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Living on the west coast I am lucky to have had one of the best burger in the United States. You cannot go far on the west coast without stopping at an In N Out burger. The hamburger has always been an American delight; across the country there are many different restaurants that serve burgers. From the outside, In N Out welcomes you with a sleek sign that tells you right of the back they are fast at what they do. The sign has bold white lettering that says In N Out Burger, the font of the sign screams to you saying come her now. Going threw the sign there is an old-fashion yellow arrow that always point to the direction of the restaurant. All of the In N Outs have the same white and red themed exterior; to me they are trying to have a classic 50s look. Many building in the 1950s are very straight cut and sleek. There are no rounded parts to In N Out the exterior is very boxy. Most In N Outs are built away from other stores and restaurants. This makes In N Out stand out from all the other fast food restaurants; you rarely see one connected to another building. The design of In N Outs drive thru usually lines up facing away any entrance, so it does not cause big line going out of the lot. When In N Out

opened in 1948 it was the first drive thru that had a 2-way radio to communicate with the customer. This was a game changer to the fast-food restaurant. There are always palm trees outside of In N Out; one themed they always do is make an X with two palm trees. The founder of In N Out favorite movie was, Stanley Kramer’s movie, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. In the movie there is a scene that show the character looking for treasure beneath a big “W” made of four palm trees, and the two middle ones form a big “X”. Now when you are looking for an In N Out if you see two palm trees forming an “X” you know that the treasure of In N Out is right next to it. Outside of In N Out they have red tables with white and red patterned umbrella,...
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