Mcdonalds vs. Checkers

Topics: Food, Restaurant, Hamburger Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: November 23, 2008
McDonalds and Checkers A burger and fries are two of my favorite foods; everyone loves some type of burger (unless they are a vegetarian). The residents of our city are lucky restaurants specializing in burgers are plentiful. Most people that I have come across consider McDonalds as being the best when compared to Checkers. Although both serve wonderful burgers, the differences in the menu and the overall atmosphere set them apart from one another, making McDonalds the leading burger place. Checkers was founded in 1986. Although it has not been around as long as McDonalds, it is still a good place to eat. Unlike McDonalds, Checkers does not have a large selection of dollar foods, only the Checker Burger. The dollar menu may exist at McDonalds, but the 79 cent menu exists only at Checkers. This menu includes plain burgers, regular hot dogs, and milk shakes. You can get a bite to eat and a good cool down for under a buck. One thing that Checkers has that McDonalds does not have is those delicious chili-cheese fries. No one makes them better. When you dine in at McDonalds you are coming into an elegant place in which you can get loud and enjoy yourself. Kids that come to McDonalds love the fact that it has a place just for them, the Play Place. While parents are ordering food, the children can have a good time playing in the secured play area. Checkers is drive-thru burger place only, so it does not have an inside dining area. Checkers also does not have a place for kids to play. If you care to sit at checkers to eat, then you will have to dine outside. McDonalds and Checkers may be different in many ways, but they are similar as well. If you want great burgers and good tasting fries, then these two places are the best. They provide you with food items for a dollar or less and enable you to get it and go at the drive-thru. Their menu gives you many different selections in the burger styles, which is a plus. You are always greeted with a friendly smile and you...
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