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assignment 3

By Sydnei-Payne Oct 13, 2014 514 Words
Assignment 3R
(20 points)
Assignment 3R: Workplace Skills

Save this file in your course folder, and name it with Assignment, the assignment letter, the section number, and your first initial and last name. For example, Jessie Robinson's assignment 1R for Section 1 would be named Assignment1RJRobinson.

Type the answers to the assignment questions below. Use complete sentences unless the question says otherwise. You will have more than one day to complete an assignment. At the end of each day, be sure to save your progress.

Review Lesson 4 of the Course Overview for instructions about turning in your assignments.

Assignment Questions

In Section 3, you learned about workplace skills. Now, you'll apply what you learned.

1. Imagine that you are a manager judging the performance of your employees. Describe at least two ways that you could find evidence of an employee's skills and attitude. (2-4 sentences. 2.0 points)

I could watch how well they work together for getting along is a skill, I would also look at the outcome of whatever it is they are doing, to see what the finished product is.

2. Which aspect of professionalism do you feel that you are strongest at? Explain why you think so. (1-3 sentences. 2.0 points)

I think behavior is, because in order to get the job done right you must behave yourself and know how to control your attitude and thoughts.

3. Which aspect of professionalism do you feel that you are weakest at? Explain why you think so. Describe at least one thing you could do to improve at it. (1-3 sentences. 2.0 points)

I personally think all of them are equally important.

4. Choose a company you know of that you think is good at innovation, and describe at least one innovative thing the company has done. (1-3 sentences. 2.0 points)

Apple is good at innovation for they are always coming up with new technology, the iPhone is one of these things.

5. Describe two real or made up situations in the workplace when you would need to use speaking skills. (1-2 sentences. 2.0 points)

During a presentation, or when you’re pitching an idea.

6. Describe two nonverbal signals used in the workplace that you or people you know use, and explain what you think those signals mean. (1-2 sentences. 2.0 points)

Maintain good eye contact because it allows them to know you are paying attention and having good posture.

7. Describe two real or made up situations in the workplace when you would need writing skills. (1-2 sentences. 2.0 points)

Preparing a presentation, or writing an important email.

8. Describe a real or made up situation that required negotiation. (1-3 sentences. 3.0 points)

When one company has a similar idea or product that will possibly out do your product you would try to negotiate them.

9. If you were a manager, which management style do you think you would use most often? Explain why. (1-3 sentences. 3.0 points)

I would use the participative approach for they involve their employees with decisions.

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