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Working in IN-N-OUT Burger, people were referred to as “associates” rather than employees or workers. As a family-run business, treating employees as family members make them feel more connected to the business. Snyder is always held their employees in high esteem, paying them higher salary than other fast-food competitors. The company’s benefit packages are also generous, which include vision, medical, and dental benefits for both part-time and full-time associates. Such treatment engenders loyalty from workers. All associates in IN-N-OUT were given opportunities to grow and expand within the business chain. “They have the lowest turnover rate in the fast food industry, which is notorious for turnover,” says Perman. “They say that the average manager’s tenure is 14 years, but they have managers who have been there 30 or 40 years.” The company stayed focused on “Keep it real simple, do one thing and do it the best you can.” Therefore, associates were given strict uniforms and were always prompted to smile to customers, which wasn’t hard because every employee was happy to be there. Snyder is also believed in paying for hard work. This is another way to reward employees who have put effort on doing their work and keep them motivated and do the best for the restaurants. Finally, after reading the book, our group have learned a few key points about IN-N-OUT strategy. First, the company maintained the steady rate of expansion with traditional menu. They just focus on what the best they can do and do it well. Second, to compete with other fast food restaurants, IN-N-OUT serves only the freshest foods available. There are no microwaves were used and none of their foods were frozen. Beef was ground and formed into patties by workers. Shakes were made with real ice cream and French fries have always been fried with non-cholesterol vegetable oil. Third, in order not to lose control of his own business, Snyder refused to franchise and keep IN-N-OUT a family-run...
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