...

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Browsing as the Killer App: Explaining the Rapid Success of Apple’s Iphone Browsing as the Killer App: Explaining the Rapid Success of Apple’s Iphone

Browsing as the killer app: Explaining the rapid success of Apple’s iPhone Title : Browsing as the killer app: Explaining the rapid success of Apple’s iPhone Article by : Joel West and Michael Mace Published by/in : Elsevier Date of Publication : 2010 INTRODUCTION Writer: Dr. Joel West is a Professor from San Jose University, College of Business. He is a famous writer for business articles. Michael Mace is a consultant from Rubicon Consulting Inc. These writers are very exposed...

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